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Top 5 Things to do in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

alright welcome to my channel. So we’re
here Waikiki with all the tourists where all the craziness happening around here so yes I’m walking with my YouTube shirt because it’s kind of weird seeing all these people
looking at me saying why is that guy talking to the camera so I’m bringing
you here on my channel welcome. It’s a travel vlog and it’s gonna be centered around Waikiki so first thing of course the obligatory trip to Waikiki going through
this trip so with no further ado let’s go ahead and let’s cue in the d-roll
here we go so. I’m in my little spot over and uh I needed some caffeine so just I ended up finding something that I really liked and it’s really good you guys gotta check this out . So what we have here in the bowl inside
you got granola in there and it has papaya got some of my passion fruit in
there hmmm! strawberries bananas and some some lilikoy honey that’s what they called
it and of course paired up with awesome
Island Vintage Coffee Mocha it has pee berry coffee grounds in there,
it adds extra zing into it so it’s so awesome
so he gets gotta try it If you ever come to Waikiki you gotta check it out I think they got like four or five different stores within the island
so yeah, check ’em out! so it’s definitely a big change going
from how it was before thought it is now it was shut down. The whole
international marketplace was shut down for a whole year maybe a little more
than that but they change this is dramatic the only good thing that came
out of this like I said you know being in Hawaii
we cater a lot to tourists and military and that’s what the revenue comes from
but the good thing about this is yes they did they did make a lot of changes
but they kept the big majestic tree or the big rubber tree here and they
actually put a little tree house from tree house all the way from mid
eighteen hundreds go all the way down to the how it is today and they used to
be a tree house here believe it or not and that’s how they need to entertain
like VIPs and what not so it lays out the whole history of the
international marketplace so last time I was here in 2002 this totally was
and I remember moving here back in 2012 was still like that and I believe 2015
on is when the remodeled the whole thing and now this is what they have it is
what they have it’s been now up six months now it is now March 2018 a lot of changes but you know what? It’s an awesome view it’s worth it well that’s about wraps it up for our
tour of Waikiki we’re about to turn into the Hale Koa Hotel we’re pretty much
parked in the parking garage but I will do a different different episode just for
the hotels and Hale Koa is definitely the first one someone I’m gonna be hitting up and also I’m gonna hit up Hilton Village which is right next to it and then
eventually I’m gonna go over on the west side of the island over at Aulani where
I am a member of the vacation club well it’s been nice giving us tour of
Waikiki so I’m gonna call it a day it’s been a long day going up and down the
strip so we got a couple of I guess tips I could give you
first off try not to rent a car you could take the bus everywhere you need to go
from anywhere from Waikiki although in North Shore anywhere on the island
really all you gotta do is go to website and then one thing you
got to worry about too once you get around with flour you got to pay like
daily to a hotel parking here that’s easily easily twenty dollars a day and
then if you go to different attractions to charge you for also for parking so
it’s definitely a lot easier just take the bus everywhere you go and very
important thing if you do happen to rent a car go ahead and get your things
validated because he’ll cut down a lot of stuff so I was here parked here for a
good five hours and instead of pain I don’t know at least $40 was I don’t
know how much they charge for our I was able to get it validated and all I had
to do was pay seven dollars fifty cents for the whole time all sport so just a
couple of tidbits and if you do happen I don’t know if you heard it earlier so if
you want to get the trinkets and all that to give to your loved ones back
home just go ahead and skip Waikiki and go straight to to Aloha Stadium it’s a
swap meet where everything they sell over in in Waikiki they also sell over
at Aloha de the stadium right they actually get all their stuff from there
and turn around and turn it like three four hundred dollar profit so just a
little hint trying to save money here so it can be expensive being here but
hopefully this saves some money okay well it’s been nice thank you and have a
good day bye hey guys so as far as to clickbait or
the thumbnail says that you know I met a prince in in Waikiki what I actually did
meet a prince in Waikiki is actually I’m vlogger a local vlogger named Prince so
supposedly he him and his girlfriend vlogs and whatnot so we’re gonna go
ahead and agreed upon a collaboration I’ll call lab that’s gonna happen pretty
soon so Prince looking forward to working with you guys and uh see you
guys soon Marlowe

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9 thoughts on “Top 5 Things to do in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii

  1. OMG!!! Waikiki is awesome. They are so creative. Nature is what brings this place to life. That's it's beauty.

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