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Trail Talk – Lake Calavera

Hi I’m Eric Mickelson. I’m the Trail captain
for the city of Carlsbad at the Lake Calavera trail system. The Lake Calavera trails are
off of College in the City of Carlsbad. Trails are pretty flat unless you go up to
the mountaintop. At one point this was a volcano – it’s now extinct.
Today is a volunteer event here at Lake Calavera and we have a number of groups that are volunteering.
One group is planting hundreds of plants in some of the restoration areas by the lake.
We have a bunch of groups working on some fencing projects. We have people picking up
trash and litter; we have people just doing basic trail maintenance.
I think a lot of people don’t have a home with a large yard anymore and so it provides
all the people who like to be outside and take a longer walk, a more active walk, gives
them an opportunity to do so and it allows kids to see what nature looks like raw.
I think that’s what’s incredible about this property is the diverse plant and wildlife
out here. You have this lake so you get a lot of waterfowl which is not traditional
in an upland coastal sage scrub habitat so you’ll get egrets and herons, ducks and other
waterfowl. This preserve is probably the most busy preserver
in the city of Carlsbad. When you have 400 people a day which is what we estimate and
have counted who are out here today with about 300 who have dogs it’s really important that
they are on a leash. We can’t have dogs running around in the bush. It scares away and chases
away animals, it destroys habitat. Causes a lot of problems and it makes it uncomfortable
for other users. It’s nice to get away. Come home from work
and come here. Go for a hike or a bike; listen to the birds, see the flowers.
A lot of people in town don’t know there’s a lake in the city that they can enjoy. I
think they don’t know there’s a variety of trails – some more steep than others. I don’t
think they understand how large it is so Carlsbad is very rich in that environment and we can
thank all of the people who planned Carlsbad over the years.
For more information about open space and trails in Carlsbad, please visit the city

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