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Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Famous Hike in New Zealand

When the mountain WON the wanderers One of New Zealands higlights for us has been hiking in nature and camping. And the Lord Of The Rings sceneries. When we realised that our bus route would take us past Tongariro National Park we decided to go hiking at one of New Zealands most famous one day walks. During about 20km and 8hours we would be able to conguer only one mountain out of the national parks two summits. The decision was easy. MORDOR! MORDOR! Mount DOOM! We decided to head off to the famous Lord of The Rings volcano. To the notorious Mount Doom. The summit can reach up to nearly 2300 meters. Okay, so we are now sitting on a bus and on our way to the starting point. Which is here. We have 2 hours to make it to the bottom of the mountain. So if we can make it in 2 hours, we have just enough time to climb up to the summit of Mount Doom. Thats right. It’s now slightly overcast but hopefully it will clear up when we make it to the summit the weather can change any minute and nobody can predict whats going to happen next We are slightly excited. That’s right, these are our dreams. Here we go. Yeah. The walk can be closed every 5 days due to bad weather. We were lucky, because there was rain forecast but we were allowed to start the hike. The views were so unique and amazing. We could admire a red crater, hot and steamy springs and beautiful rock formations. Alright STOP So are you prepared? Yup, I’m prepared. The weather is prefect, a small shower of rain which means there is a lot of oxygen in the air. So we are here Soda Springs. So let’s get moving. Jesh. Alright, our first one and a half hours of hiking is behind us and we reached a checkpoint. It reminds us that we are in a volcanic area with two active volcanoes. Should a volcano decide to erupt or show any signs of erupting, please head to the opposite direction of the volcano. When we arrived at the bottom of Mount Doom an injured man came walking by. This dude had slipped and rolled down the mountain and hit his head. “Slipped, too ashy. Build up my momentum so I flipped, hurt my leg and hit my head” “Yeah, not worth it.” So what do we do? I think we might not go for it. Apparently you cant see nothing. It’s too foggy, its raining, its very slippery. It might not be worth it. Falling rocks.. 😦 Maybe we will just try to go to the smaller mountain? Show us where the mountain is. It’s over there. In the direction where you are pointing. Yeah, but you cant see anything. Not the peak nor even a massive mountain. Nothing. Yeah, Mount Doom. Would you just want to go have a small look on what the bottom of the mountain looks like? Okay.
Yeah let’s go have a look. We had a small brake for thinking and and we ate a few tuna sandwiches. Regardless of the warnings, we decided to try to hike to the summit of the mountain. So we started slowly moving upwards. One small step at a time. The weather started quickly changing into quite fierce. The wind kept on increasing and a cold gust of rain whipped our faces. These people are walking with sneakers around here You could only see about 20 meters ahead of you. Just a white wall of rain There was no way we could see to the top. The surface of the mountain was just black grains of sand and lava boulders. Climbing was really difficult. Lost people came walking by. Falling rocks and boulders were tumbling down with an alarming pace. We started thinking where is the sense to any of this. So you cant see much at all. It’s as if we were in a snow storm. We are.. We are.. on Mount Doom. Hand me the microphone. Yeah, here we are. 25 minutes distance from the summit. And we have to admit, we have to take the milk train back down. This is so.. There is such a storm up here, we cant see a damn thing.. We met people who had slipped and rolled down this mountain. Legs in a bloody mess. And some people we met, warned us not to attempt the climb after 9:15 AM otherwise you’ll be up the mountain during a storm. We were like, Yeah Yeah. Our bus driver told us that if we make it to the bottom of the mountain in 1 and a half hours we have time to do the climb. This is starting to get a bit too crazy. The wind is getting stronger and colder like a snow storm. But this is just water. This is just getting steeper and you cant see a damn thing when looking down or up. This is so damn crazy god dammit. Mount Doom has earned its title. And we just.. And we just.. want to live. Mount Doom beat us. It sure did. We didn’t get to cast anything into it. Lets leave this to the professionals. These amateurs are not rushing to kill themselves. Yeah. We still have 15 km left to hike to get to our pick up at the end. So I think we’ll see some nice landscapes once we get out of here. We’ll get a second chance to see some other Lord of The Rings locations. Titta, do you have anything to add? You want to start walking down so I can film you a bit. Yeah to witness how steep this can get. And don’t you fall down now or anything. Wait a sec. Alright. Mount Doom.. keep your pie.

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4 thoughts on “Tongariro Alpine Crossing – Famous Hike in New Zealand

  1. Harmi, että sattu tuollanen keli teille. Minäkin saman reitin käynyt kolme vuotta sitten (paitsi, että mentiin sinne pienemmälle vuorelle) ja maisemat oli upeat. Kiipeämistä sitä oli siinäkin 😀

  2. Tavallaan harmittaa, mutta olipahan ainakin ikimuistoinen vaellus 😂
    Ollaan nähty joitakin kuvia aurinkoisella säällä otettuna ja ne ovat kyllä olleet mielettömän hienoja. Vuoren huiput ja turkoosit järven ❤

  3. Voi apua!!!! Ihan mahtavaa!!!!😍🤗😗😃💪👏❣ onneksi selvisitte loukkaantumatta ja hengissä!💜💗

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