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Trail Bike Vs Downhill Mountain Bike | The Challenges

– Hi. My name’s Blake and I’m all about the Nukeproof Mega Trail Bike. – No, no no, I’m Blake, and this is my Canyon
Sender Downhill Bike. – While mine’s hydro-formed
aluminium T6 6061 coming in at 16.33 kilos,
which is 30 pounds bang on. – Ha, aluminium, mine’s
got carbon front end, aluminium rear-end, at
16 kilos 35.2 pounds. But, check this out. These Fox40’s 200 mil of travel. See that on the rear? Fox again, 200 mil of
travel, beat that, trail guy. – Well that’s gonna help
you when you get down to the bottom of the
mountain and you gotta peddle that thing all the way to the top while I’m running RockShox Lyrik up front 170 mil of travel, see that on the rear? RockShox Monarch at 160
mil of travel, all I need. – (laughs) Small? I got all the stopping power I need, these are SRAM guide 200
mil rotor all the way round and I can stop on a dime. – Well I’ve got the same,
but 180 mil, all I need. But check this out, SRAM
Eagle 34 tooth up front, 170 mil cranks, and on the rear, 10 to 50, all the gear for climbing. – Wow, well, I’m build for speed. I got Race Face SIXC full-carbon
cranks, 170 mil in length, and on the rear SRAM X01 DH 7-Speed built for speed (laughs). – Yeah, keep laughing, we’ll
see who has the last laugh after this. – Hi, my name is Blake,
and I’ll be you adjudicator for today and my first challenge is an acceleration test from
this point to this point. Are you ready Blake? – Ready! – Go! (laughs) – Are you ready Downhill Blake? – Dude, I’m gonna knock you out the park. – Go! You can see by this split screen how fast the trail bike accelerates
straight out the gate and up to speed. That’s one nil to trail bike. Next up, Whip Off. (techno music) – That wasn’t bad for a small bike. – Well that wasn’t real fair, was it? Mr. DH Blake, ha. Right, this challenge is my challenge. I challenge you to a hill
climb from this starting arch right here all the way
up to that gate up there. You ready for it Mr. DH Blake? – Ha, not really, you first. – Ready. (intense music) – I’ve only got seven gears, it’s not fair but I’m gonna give it a go. Ready. (groaning) Oh my god. Oh my gosh. (wheezing) Yes, you win trail bike. – Right, this is the corner challenge. Downhill bike versus trail bike, which one can corner the
most sophisticatedly. So it’s all about speed,
style, and finesse. I’ll return. (electronic music) – Although DH Blake took out the cleaned out the whole section on a bike park berm but
when the technical berms come into play, the trail bike, for sure, eats that up. Especially when you got a
super tech one like that into a turn like this, this
bike carries it’s speed through way quicker. One for trail bike. – Right, this one’s all
about carry speed challenge. You would think a
technical section would be the ultimate test for this but no, I’ve done my research, three
jumps such like these three right here, in a line, you’re
gonna have to have speed to clear these jumps and if
you don’t you’re gonna case. You’re not gonna need a
doctor like myself for that you’re gonna need a lawyer. – Ah, easy. – Uh oh. Well I cased this one
slightly, this number one jump. So much harder with so much
travel on jumps such like this to carry your speed and
that means if I case this I gotta work even harder to clear that one and the next one. So my speed is kinda, gets lost slightly. So trail bike Blake wins that one, dammit. – Technical challenge, yes. Right, technical means rocks, roots, tight section of trail, not
so steep, but very technical. Let’s see what these bikes have
to offer in this situation. – That was way slower. I was watching DH Blake go through, he was rapid through here. He was boasting about
his 200 mil of travel so I’m guessing that came
into it’s element here. My 170 160 didn’t match up to that
200 mil of DH bike Blake. You win. – Right, this is a braking test. See that white sign right
above my right shoulder? Yes, that’s where you start from. Death grip, AKA hands and
fingers off the levers, death gripping those bars and no peddling, sit down, no pumping, no nothing. Get the same amount of speed
and then you get to this line right here, slam our
anchors, the furthest person from this line is the loser,
the closest one is the winner. Let the challenge start. – Look at that, that’s
where I stopped last. There, and that’s where that stopped. (laughs) No way! It’s because I locked up the front wheel a little bit, if I didn’t lock up that front wheel I reckon I would’ve made it. There’s just too much
power in that 200 mil rotor all the way around. Downhill bike wins, yes! So there you go, fun
little challenge video between trail bike and a downhill bike but do you think that the
winner was deserving of the win? Let me know in the comments
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100 thoughts on “Trail Bike Vs Downhill Mountain Bike | The Challenges

  1. This test is actually useless maybe if the same person used both bikes them we could get a clear result which bike is better , in this case you guys decided to make a test between a downhill and a trail bike with different people , one person could be more fit than the other, I bet changing the riders would have changed the results

  2. What bike is good for all-round? I'm new to mountain biking and I want to discover what type of mountain biking I like the most.
    So I appreciate some help..

  3. I would assume 170 front and 160 rear travel is more than capable of going down hill…To me it's a no brainer..Unless you live at a ski resort and can afford the lift pass, why would would you bother with the downhill bike?

  4. You can do the exact same things you can do on a trail bike on a downhill bike. It depends on the rider. Also TEST THE DOWNHILL BIKE ON SOMETHING IT IS MADE FOR!!!!! This seems like it is trying to push people to getting a trail bike. DH fans like.

  5. Ok so, for all beginners wanting a full squish (double suspension) begin with a trail, i use a trailbike and its awesome, so beginners, use trail first and when you can master a downhill trail, move to downhill bike

  6. imho the DH is way more suffisticated and specialized. The Trailbike is a more round setup. So, its like judging a Hummer H2 on its ability to be parked in the city or its top speed on the highway. It sure can do both, but not as good as a more allround use car. But it definitly shines in its own realm where the allrounder struggles.

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