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Trail Etiquette 101 | Do You Know What It Is?

hey guys today we’re gonna talk about
trail etiquette do you know what trail etiquette is do you abide by trail
etiquette if you’re not sure then stay tuned through the intro and we’re gonna
break down some trail etiquette what’s up my name is Doug the bearded
outdoorsman and welcome to another video if you enjoy beard product reviews gear
reviews gear tips you’ve come to the right place today we’re gonna be taking
a look at trail etiquette and I decided to mix things up and instead of just
sitting in a hammock I’m gonna lay in a hammock today and just relax and give
you guys some breakdown as to what trail etiquette is and how you can utilize and
abide by trail etiquette when you’re on the trail so if you do not know what
trail etiquette is I’ve got eight things that you can put into practice in order
to better show that trail etiquette to others so trail etiquette is just
basically ultimately common-sense and respecting others while you’re out on
the trail okay so the first thing we’re going to talk about with trail etiquette
is if you are descending a mountain and you’re going down the trail and you
encounter a hiker going up the mountain then the person going down should move
over out of the way and allow that person going up to maintain their
momentum and go up the trail up the mountain that is just common courtesy
that is respect and they’ve already built their momentum to get up the hill
to do the ascent allow them to do that move over
allow them to get it you get out of the way and allow them to go up alright next
if you are taking a break on the trail get off the trail don’t take your break
on the trail spread your gear out lay your pack in the middle of the trail any
of that kind of stuff if you want to take a break while you’re hiking get off
the trail to allow those people that are coming through behind you to get around
so they don’t have to walk around your stuff or step over your pack or anything
like that if you’re taking a break get off the trail alright the next one it’s
probably one of my biggest pet peeves is by headphones by headphones don’t hang a
Bluetooth speaker on your pack nobody wants to hear your music your podcast
your radio nobody wants to hear that but you so buy
a set of headphones put them in your ear and you listen while you hike don’t get
a Bluetooth speaker that is the worst thing you could do is buy a Bluetooth
speaker to hang on your pack and hike now I get it if you’re in a group and
everybody wants to listen to the same thing that’s one thing but nobody else
wants to hear it if we’re not in your group we don’t want to hear your music
we don’t want to hear it so take that in consideration be mindful of others and
just instead of buying that that Bluetooth speaker buy a set of
headphones alright next is if you are hiking with a dog I love dogs I love
animals if you’re hiking with a dog and your dog poops on the trail it is your
responsibility to remove that poop from the trail so me who’s hiking without a
dog does not step in sad poop so be mindful of that dog should have to
adhere to the same rule that we as humans have to and get off the trail to
poop but if they don’t and nature calls then
you as the owner are responsible for removing that poop from the trail so
nobody steps in it so be mindful speaking of waste make sure that when
you are relieving yourself that you personally human are getting 200 feet
off the trail and burying your waste if you are going number two nobody wants to
step in that nobody wants to see that so make sure that you are burying your
waste if you’re getting 200 feet off the trail make sure that your trail doesn’t
curve around and and your 200 feet doesn’t put you 5 feet from the trail on
the other side so be mindful of that know your trail know where you’re at and
and get 200 feet off the trail before you relieve yourself all right and next
is Leave No Trace now I just recently did a video on that I’ll put a card up
top where you can go check that video out breaking down the seven principles
of Leave No Trace but make sure that you’re in hearing with that make sure
that you’re leaving no trace that’s part of trail etiquette that you are leaving
no trace for that person coming behind those people coming behind you and being
mindful of that alright next is be quiet after dark there’s a such thing called
hiker midnight when is that dark as soon as the Sun Goes Down and it gets dark
that is hiker midnight you’ve got people that are on the trail that are trying to
pull long miles that are pulling long long days or wanting to get up super
early in the morning and they go to bed when the Sun Goes Down so be mindful of
that if you want to hang around with friends sitting around a fire just be
quiet about it don’t be loud don’t play your music
really loud if you get to camp if you get to a shelter or you get to camp
after dark be very respectful of that don’t shine flashlights on tents on
hammocks just ease in the camp set your camp up and go to bed alright and our
last thing for trail etiquette this one is directed only at the guys so guys if
you’re on the trail and you see a female trying to use the restroom or in a
shelter trying to change clothes be respectful give her her space let her
do what she needs to do it takes a lot more for a female to change clothes than
it does for a guy so if a female is in a shelter which most shelters are three
sides and she’s in there trying to change clothes don’t just sit there like
you don’t know she exists get up get out and if anybody walks up let them know
hey there’s somebody in there changing clothes and give them their space let
them do what they need to do be a gentleman when you’re on the trail be a
gentleman and let the females if they need to use the restroom and you walk up
on them turn around go the other way if you are in a shelter and they need to
change clothes get out allow them to change clothes in the
shelter without having to get in their sleeping bag and strip down and change
clothes in their sleeping bag that is a pain if you’ve never done it before try
and come back and let me know how it works so guys this is to you from one
guy to another be a gentleman on the trail be a gentleman at the shelters
let the females have their space do what they need to do alright guys well that
is it that is eight things that you can put into practice to abide by trail
etiquette make sure that you’re putting those into practice when you get out on
the trail whether you’re going camping whether you’re going hiking day hiking
whatever make sure you put these eight principles into effect when you’re going
out there in nature and you’re going to interacting with other people while
you’re out there so use trail etiquette be respectful of others
be mindful most of this is common sense and we should already be doing it but
until next time stay bearded get outdoors and god bless

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