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Trail Running for Beginners || REI

hi I’m kelcie whether you’re a long time
runner looking to change up your routine or you’re looking to get outside and
enjoy the trees trail running is an awesome way to do it and one of my
favorite things to do let’s talk about trail running the great thing about
trail running is that you don’t need a ton of gear just a good pair of shoes
and a way to carry food and water I want to talk about cheese first so this is a
trail shoe trail shoes are gonna have a lot more features than a road shoe
because they’re made for more dynamic movement if you take a look at the
bottom usually the out soles are gonna be made of a grippy or rubber for uneven
surfaces or anything slippery and they’re also gonna have looks those are
great for things like clawing into loose dirt or mud or anything like that you’re
gonna have also a more rigid midsole usually with a rock plate so that it can
protect your feet from anything underfoot like roots sharp rocks
anything that you could step on that could puncture a normal softer foam and
if you take a look at the uppers usually you’ll have a toe cap something to keep
you from stubbing your toes and more durable material that’s less prone to
ripping if you run into stuff on the trail there’s a lot to this and there’s
a lot of different type of trail shoes out there so we have a whole video
explaining that if you want to get more into detail check out the link below so
when it comes to carrying food and water you have a couple different options
ranging from handheld bottles to waste packs and larger vests and packs
handheld bottles are really great for a shorter run or a really supported race
where you get to fill up at an aid station and you don’t need much on you
they have a pretty big range of sizes from something large like this you can
stash your phone keys and a little bit of snack or something smaller where you
might be able to stash only a gel or two if you’d like to go hands-free and have
your hands available for balancing or doing any type of scramble on a
technical trail a waste pack is a great option they come in a variety of sizes
so this one’s definitely on the smaller end of things
they’ll be ones with larger pockets where you can easily stash a layer and
some snacks I don’t personally run with one of these because they don’t fit my
body type very well but I know a lot of runners who really enjoy them one thing
I like about this pack is that it’s got two bottles so you could put a nutrition
drink in one and some water in the other and have a little bit of mix of things
in terms of hydration for longer unsupported trail
runs it’s great to have a lot of stuff with you if you’re gonna need to be
carrying all of your gear something like a vest or a pack is a good option for
these types of runs because you’ll have a variety of pockets and a big range of
sizes where you can choose the one that really fits best for your run I use this
pack from ultimate direction it’s got a lot of space for a hydration sleeve so I
can have a reservoir of water and a variety of zipper pockets for me to
stash layers and snacks and in the front it’s got pockets for extra water and
anything I might need on hands like my phone my keys or extra snacks any trail
can be a great trail to run on but the most common options are going to be park
trails forest roads and hiking trails park trails are great because they’re
smooth and well-maintained so they’re great for taking along a friend or a dog
and they’re really convenient so if I often want to go for a longer run and I
don’t want to leave the city I’ll link up some of my favorite parks and get a
longer run with some extended trail time and you’ll often be surprised that a
trail it’s close to your neighborhood feels like you’re deep in the wilderness
like this one Forest roads are another amazing place
to run if you want to get a smooth non-technical surface like a park trail
but still feel like you’re really deep in the wilderness so my favorite places
to run are mix of forest roads like this one and a little bit of hiking trails on
the side your go-to hiking trails can make for some really exciting runs and
that’s where you’re gonna start getting into more technical terrain with rocks
roots and other trail obstacles to hop over run around and everything like that
a great way to find a new trail run is checking out a guidebook or using online
resources and apps like trail run projects will often show photos of the
trail descriptions elevation distance and even recent trip reports for people
who’ve done the trail so they can tell you how it was keep in mind that you’re
going to be sharing the trail with other runners hikers bikers and even horses so
make sure to be a considerate trail user get started trail running you don’t need
any real training or any fancy techniques but there are a couple of
things you can do to make it a little bit easier for yourself first thing to
do is to quicken your stride and take shorter steps so you can react to
changing conditions on the trail like rocks and roots think of trail running
like dodging more than stomping so you can hop around obstacles in yourway another thing you want to do is to focus
your gaze about ten to fifteen feet ahead of you on the trail if you look
down at your feet you’ll probably trip and I know from
experience so it’s really good to take a look at what’s coming ahead so you’re
prepared for it so you’ll want to focus your gaze right around there technics is
a really big topic so if you want to learn more and go more in depth check
out the video below so those are the basics next step for you is to get
outside find a trail and go for a run if you want to learn more about trail
running make sure to check out some of our other videos and subscribe in the
link below see you later you

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9 thoughts on “Trail Running for Beginners || REI

  1. With trail running, form isn't as important and you don't get injured as much because every step you use your muscles in a different way

  2. Not that I'm complaining, REI is a business, and I suppose in a way I'm a shareholder, or dividend holder, or whatever, so their selling more stuff is good for me … but this video is just trying to sell you stuff, stuff you might need, maybe … maybe … as a long-time trail runner, I'll leave it at that. There are lots of videos by YouTubers out there who are only indirectly trying to sell you stuff, check them out instead.

  3. What bag were you using during the 2nd half majority of the video? The one with 2 places for water bottles

  4. I hope you won't mind me saying you're an exceptionally charming young woman and this was a pleasure to watch

  5. Well that's certainly the loosest definition of trail running. One step away from being a paved trail lol. If you need an intro into running THESE types of trails, don't ever consider actual trail runs.

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