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Top 10 Certifications For 2019 | Highest Paying IT Certifications 2019 | @edureka!

The job market today is a tough one and
what better way there is to show your credibility in here than a certification.
Hi all I’m Upasana from Edureka and today we are talking about the “Top 10
Certifications you should get in 2019”. So without any further ado, let’s get
straight to the countdown. At number 10 we have BI tools, decision makers at all
levels of an organization require accurate cohesive business information
to glean actionable business intelligence and insights to make
effective and strategic decisions these are the certifications that are ideal
for anybody from a business analyst to business executives and the
prerequisites include sound understanding of database related topics
and a good hands-on on query languages data warehousing ETL and front-end
development and specific domain knowledge with some industry experience
prices for each certification may vary by country but Microsoft’s price lookup
tool reveals an exam price of one hundred and fifty dollars
the fee for SAS exam is priced at a hundred and 80 USD double certification
has two categories the desktop exams costing 125 to 600 dollars and server
exams priced at 250 to 800 like tableau the QlikView certification also varies
according to the job profiles you require it for you can either appear to
certify as a be a data architect or a system admin each priced at 250 a bi
professional on an average makes between a hundred to a hundred and thirty K a
year at this point just about any company hires in this domain but
Deloitte IQ via Oracle IBM and Accenture are but to name a few at number 9 we
have networking certification demand for network engineers is never-ending I’ve
narrowed down four certificates that represent all major tiers of networking
jobs from entry to expert level the cisco certified network associate
network professional and internet work expert will make you an expert level
network engineer the Wireshark certified network analyst gives you useful
insights on network sniffing using more shock the prerequisites for CCNA
includes a cisco certified entry network technician certification for ce c and p
and CCNA but is not an official requirement when it
comes to CCIE and WC na there are no such prerequisites the cost for CCNA and
WC na is priced around 300 whereas the CC and P and CCIE costs around 900 to
2050 respectively the salary hikes after these certificates are quite high a CCIE
will give you ten thousand and seven hundred and the others will also hike up
your salary after work experience companies like HCl and Infosys are
evilly looking for people with such certifications next we have CRM CRM or
customer relationship management is a strategic methodology that recognizes
customer as the core of business since customer relationship is such an
indispensable aspect of business people want to figure out the best way to do it
there are various CRM certifications like Salesforce CRM and Salesforce
marketing cloud if you wish to be a Salesforce admin or developer also we
have the most trending Microsoft Dynamics CRM and s AP CRM if you wish to
be a consultant in order to master these domains one should be well versed with
programming languages web development SI p ee learning etc approximate cost to
pursue these certifications range from $280 to $1400 and the average payout of
these developers and consultants who range from eighty five thousand to one
forty two thousand a year in the current market companies like Wells Fargo Zoho
Corp and many more have incorporated Salesforce and MS Dynamics CRM with that
let’s move on to number seven on number 7 we have governance of enterprise IT GE
IT ensures that the IT resources of an organization are used in an effective
way in order to fulfill stakeholder needs it
is basically about delivering value when an enterprise employs CG EIT they ensure
good governance which provides for an environment of no too few surprises and
the ability to have an agile response to any that arise three requisites include
five or more years of work X along with the passing of comprehensive exam with
recognition of work management and educational experience submitting the
application to is ACA followed by adhering to their code of ethics is all
that is required the exam fee costs around $600 and the average pay is over
150,000 for someone who’s certified in GE IT
majority of the big players like unisys ABB Morgan Stanley and even Spotify hire
people who are certified in GE IT and this definitely looks like the next best
thing at number 6 we have devups devoxx is a continual method which involves
many tools the top certifications in market are for Jenkins puppet docker
kubernetes and chef apart from these there is also an AWS DevOps engineer
certification which is something new to get these certifications you need one
two three years of industrial experience strong technical skills in IT and
experience in cloud automation and coding skills you can check out the
complete detailed prerequisites on our website the average cost for Jenkins
engineer certification is priced at 150 doc a certified associate level
certification at 195 system admin using puppet at 200 and a double us certified
DevOps engineer at $300 the average salary for DevOps
engineer ranges around 130 to a whopping 150 thousand dollars also once you
become a certified devups engineer you may have a good chance to
grab a job in one of these MCS like Honeywell Cisco VIP pro IBM or Dell next
we have data engineer with increase in Big Data data analytics and machine
learning in the industry the job openings for data engineers are higher
than ever a big data engineer works directly with data architect and
hands-on developers to convert the architects big data Wishon to a big data
reality now data engineer possesses a deep level of technical knowledge and
experience across a wide array of products and technologies and can build
large-scale data processing systems for an entire enterprise so here I bring to
you the top three certifications available we have Google cloud
professional data engineer IBM certified data engineer and cloud era CCP data
engineer the cost of these certifications vary from 200 to 400
dollars with the increasing demand of data engineers the salary range is
somewhere between a hundred and fifteen thousand to 150 thousand dollars what
more tech giants like Amazon and Walmart and banking companies like Society
general and JP Morgan have high demand for data engineers at number four we
have data science if you’re one of those IT
fashion is always looking for the next big thing to master and benefit from
then data science skills must be on your list to explore a data scientist
certificate gives you that extra edge so we have picked up a few of the best data
science certifications that one can choose from after taking a comprehensive
data science training course there is no one specific method to become a data
scientist but statistical analysis is the most important technical skill
required to become one you need to have the knowledge of basic programming
languages to extract valuable insight the cost of data science certification
varies somewhere in between 2250 to $9,000 the current average salary for a
data scientist is over a hundred and eighteen thousand dollars which varies
according to different factors some of the companies that are using the power
of data science in new and exciting ways include Google Facebook Netflix etc if
you to aspire to land a job in one of these tech giants you can check out the
data science certification training at EDD Eureka next at number three we have
cyber security when it comes to cyber security there are a bunch of
certifications available out there to give you a significant edge over others
security is the most important to computing and the internet than ever
before certifications in the field of cyber security target different fields
ranging from attack mitigation to penetration testing talking about the
most popular certifications we are looking at cissp CISM CR is c and c eh
while most of them have different prerequisites they can generally be
boiled down to the following few anybody aspiring to get certified should be well
versed in topics covering fundamentals of digital communication networking
cryptography along with some handy experience certification costs range
from 500 to as high as $1,000 but the costs are justified as promised salaries
are as high as 150 thousand dollars awarded by top-notch companies for
profiles ranging from risk analysts to system security admin at number two we
have cloud certifications currently IT professionals with proven cloud
computing skills are high in demand and 40% of businesses are now struggling to
find qualified employees it is a brilliant opportunity for the
professionals who can prove their knowledge with recognised certifications
some the best cloud certifications for this
year are AWS certified Solutions Architect Microsoft Certified solution
expert and Google professional cloud architect we at Adyar acre offer all
three certifications aiming to create working professionals who can design
develop and manage robust secure and dynamic cloud solutions now talking
about prerequisites you need to have prior knowledge on cloud computing
fundamentals and core services while some certifications require two to three
years of experience average cost for these certifications vary between 200 to
900 US dollars average pay for a cloud architect is around 124 thousand US
dollars and with these certifications you can land up in companies like sa P
Deloitte cements Red Hat and many many more so finally at the top of our list
today is project management it is considered to be one of the most
important tasks across industries it requires special skills for delivering a
successful project not as an individual but as an organization to judge your
expertise there are a wide range of project management certifications
available in the market according to CIO some of the major certification are
scrum master PMP Six Sigma and prince2 to acquire these certifications there
are some prerequisites like you must have at least three years of work X in
the project management field you can check out the curricula for these
certifications on our website today these certifications help in beefing up
your resume and give you a good boost in the salary a project management
Certified Professional pockets around 91 thousand to one hundred and fifteen
thousand USD per year not only this most of these certifications are not industry
specific and you can easily get recognized by the big brands like IBM
Microsoft Dell and Phillips. With that I conclude my list, so what are you waiting
for, get trained get certified and turn your challenges into opportunities with
Edureka. I hope you have enjoyed listening to this video, please be kind enough to
like it and you can comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply
them at the earliest, do look out for more videos in our playlist and
subscribe to Edureka channel to learn more, happy learning.

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