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Trail Chat – Footwear Choices for Overland Adventures

Hey guys, want to talk to you a little bit
today about footwear and what to bring along when you’re on
an off road adventure. So when we’re out we’ll wheeling and we’re hopping in out of our rig there’s a good chance
that we’re gonna be kicking around rocks were to be certainly jumping around rocks stepping on logs we
want a good set up booths that provide ankle
support good traction, protection at our toes so
that we don’t twist an ankle, we don’t stub
our toes anything like that. Also if we’re in the desert good high ankle
support ankle coverage protect against snake bites. Now when we get back working in camp, were relaxing. One of the best pieces of advice I got a long time
ago and I’ve tried to pass this on is that a good set a camp shoes is a
must. Let your feet breathe get ’em out of the hiking boots let you’re hiking boots. Let you boots dry out let them air out and get your
feet into some protective moccasins good tread just something that’s gonna
let them relax. You can also go with it sandals just
make sure you’ve got toe coverage air good solid traction
on them. That advice is certainly made my
nights around camp much more fun. One thing you want to avoid
completely is flip flops. Don’t wanna see flip flops while you’re out wheeling or around camp it’s pretty much just a
recipe to bang up your feet. But stick with this and trust me you’re gonna love it. Your
feet will certainly love it. Alright, we’ll talk to you soon. Bye!

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