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Trails of Cold Steel III Western Release and Localization Details | News | Backlog Battle

What’s up everyone? Alex here! NIS America just announced today that they’ll
be bringing Trails of Cold Steel III to the West built exclusively, from the ground up,
for the PS4 releasing Fall 2019. What you’re seeing right now are screenshots
that accompanied this announcement, and I’ll be playing the announcement trailer shortly! NIS America knows very well that it had problems
with localization with the release of Ys VIII, and to ensure that Trails of Cold Steel III
upholds the quality of localization from its predecessors, they have signed on “certain
English localization staff that have worked on previous titles in the series.” With XSEED releasing Trails of Cold Steel
I and II on the PS4 sometime in early 2019, players will be able to play all three games
on PS4 this year! The Western release of Trails of Cold Steel
III will have both Japanese and English voice acting and will also contain an interactive
introduction to allow newcomers to catch up on the story should they wish to start with
this game. I personally can’t believe we’re actually
going to be getting so much Trails of Cold Steel love this year, and I’m really excited
to see part III finally coming to the West. Anyways, let me know in the comments below
if you’re excited for this game and enjoy the announcement trailer!

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15 thoughts on “Trails of Cold Steel III Western Release and Localization Details | News | Backlog Battle

  1. This feels like a make or break moment for NISA. They have the opportunity to show what they're capable of with this ambitious localization, but this series is so text heavy that everything could collapse under that weight. Best of luck to the localization team!

  2. This is going to be interesting, NIS America localization is a hit or miss situation. Ys 8 localization got its controversy. Sadly NIS America has a history of mediocre localization, even cutting way back on English Dub, HyperDimension Neptunia Victory has only no more than 40% Dub, it’s like playing the Japanese version of DQ 11 for PS4. I heard there are problems with their localization, it’s on the Internet. Me personally would prefer Xseed over NIS America. If NIS America screwed this up, it’s game over. Many fans are in thin ice with NIS America’s localization history. On a different note, surprisingly, they are porting SNK 40th anniversary collection on the PS4, seeing lately they favor Nintendo over SIE.

  3. So… you managed to play those Crossbell duology fan translations alright? Cause anyone who hasn't is gonna be really, really confused….

  4. I bought a ps4 to be able to play GOW, Spiderman, and RDR.

    But I would like this game to be released for PC / Steam. I have all the other games in the series on Steam.

  5. For my part, I am very happy that NISA is localizing this game because finally thanks to them we will have a localization in French. If it is the same team that translated the one of "Danganronpa V3" it might be very interesting !^^

    Pour ma part, je suis très heureux que NISA localise ce jeu car enfin grâce à eux on vas avoir une localisation en Français. Si c'est la même équipe qui a traduit celle de "Danganronpa V3" cela risque d'être très intéressant !^^

  6. wtf no steam? thats completely bullshit, i was mid way through the second game, and right now this series is dead for me, ill never touch it again.

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