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Trail Trčanje Ujutro | Prednosti, Mane

Vlog From a Run Good morning folks Ado here. Welcome to the Vlog from a Run. Don’t know about you, but I can’t hack it in the morning. It’s almost impossible, but I don’t really have a choice. With work and family, and everything in between it is the only time of the day when I can go out
when no one needs me when everyone is asleep so I can get on with my run. I don’t know how you organize your training, whether you are an early bird,
or you run in the afternoon or the evening. What I do know is what the science says and that is that we are most susceptible
to injuries in the morning, that our muscles are stiff and that the body temperature is at its lowest point and that this is not at all good for running,
especially if you don’t warm up properly. Looking at it from that perspective,
it’s bad to run in the morning, but what can you do when you can
only run in the morning because you have no other choice? Well, let’s look at the positive sides of the morning run. One of the positives of the morning run is,
as you can see, no crowd on the trails. And although this phone camera can’t show it,
the sun showed up from behind the clouds, so the scenery is beautiful. The other positive thing, and we’re again turning to science and people who do that kind of stuff, they say that a morning run wakes you up faster, and you’re full of energy the whole day you maintain your focus a lot easier and in the end, when you’re done with work, you can relax and enjoy some other things knowing that you’ve already completed
your run for the day before work and that there isn’t a 20k run ahead. One more positive thing, in my opinion is the fact that the majority of the races
start during morning hours. So if you’re already used to getting up early,
to go for your morning run an early morning race will not be an issue. There is another group of runners from Tuzla here. .They usually spend their time on the road, the flats or on the track. They are on the other side of the hill, at Rudine. They don’t know about this place yet, because I haven’t showed it to them. Let’s go check up on them, see how they are doing,
and let’s just say hi. I have a surprise for all of you.
-A special guest appearance. Yes a special guest. She called me a couple of minutes ago, so I had to stop the trail montage of Rudine. Anela ran the Skakavac trail race yesterday. What was it 30…. -46 kilometers. And of course she finished on the podium again. She came in second this time,
Kavazovic had your number again. Well she was better definitely, well done,
I congratulate her again. Our Anela is a true champ. She ran the Berlin marathon
a couple of weeks ago. That Berlin marathon where Kipchoge
broke some sort of a record. Fastest marathon of all time. Anyway, Anela and I are off to walk a bit more. Since Anela is here, I’ll take the opportunity.
Anela I’m talking to my, our viewers, about the morning runs, as opposed to the afternoon or evening runs. So let’s hear it what do you prefer,
morning or the evening? Morning, if I get to run at all. That is better for me. There the go. You’ve seen few of them. I’ll try asking them all what they think about
running in the morning vs other times of the day. But since Mirza is here…. Mirza is a member of the Triathlon Club Tuzla. So let’s also ask him. Mirza, training, morning, afternoon or evening? Training in the morning is the best. It’s what you’d call Woody the Morning wake-up call. See ya. Bye. So the people you’ve seen are member of ARK Rekreativci Tuzla, A club formed by recreational/amateur runners in Tuzla. And also member of the Triathlon Club Tuzla,
they are all mixed in there. As I said they do the majority of their training on the flat so today they are here at Rudine to see how it is when the trail starts going up. I couldn’t catch them all. They are not running at the same pace. And the loop is some 2.3 kilometers long. It’s the part by the spring and the climb on that other side that you had the chance of seeing earlier. What else did I want to add? Everything has its pros and cons. Those evening runs from 5pm to 7pm that period from 5pm to 7pm according to science is the ideal,
or the optimal time for training. The further you go into the night will result in you having difficulties falling asleep. But at the end of it all you should run when you can. When you find the time, when its suits you best. Just don’t get injured. Stay healthy, happy, quick up the hill and all that jazz. If you liked this video click that like button. Hit that subscribe button You can ring that bell so that you get notified every time I upload a video
so you can go and watch it. I’ll see you soon. That would be all for today. Bye.

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