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Micah we’re live. We’re live? Hey coach we
just want to say on behalf of all of us right now happy birthday. Glad we can all link up and be a part of the best organization be friends and family
with you guys. So, go bills. [Go Bills] Alrighty, which one? The approach has been just to find
good players and who fits not only the skill set for the positions that
we’re looking for but the culture and the people. Start working out right away
I just don’t like taking those breaks it’s hard to get back in shape
once you get out of shape so. You’re always looking for leaders you know I think Micah Hyde, Jordan Poyer They coming out fast. Guys that you like that we don’t know about just
keep reading up on them. A little recon. He has the right makeup. He has the right fit. I think Josh
same thing in year two. There’s still a lot of improvement to go. I want to be better
you know I want to be as best I can be. Thank you so much I appreciate
it. Lorenzo Alexander is obviously the first name
that’s gonna come to you. We’re really excited about next year and
what it’s going to bring for us. Because I’m mic’d up? No I didn’t see that. It’s your boy Shaq Lawson. We’re going on a tour of the mountains. We’re trying. We just gotta draft well. You can compete for anything, but you might not be the guy. [Lighthearted Yelling] Welcome home man. Welcome home. That’s way to compete. Have some fun, but we
can still work hard. Things are looking bright and looking
up for the future. Yes. We got a lot of work to do before
we get back in 2019. There’s no single blueprint
for success in the NFL. But after a 6 and 10 season, Buffalo entered 2019 with
big changes underway. As construction continued on a state-of-the-art sports performance center at One Bills Drive, the architects of Buffalo’s roster were inside
sketching out their plan for building through free agency. Buffalo sunshine another day. It’s
great. I’ll take it. Alright first guy up is really a
special team guy. All these guys in this area down here are
really special teams guys. He got that competitive edge to him. He’s a good kid. He has the right makeup He has the right fit from a culture perspective
of what we’re trying to do. The key guys when you pay guys everybody
watches who we pay, so we got to remember that. I’ve seen it before cause issues in the
locker room. Tackles, always a lot of these. Ty Nsekhe. I like this guy. I think this guy can come in
and start for you at right tackle. This guy brings a lot
of value to your team. He is an older guy but I’ve kind of got excited
watching this guy and once you see him on the edge. This guy plays behind two
starters up there in Washington Morgan Moses and Trent Williams so obviously this guy he has an opportunity
to go out and start somewhere else. He’s an interesting guy to throw on
the film because his athleticism jumps off. He’s an
athlete. He’s long. Beginning his fourth year in the league
and he’s 34 years old. It’s really to me those are the three guys in in my mind that I’m targeting the most. Alright good job men. It’s super important as I said he fits what we’re doing as a
person leader the best of our knowledge. Any questions? Everybody good? Alright, thank you. Good job. Malik good job. Sports update. Got the update from One Bills Drive. News from One Bill’s Drive today as well the Bills have agreed to terms on a
contract extension with veteran linebacker Lorenzo Alexander. Hey Bills fans, what’s going on? It’s Lorenzo Alexander I’m back. Just signed with the team
really excited about next year and what it’s going to bring for us. Go Bills. Mace you guys your basketball stuff? You got your cell phone Mace? Daddy. Yes? After 12 seasons in the NFL, Lorenzo Alexander is a cornerstone of the Bills
locker room and the Buffalo community. Daddy. What happened?
Mason turned off my car. Why you turn his car off? Your car is on.
Okay put you put your shoes on guys. Let’s go. Yeah my wife does a great job
as far as doing most of the heavy lifting during the season I’m there
obviously I’m coming home and making sure that I still play Daddy as best I
can but in the off-season obviously I pick it up a lot more picking up kids to
school dropping them off you know doing the soccer mom runs and stuff,
which I love doing. [Honks Horn]] They alright? [Laughing] Somebody was on their phone texting. Yep. Yep. These winters are harsh. Up here it’s
cold. You would love to be in Florida Arizona wherever sometimes, but I think
being in this community has really been beneficial to them, especially with the
teachers and the schools that they have access to. Mason. Mason. What is that? Spending his first full winter in Buffalo allowed the veteran player to
step into the role of coach. How old is Joey? Four Four? Okay. Good pass. Alright, ready, set, go. Slide. Stay square. Stay square. You know for me it’s all about the
foundation right. Because nobody’s out here nobody’s winning a world title
nobody’s trying to feed their family so. I’m all about you know trying their best
getting better and then having fun. Good pass. You can’t do that that’s not a
crossover that’s just dribbling in place Next up. Step up. You up. Mason. Mason.
Mason. Pay attention, okay? For me, I mean especially at this
stage in my career I definitely wanted to make a
decision fairly quickly Obviously, being in this community
for the last three years has really been huge for me. Obviously I’ve had a sort of a
resurrection as far as defensively. I really enjoy with the organization which
way they’re going. And I want to be a part of it. I think we have something
special growing here. And I definitely want to be part of it
going forward into the season. Here we go. Here we go. Play fast. Smart. Physical. When they leave they know they just
played the Buffalo Bills. Bills on three. One. Two. Three. Bills. Basketball. Good job guys. Down in Mobile Alabama
General Manager Brandon Beane continued his search for future foundational
players at the Senior Bowl. Ya out of here tonight? No, tomorrow. Staying for a meeting? Yeah. Been down to get out of the office and just work. Yep. Everybody needs answers for certain things from training room to analytics department
to video guide to whoever. If the boss wants to talk to you, you
drop everything. You damn right yeah. [Laughing] We’re trying just gotta keep we’ve gotta
draft well that’s how you do it. I mean same is what you
guys are trying to do. How different is it to just from last year where you’re not focusing on the
quarterback position? I’m smiling. It’s better. That’s a stressful thing to
do and go through and just the uncertainty you know last year we were
sitting here at 21 and 22 and you’re going man there’s some good guys out
there but how how do you get up in the top ten and how far do
you have to go? It’s nice to be able to focus a little
more of our energy on all the positions. While being looked to build around his
young quarterback, Josh Allen worked on developing a deeper connection to the
fans he plays for. Oh my god. Alrighty, which one? Yeah alright okay
that’s cold right there. The young man you’ve been waiting for. The Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen. [Cheers] How’s it going? Like the shirt. I haven’t seen that one.
That’s a new one. Thank you. Appreciate it
You have a good one. Thanks so much. Like the shirt. Please, please be the guy.
Thank you. How’s the offseason going? It’s been going good. You know just kind of hanging out in
Southern California trying to work out trying to stay in shape. Elbows feeling
great though so. Feels good. I just want to win football game. That’s it. What’s up guys? What’s your name? Joshua.
Joshua? Yep. Like the name. We just got to meet
Josh Allen. Got Josh Allen’s autograph. And he’s a really great guy. Asked him
their names and he remembered their names. I thought that was a really nice
personal touch. How’s it going buddy? What’s your name? Nice to meet you Carson.
Pleasure thanks for coming out. Did you really? You were here? No way. That was scary. I’m not gonna do that again.
I promise okay. Perfect. Thank you so much.
I appreciate it Thank you Carson. You know what to me
I’ve been through the ups and downs. I’ve been through the 2 and 14 seasons. I’ve been through the Super Bowl seasons. And a season ticket holder for 42 years.
Never missed a game in my life. This is my you know this is my
vice the Buffalo Bills. You know everybody laughs at me because
I have you know this passion. I have a passion for Buffalo.
I have a passion for the Bills. Bills fans have high expectations for Allen, but the city of good neighbors is always
willing to give something in return. Do you want to standing one of you? I have a vertical one. I got an extra one. Sure. I don’t wanna put pictures of me
in my house though, right? There’s one that’s like you.
It’s McCoy. Okay yeah! No way! That’s so cool.
Well, do you want to keep that you me to sign this you want to keep this? You want me to keep it? Well then can you do me a favor? Can you sign it? Well thank you so much.
I appreciate it. Thank you so much. You’re the man. Micah Hyde spent the winter in San Diego, which provided a scenic backdrop for his
offseason conditioning program. [Intense grunts] First part looked real good.
You just get a little “reachy” towards the end. Like I said I’ve been running
but not sprinting. My legs feel great. In years past you know when I was
younger, I probably wouldn’t get started till end of February. But this year though we were
done. Our last game was the 30th. Probably got out here fourth or fifth and we got
right back to it. Started working out right away so. I just don’t like taking those breaks. It’s hard to get back in
shape when you get out of shape so. [Panting] My trainer Derek Samuel he’s
great at what he does so. He trains a lot of NFL guys. In his office he has a wall of
everybody that he’s trained or is training. There’s a lot of guys. [Welcoming chatter] It’s hard to get into T, so
fortunately enough we’re able to get in
every day and stay in shape. No yeah. He’s really good. He knows what he’s doing. Already year seven. I can remember my rookie year
like it was yesterday. I think that throughout the years you
develop into more of a professional in the sense that you know how to go about the offseason. You don’t just take two months off and try to get into it
right before OTAs. Their goal during the
season is not to lose strength. The goal of the offseason is to gain strength. By the time you get back to Buffalo,
the workouts will be a breeze. What’s up Bills Mafia?
This is your boy Shaq Lawson. I’m in Phoenix, Arizona about to show you around about to go
on a tour of the mountains. All ready to go guys? I don’t go too far up there. No, I’m scared of heights
kinda nervous. We at Camelback Mountain. One
of the best mountains to hike in Arizona. Yeah you got to look out for
rattlesnakes for real. But this could be a first good date though. If you want to take a girl out
here on you’re first good date, take a hike. For real. The best, the cheapest date. We’re going higher and higher
and I’m tired. But this is the best workout, any
Bills fans, this is the best workout. Yeah we gotta get to the top. Yeah for the day. I can’t come out here with no Jordan’s. I’m gonna break an
ankle or something. I gotta take a five-minute. [Expletive] [Expletive] What you get ready for? Great Sunday gaming. New Era Field. Come out here and get your mind right. Get ready for the loud fans. [Bills Fans Cheering] I’m on top of the world [Chuckles] Hey let’s go. You know we gotta make it to the top. We still got a long way to go, but we’re gonna make it. I really want to make it to the top, even though I’m scared of heights. We’re going all the way over there. That way. That’s a long way to go so. Y’all made all the way to the top? We did. Zo we going man. Come on. I ain’t never been to the
top. I’m scared of heights. OG you can’t stop I’m on my way. Come on. I’m going. On my trail on Camelback I ran right into two Buffalo Bills fans. And they made from Buffalo so. Go Bills. That’s what you get when you come
to Camelback Mountain. Hey it’s getting narrower. It’s getting old. I’m kind of nervous right now. You see, the more I got up here the more
I started talking. I’m kind of scared now. We to the top. It’s just us. Oh it look like more. It not just us. Bro we ain’t walking no twenty more minutes man. Twenty minutes!? [Final stretch music] Really? You think I really
went up there guys? Y’all want me to hiking around or playing football on Sunday
Buffalo Bills fans? I’m doing what’s best for the team. I’m taking my tail back down the hill. [Chatter] Be active and make smart decisions. It isn’t just good mountain climbing advice. It was also Buffalo’s approach to
free agency where the team inked
eight players on the first full day. It’s not a lot of guys. And it takes a village of people. And it starts with our
personnel department. It was you know a lot of hours
to get where we got. And I think we got some guys that will
come in here and compete. It’ll be fun with the new coaches
and these new players to see these guys as they get
going in the spring. First of all I want to check out Orchard
Park. I heard it’s fantastic. I just want to check out the food scene man. I heard the wings are killer.
The pizza’s killer. And then the people. I just want to
get to know the people and really looking forward to getting into the community and helping out any way I can. What was the biggest thing that stuck out to you that made you want to come here? Real tight with Shady and we all good people. I think they’re going in the right direction. [Greetings] I’m just excited about it all you know. Definitely working with Josh Allen. Just pushing the receivers around
to do great work. You know I’m excited to get started. Welcome home man. Welcome home. Go Bills. What’s up man? How we doing? [Greetings] What’s up cutie? Welcome home. Welcome home man. The approach has been just
to find good players and who fits not only the skill set for the positions that
we’re looking for but the culture and the
people and just the team vibe. We’re trying to get guys that are all in.
Team first. And once we get these guys
signed sealed and delivered, it’ll be all eyes on the draft. Everything going good? Yeah it’s going great man. Glad to have you. Yes sir I’m glad to be here. I’m excited I’ve
been in the same place forever so. Hopefully now you get to stay for a while. Yeah for sure. I’m gonna finish up here. This is cool. I’m going to need one
one of those hats right there man. [Laughing] Right there is fire. 18. That subject to change or? [Laughing] Yeah cool. These jerseys are sweet. Reminds me of SMU kind of. Was that what your colors were? SMU. Yeah. You got a chance to interact with
some [Bills fans] at the airport. What are your first impressions of
Buffalo and this fanbase? Well, it’s pretty exciting and awesome
to show up to the airport and have wings waiting for me. I was really hungry. And I was really
excited to meet those guys. And I was really excited to see that
the fans were excited about me coming here. So, I mean it’s always a good feeling
when you have that support Hey baby. [Whispers] She’s been super diva. Alright cool. [Congratulatory Remarks] What’s your plan as far as going
home and then coming back? I think we’re gonna come back on a weekend and find a place to live and get
that taken care of and then so we can get
everybody down here. Oh yeah, it’s gonna be awesome. And then everything with the training
room and all the resources that are here is top-notch. I’m excited. Congrats.Yes sir I appreciate it. Yeah, you have fun man. Yes sir. Glad to have you. I’ve been in free agency more than once I’ve been around
the block, so I understand what it is and
understand it’s the business thing. So, it is what it is. I’m Buffalo Bill now. And I’m enjoying it being here. Hey Bills fans I just put pen to paper. And I’m excited to get to work. For about 24 hours and I can
already tell this is a match made in heaven. I’m looking forward to working for y’all. Thanks. You got it buddy. It’s a team that’s always willing to work. And plus with a young quarterback
that can throw great passes and do all type of things
that what brought me here. It’s gonna be fun.
You guys gonna be a good mix. You guys are gonna love Josh. He was excited. He sent me a text. This little GIF. It was a funny little GIF he sent. They said that you know the fact that I’m older guy and I’m a vet
you know it fits in here. We could use some vet presence on the line
to kind of instill a new culture. So, you know that’s what
I plan on helping and planning on bring to the Bills. Thank you man. Frank, you ready to put that lid on? Feels good. Don’t it? The fan base is awesome. Personnel in the building and
players. It seems like Buffalo’s on the up. Like you guys got a good
thing going here and looks exactly where we want to be. Finally done man. Well-deserved. You earned it. What I sense was guys that were
grateful for the chance to come in here and fight legitimately for a starting role. That’s what we want. We want guys that are hungry to prove that maybe they’ve been
overlooked for various reasons and that they’re gonna come in here and show
that they deserve to win a starting position. Why are you giving her to me? [Laughing] You see daddy’s new workplace? Hmm? This is where Daddy plays football now. As the new additions got acclimated back in Buffalo, current teammates caught up for dinner
in Southern California. [Warm greetings] “Hausch money.” “Hausch money.” What’s up buddy? Good to see you man. You too. So “Hausch money.” I heard that you’re a fruit specialist. [Laughing] So you just know all the
different types of fruit? One of my hobbies is
gardening. in the offseason. So I’ll have a bunch of citrus trees. Pacha fruit trees. How many lemon trees? Four different kinds of lemon trees. [Laughter] Any Buffalo wings? We don’t have Buffalo wings. Sorry. [Laughter] I was sitting down today and
somebody tagged me in a picture of their wings. And I was like I gotta get back. First day back I’m getting them. Oh for sure. Have you ever had it? No. Alright, we’re going. [Chatter] You know where they’re living? Kyle’s old house. It’s right down the street Bought all of their furniture. Jill’s like “just have it all.” That makes me feel so much better because you’re right by us. Gorgeous. What town is it? We’re in Rancho, Santa Fe. I was just there a couple days ago. Really? Yeah just standard Monday morning. I flew down on a helicopter to drive Ferrari’s and then flew back. So this is a real story? Yeah. Wow. He was like wait I was invited to take a
helicopter and drive Ferrari’s but I also have pilates. So I’m not sure. I did my pilates later that day. So on our way up here, Amanda was like “Hey it’s Sean’s birthday today.” I’m like yeah I saw that on Twitter. She’s like so you gonna text him? I’m like no. I’m not going
to text him happy birthday. Like that’s weird. She’s like well it’s your boss. No Josh can text him.
I’m not texting him. I texted him last night. But you want me to FaceTime him? I’ll FaceTime him. FaceTime him. You know what. Do it. It’s 10:09 on his birthday.
He’s gotta be up. Baby this is different. This is Josh. And I’m not gonna say Happy Birthday. He’s not answering. He will. He won’t. Unavailable. Maybe send him a little video message. Micah we’re live. We’re live? Hey coach we just want to say on behalf of all of us right now Happy Birthday. [Birthday Wishes] Now we got what? Eight new faces on
offense now? Yeah. New receivers. New corners. to get out there and fight to
get better. I don’t know that I ever text you
the GIF I texted Beane? GIF [JIF]? or GIF? GIF [JIF] First of all. Let me clarify this. [Laughing] Okay, definitely GIF [JIF]. The creator of GIF
even says. You can go either way. No, the creator of GIF said
it’s like peanut butter. Why wouldn’t they spell it like that then? With a J? It’s a soft G. Anyways, what was the GIF that you sent Beane? Little kid with the Jeter hat. Respect. Oh the respect? I was pretty happy. Beane probably loved that one. Yeah he texted me back. He said some good things. He sent you back a GIF? No. [Laughter] He was happy with the GIF [JIF] I sent. So, Coach McDermott’s gonna
text me back but not answer a FaceTime? “Oh man that made my day. Thankful for
you guys. Have fun.” [Aw] That’s cute. I’m coming back with the why didn’t you answer the FaceTime? Anyways appreciate y’all
coming out. Glad we can all link up and be a part of the best
NFL organization be friends and family with you guys. So, Go Bills. [Go Bills] I hit the road this weekend for
the next three weeks. Generally now it’s the best part. It’s the draft. [Cheering and Applause] Hey what’s up Buffalo? On the whistle we start. [Whistle] We are witnessing the
greatest office upgrade in the history of professional sports. Told you we were
gonna come get you, alright? What’s up guys? Josh Allen here. To watch more click here. To subscribe click here.

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