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Trail Talk – What Thru-Hikers are Saying About Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park in Maine… I know they’ve tried very hard to keep it pure, to keep from contaminating it. A lot of people say that’s like sacred land. It’s very untouched by civilization. Baxter State Park is just an amazingly special place that, as it says, it’s for the people of Maine. Somehow it just gives you a different feeling in your heart. When we’re there, we have to be respectful guests and do what we’re supposed to do — and not do what we’re not supposed to do. I think we’re encouraging them [the hikers] to really save the celebration for after Katahdin, so that… you know, just keep the land clean. Have respect for the land, have respect for everyone else who’s going to come after you, and keep it natural. Well, if you look at my backpack here, I keep my shovel close by. That’s, uh… you can guess what that’s for — digging holes. You’ve gotta dig it up and cover it up and leave no trace. You don’t want to leave wrappers, you don’t want to burn certain things. So carry a trash bag with you and bring it all with you when you get out. Keep it a clean trail. I just think it’s important to keep Baxter State Park as pristine as it is — I don’t think there’s any place actually like it — and to keep the wild as wild as possible. So to go up there and be disrespectful of Baxter and Myron Avery and all of these people who loved the Trail — and it’s here for them and because of them… …and to go up there and act in a disrespectful manner, I think is atrocious. I’ve never been there, but I know about everything new that’s happening this year with the permits. I mean, they [the hikers] need to treat it just like they need to treat the rest of the Trail: take care of it and Leave No Trace. No drinking, that I know. I know drinking in general is bad there. So, you have to, like, sign… they’re trying to track, so we’re going to trickle in this many people. And I guess it’s easier, it’s lighter on the terrain and they can also see where people are located. And see if people are leaving graffiti and garbage and things. Keep in mind to travel in small groups, to celebrate quietly, and to save alcohol for later. Baxter State Park is a very, very unique part of the Trail. The wilderness comes first and recreation comes second. I ask us all to be respectful here, and to remember to, you know, keep these points in mind. I thank you all very much for your time and have a great hike!

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2 thoughts on “Trail Talk – What Thru-Hikers are Saying About Baxter State Park

  1. There is long list of rules in Baxter State Park. All of them were thought of by Percival Procter Baxter himself, the man that bought the land from the Great Northern Paper company. The employees only enforce them.

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