Trailer Reaction to Lady and the Tramp Live Action Trailer || Disney + Original Movie! D23 Expo 2019

Today I’m going to be reacting to the lady in the Tramp live-action TV series that would be available on Disney Plus on November 12th This trailer was released this year at the d23 Expo. So let’s check it out I Don’t know how I feel about it. It looks Cute I am excited to see the live-action dog slaying the Tramp lady in the Tramp I feel like is a little bit of an overlooked movie It’s not the most popular, but it’s a Disney classic So I get why they wanted to kind of revamp it a little bit and bring it back into the public’s view So I get why they did this. I am kind of against Disney live-action movies I feel like they need to take a step back and make more original movies. So that is my thoughts So far before you watch this trailer, I’ll also have all of my d23 announcement and trailer reaction videos linked down below along with other trailer reaction videos So you guys can check those out Also, make sure you guys subscribe to my channel as I will be covering d23 all this weekend make sure also to hit the Notification bell because I’ll be posting multiple videos a day and you guys do not want to miss all of these announcements from this year’s C-23 Expo now, let’s watch the trailer Musics cute Oh Oh Yes here like the center of your peoples universe, right Indeed Well, I’ve got no leashes hey I may take it on back With me every day could be oh, well that’s frightening. What? They’re so cute that whenever they talk it’s a little strange Okay, that’s so CGI what this is something else Well, that’s creepy The music and that was actually really cute I don’t know how I feel about them I Watching this trailer I could definitely not see this being a live-action movie that was released at the theaters I don’t see very many people going to watch it. But having this available on Disney Plus will be super cool I’m definitely going to watch this I just feel like some of the parts of that trailer were so much CGI that it was noticeable and It honestly made it really creepy that last little part where they were sitting with the pasta I don’t know if you guys have seen this if you’re a kid, I definitely don’t recommend looking this up But real life looking cartoon characters if you’ve ever seen those pictures unlike Google or something That’s what that reminded me of they’re they’re creepy It’s weird like seeing cartoon character and what they look like in real life now. They’re just dogs So like they’re still super cute But just the CGI that they had used to make them like look a certain way or do a certain thing Just made it a little weird to me That’s just my opinion. Let me know what you guys think down below. I mean I get why they had to do that They cannot have the dogs do everything exactly how they would like it so I totally understand why it’s like that it’s going to be something different and I understand that Disney is Testing different things like this on Disney plush just to see the audience reaction There has been a lot of talk about this recently and the actors involved all these Disney plush trailers I’ve seen so far look very high quality very very well made so I did not expect this to be a total like Disappointment unless you’re not really into the movie lady in the Tramp so again I’d love to hear what you guys think Make sure to subscribe to this channel and like this video as it really really helps me out and make sure you guys stay tuned For more D 23 videos and as always remember to do what you love and do it makes you happy and I’ll see you guys Next time bye

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