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Top 5 Scary Hitchhiker Encounters

Hello Internet – and welcome back to Top 5
Scary Videos. Now, the kindness of strangers is a magical
thing – the aid and assistance of someone that you have no ties or obligations to, but
are willing to lend a helping hand when in need. Shared preservation is what has made us so
successful as a species, but in some cases – that’s exactly where predators look to
take advantage. Be warned, horror fans – when you’re left
out in the open, you never know who’ll come knocking. Today we’re taking a look at some terrifying
tales from the road, as always, I’ll be your host Jack Finch – as we take a look at
5 Scary Hitchhiker Encounters. Before we begin, make sure to hit that subscribe
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box, it makes my day. Kicking off at Number 5 – A Ride to Joy House. On August 16th, 1982, two sisters – Yvette
and Marie Bauhaud – were hitchhiking on their trip through the South of Iceland. Now – it was a different time, and – particularly
in Iceland, which is generally a very small, safe country – hitchhiking was the preferred
method of transport for young people. On that morning – on the side of the road,
the sisters were picked up by a man in his mid 40s. His name was Gretar Arnason. He told them both that his job was to protect
the area – and help local tourists whose cars had broken down. The girls got the impression that he was a
sheriff of some kind – he spoke English incredibly well – and he took them to a small cabin in
the countryside – called a Saeluhus – or a Joy House. By the next morning though, Yvette would be
missing – and Marie would be rushed to hospital. In the events that transpired, Arnason arrived
back at the cabin after midnight with a rifle and a spool of wire in hand. He accused the girls of smoking weed, and
claimed that he was taking them to the police. He knocked Marie unconscious with his rifle,
while Yvette ran into the woods – where she was hunted by Arnason and shot dead. Marie survived the incident – and lived to
tell the tale. Coming in next at Number 4 – Keith Jesperson In the 1990’s, hitchhiking in North America
was a dangerous feat if you ever crossed the path of Keith Hunter Jesperson. Born in 1955 – Jesperson was a Canadian-American
serial killer, who found that his occupation as a truck-driver offered him the perfect
guise to carry out his sadistic life-long murder spree. It is believed that he went on to murder at
least eight women – although he has personally claimed to have killed as many as 185 people. Also known as the Happy Face Killer – Jesperson’s
prefered method of murder was strangulation – the same method that he used to kill animals
as a child. Nearly all of his victims were hitchhikers
on the road – young women and transients on the road, who had zero connection to him – and
were, for the majority – looking to run away from their pasts. After the body of his first victim was found,
the crime remained unsolved, which angered him – Jesperson began writing letters to police
and the media, taunting them with his involvement and a hand drawn smiley face – which led to
him being dubbed as the Happy Face Killer. Jesperson was eventually caught, and eventually
sentenced to four consecutive life sentences – and he remains imprisoned at the Oregon
State Penitentiary. Coming in at Number 3 – we’re going to break
this up with a good-old tale from Reddit. Reddit user thebestjeans tells a horrific
hitchhiking tale that her family friend Nicki told her growing up. There’s a lot to be learnt in this story
– so make sure to pay attention. It was the early 80s – and Nicki was a young
woman in her mid 20s. She was a real free spirit – a kind hearted
soul who saw the best in everyone, and was always willing to lend a hand. Nicki was driving, about an hour or two from
the nearest town – when she saw a man walking down the side of the road. He was hitchhiking, so she picked him up – and
asked if he needed any help. He was a polite man. Shy, if a bit unassuming – and asked for a
lift into the city. Of course, Nicki was always there to lend
a hand. Along the way, the conversation was pleasant
enough. General small talk – about friends, the weather
and the news. Nicki even bought him dinner at a little pit
stop on the halfway point – which he became embarrassed and flustered at – but it was
fine, Nicki was helping the guy out. As soon as they got to the city, the man couldn’t
thank her enough. Before he left, he asked for Nicki’s number
so he could contact her and thank her – eventually pay her back for her kindness. Now – here’s the rub. A week or so later, Nicki got a phone call. It was the man. As he spoke, he didn’t let her get a word
in edgewise. He said that she should thank god that she
was raised so nice, because his first thought when he got in the car was that he wouldn’t
kidnap and murder her once they got to that first pit stop. He’d steal the car and dump the body in
a ditch and be on his merry little way. But after she was so kind – he couldn’t
bring himself to do it. He couldn’t live with himself after murdering
such a nice lady like Nicki. He warned her – please Nicki. Never. Ever. Pick up another hitchhiker. Then he hung up the phone. Well – you’d be a fool to not take that
advice, wouldn’t you? And next at Number 2 – The Highway of Death. If you’ve ever seen the film Wolf Creek
– this one will give you chills. Ominously dubbed the highway of death – an
800 kilometer stretch of road in pure isolation of the Australian Outback – is the site of
14 unsolved cold cases – the majority of which, young hitchhikers trying to make their way
across the unforgiving country. Well – I say unsolved for pure effect – because
in 2014, the killer came forward in all their grisly reality. The 32 year-long investigation was blown wide
open by abattoir worker Andy Albury, dubbed Australia’s Hannibal Lecter – who was already
serving life in prison for the 1984 murder of Aboriginal woman Gloria Pindan. He’d toyed with the facts though, throughout
the years – leading investigations to dead ends and then retracting his statements. Detective Sergeant Les Chapman, the first
to arrest Albury in 1983 – claimed that he’d boasted to him of killing 14 other people
while he moved across the Australian Outback, making him one of the youngest serial killers
in history. Scary stuff. Even scarier, though – that the truth of the
matter hasn’t been officially concluded – with some believing that another killer
is still at large. And finally, at our Number 1 spot, Ben Rhoades. Now – if this whole list hasn’t been fuel
enough for avoiding hitchhiking, then this final spot definitely will. Robert Ben Rhoades – AKA the Truck Stop Killer
– is a prevalent American serial killer who is suspected of torturing and murdering more
than 50 women between 1975 and 1990. As far as police are away, the Truck Stop
Killer was at large for over 15 years – with his modus operandi being the mobility and
transient nature of a long-distance truck driver. So much so, that Rhoades was discovered to
have converted the sleeper cab of his truck into a personal torture chamber – where he
kept his victims, sometimes for weeks, before murdering them. Through the 80s and early 90s, the Truck Stop
Killer would prey on teenagers – young people who had runaway from home, looking to get
from place to place in the massive sprawl of rural America. It wasn’t until April 1990, when an Arizona
police officer found a truck on the side of the road with its hazard lights on. When he investigated, he found a woman – handcuffed
and screaming – and Rhoades, who attempted to talk himself out of the situation. Thankfully – justice was served, and Rhoades
was imprisoned. Although he has only been convicted of three
murders, he is imprisoned for life without parole. Well – that’s the end of that, and good
riddance – too. I don’t know about you, but if I ever find
myself walking down a lonely highway at night – I think I’ll just walk. What do you guys think? If you’ve enjoyed this video, give us a
thumbs up and let us know in the comment box down below. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed this video. As always, I’ve been your host Jack Finch
– you’ve been watching Top 5 Scary Videos – and until next time, you take it easy.

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