Top 10 Scary HITCHHIKING Stories – Part 2

Welcome back everyone – a while ago I talked
about scary Hitchhiking stories. You guys seemed to love it. I think Hitchhiking may be less common these
days, especially with the rise of ride sharing apps – maybe thats why it makes it so interesting
to us? Especially when things go horribly wrong. These are some examples of that, and they
arent for the faint hearted. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top
10 Scary Hitchhiking Stories Part 2. Starting off at number 10 we have The Triangle
of Death. In the 1980s, the Marne region of France became
known was the triangle of death. Young army soldiers from the 3 different garrisons
in the area kept mysteriously disappearing, ofen while hitchhiking. It started in 1980 with 19 year old Patrick
Dubois. Over the next 7 years, 7 more men vanished
in the area. After a year, the polices investigation had
led them to Pierre Chanal as a culprit. He was also a former officer in the French
army. A police patrol found him in a camper van
parked suspiciously by the side of a country road. They discovered hed been video taping the
rape and torture of a Hungarian hitchhiker hed abducted. He was given 10 years for the crime and released
on probation in 95. After though, advances in DNA evidence found
traces of 3 of the missing soldiers that had vanished in the triangle of death. In 2001, Chanal was charged with 3 murders. In 2003, not long after the start of his trial,
he committed suicide in his prison hospital. Moving on to number 9 we have The Creep. This one was told by HootBear on Reddit. Im gonna read this in her own words -I was
18 at the time, driving to get some food on my lunch break. I saw a man probably in his ’50s trying to
hitch a ride. I was pretty hesitant to stop so I drove by. I felt guilty though, remembering my mom always
stopping to help people stranded on the road, homeless, out of gas, etc., so I turned around
and offered a ride. He introduced himself (name I cannot remember),
and thanked me profusely – he apparently had groceries and told me he didn’t want his meat
to spoil in the hot NM weather. He asked to be dropped off at the post office,
which was not too far away. As I drove off, he stared at me for a good
minute and the sirens went off in my head. Awkward, creepy, and unsettling. After a bit he blurted out ‘You sure are pretty,’
and asked me for a number. I said no, I have a boyfriend and I am not
interested in the least bit. He kept asking, and insisting my relationship
status was irrelevant. I asked him to stop and he became aggressive. I veered into the closest turn-in, slammed
on my brakes and yelled ‘Is it too much to ask for a little good karma every now and
then?! Get out of my car, you cad! (yes I said cad).’ He gave me a blank look, then just got out
much to my surprise. He ended up forgetting his groceries, and
what scared me most is the fact that there was no meat, just some eggplants and nonsense. Now that I’m older and hopefully smarter I
will think about who I pick up a little more; that and it also helps having my 80 lbs dog
in tow- Moving on to number 8 we have The Vanishing
Lady. If youve watched any of my Urban Legend videos
you may recognise this one. In North Carolina, some people still speak
of a ghostly hitchhiker known as Lydia, the Vanishing Lady. People have reported that when driving down
the roads there, they see a woman trying to flag down any passing cars. They pull over and the hitchhiker gets in. They tell them her name is Lydia and that
shes just been to a dance and is now trying to get home. She gives the driver an address not too far
away and they agree to take her there. Upon arrival, the driver will turn around
to find that Lydia has vanished. Confused, they go to the door and ring the
bell, an old woman answers. They explain that they picked up a woman called
Lydia who wanted to be taken here but that she just disappeared. The old woman will smile faintly, she produces
a silver picture frame with a photograph of the hitchhiking woman. The old woman will say to them -Lydia was
my daughter, she died in a car wreck by the overpass in 1923. Youre not the first one, and I suppose you
wont be the last. Every so often, her spirit flags down a passing
driver. I suppose she still doesnt understand what
happened to her. I suppose shes still trying to get home- Next up at number 7 we have Shotgun[a]. This one comes from Summat Comments. He said his older brother picked up a hitchhiker
once after a night of light drinking. After driving for a few minutes, the man pulled
out a shotgun and declared that he was going to steal the car. He wasnt having any of that and slammed the
breaks on the car and then tried to pull the hitchhiker out of the car to the ground, the
hitchhiker pulled the trigger and blew off a chunk of the brothers bicep before running
off into the woods. The brother made a decent recovery but still
has a chunk missing from his arm and isnt able to lift heavy things anymore. Next up at number 6 we have Thomas Prendergast. In November 1958, this man picked up 16 year
old Hitchhiker Carl Alfred Eder from New York. Eder was homeless and Thomas felt bad for
him so he decided to let him stay with him and his family while he got back on his feet. One day, Thomas got back from work to find
that Eder was already standing outside the house. He asked Thomas for a ride to San Diego. Thomas took Eder to the service station after
saying he couldn’t take him all the way to San Diego. When Thomas returned home he made a horrifying
discovery. Inside, he found his wife Lois had been shot
to death. The couples four children, all younger than
9, had been murdered with a hunting nife. Eder was captured two days later. He told police he had snapped when one of
the children made too much noise. He went sentenced to prison but after escaped
after 16 years, leaving behind a note that read -Ive done enough time and Im leaving-
… he is still on the loose today. If he is still alive, Eder is 76 years old
– there is currently a 20,000 reward for his captures. Moving on to number 5 we have Amy Billig. On March 5th 1974, 17 year old Amy hitchhiked
through the Miami area on her own. She was planning to visit her fathers office
but never arrived at her destination. Amys camera was found but she never was. As the case went cold, Amys own mother, Susan,
took it upon herself to find her daughter. She was led on many wild goose chases that
yielded no results. Eventually, a biker named Paul Brunch told
Susan that Amy had been abducted while hitchhiking by a biker gang named The Pagans. On his deathbed, its said that he confessed
to his wife that Amy actually overdosed on the same day she disappeared while attending
a party held by The Pagans. They decided to feed her body to alligators
in the Florida Everglades. Susan died in 2005, still no closer to find
out the truth of what happened to her daughter, and if those brutal rumours were true … Coming in at number 4 we have Back of The
Head. This one was told by VerySleepy24, they said
-There’s this middle aged man who lives in the town I’m from. He was a genuinely sweet and caring person. And mind, this is a really small town. One day, he picked up a hitchhiker just outside
of town. He told him to jump in the bed of the truck,
and he’ll drive him to Walmart. About halfway there, the hitch hiker shot
him in the back of the head for no reason. He didn’t even steal anything. And if I remember correctly, he got caught. Henry didn’t die, but he’s permanently disabled
and has severe brain damage. I remember when I first heard that, and it
scared the crap out of me. This was probably about 12-years-ago now,
but I still think about anytime someone talks about hitchhikers. It scares me to think someone would do something
like that, just because …- Moving on to number 3 we have The Walhalla
Hitchhiker. This one is in the same vein as the Vanishing
Lady we talked about earlier. In South Carolina, local legend says that
in the 1950s, a pilot called Larry Stephens was flying over Oconee County when a hailstorm
hit the area. Stephens couldn’t see a thing and ended up
crashing into some mountains nearby Highway 2017, in the Walhalla area. Ever since then, locals have reported encounters
with a hitchhiker dressed in a dark all weather coat. He usually appears on dark and stormy nights
and asks for a different location depending on the direction of the car. Its believed that the Walhalla Hitchhiker
is actually Larry Stephens. The say he looks like like him and that he’s
even dressed in the same pilot clothes as Stephens was when he died. Next up at number 2 we have the The Stabbing.[b]
In 2016, a Polish man called Merek was travelling across Ireland. After getting buses along the way, he decided
he would try and do some hitchhiking. After a while, a family driving in a white
Nissan hatchback picked him up. There were two children in the back, one was
about 7 or 8 and the other was just a 6 month old baby. Merek climbed into the car and started chatting
about his travels. Everything seemed fine at first but after
about 15 minutes, he heard all the car doors lock. Merek remembered seeing the female passenger
sending a text to someone just a few minutes before. The male driver came off the main road and
pulled over. A green car pulled up nearby, a man and a
woman got out of it and started approaching them. He threw his wallet out and told them to take
his money – but they didnt want that. The two new people and the driver produced
knives and proceeded to stab him so many times that when paramedics arrived on the scene
he was told he was 5 minutes from losing his life. Merek said to scariest part was that the driver
looked happy while stabbing him. Its been a long road to recovery since, but
Merek did survive … And finally at number 1 we have The Orange
Sock.[c] On January 6th 1982, 29 year old Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer phoned her husband Jeff
to let her know that she was hanging out at a bar with friends and was going to hitchhike
home. She never made it back. Jeff searched for her and eventually found
Bobbies body in a remote field, she was riddled with bullets. Stangely, an orange sock that did not belong
to her was found nearby. 6 months later, the body of 21 year old missing
woman Annette Kay was found 13 miles away from where Bobbies was found – heres where
it gets really strange – Anette was wearing the matching orange sock. Police believed it was the same killer who
had picked the hitchhiker’s and murdered them. Annettes orange sock was likely left behind
in the killers vehicle and somehow fell out at the location Bobbie was murdered. Jeff was originally a suspect but his name
was cleared, leaving the Orange Sock Murders officially unsolved .. Well those were all very grim. Hopefully it hasnt scared you of every strange
in the world. I think its good to have a healthy balance
of trust and skepticism – what side do you lean towards most? Let me know what youd like to see next on
the channel, thanks as always for watching, my name is Danny Burke and Ill see you all
in the next one!

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