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Today I learned how to Hike. | Jimmy tries ep 3: How to Hike.

Oh, I looked down again. I’m gonna throw up. Hiking was phenomenal. I am so happy to be here!! Vancounver, British Colombia. That’s where we are at. What we are doing here, is celebrating a great
friend of mine. Angel Robinson, it’s her birthday. The one thing that we all have in common,
that we didn’t do before was go on a hike. Before the hike, it was all about getting
everything that you needed. So we talked about 13 minutes to go into a
hiking store and get everything that you need for hiking. How I look Darryl? Some of my items. A knife, incase I’m out there with Sasquash
and we go toe to toe. A Frisbee obviously you gotta, you’re out
there and you get bored. Cast Away think about Cast Away, if he didn’t
have that volley ball. He was done. Y’all got snake pellets, incase I see a snake? No. That’s like going for a 5 day trip. If we get stranded, I’m prepared. I need a rope, incase we fall off a cliff. We going for an hour hike, and he got a $5000
backpack on. What’s wrong with him? Oh this is energy gel, we might need this. I had all the necessary and unnecessary essentials. Oh my god !
Ok, everybody laugh now. Man you got lost of needs here. 15 minutes of it, was checking out. She was like I have never seen anybody, come
in here and get this much stuff as y’all just got for an hour hike. What? I am done. Ok Rob, when you are falling off the side
of the cliff and I’m gonna be like hangman. I ain’t got no rope. Where are you guys even going? It doesn’t matteeerrrr. But we gotta be prepared. I’m locked in. I’m not a basketball player, I’m in Vancouver. I’m an outdoorsman I’m locked in. I gotta be the best hiker, I must win. You like hikes? Oh yea, I love em. I been hiking in all 50 states and 13 foreign
countries. Oh , perfect. The competition was, who was the better hiker. She can’t get up there faster than me. I bet 5 Canadian dollars, she can’t beat
me up the mountain. I’m the best hiker and let me tell you why
I’m the best hiker. I had all the gear, I looked the best. Look good, feel good, hike good. They got all this extra gear and all that
stuff, man we going for a short hike. You know they got extra weight man, they ain’t
ready. Niki is a pro by the way, what she call it? An ultra, was it an ultra marathonist? I don’t think that was the word. I’m an endurance athlete. So are you jumping in on the competition? I am, now I have to to. As soon as he said it was a competition, I’m
in. Everything is about competition. I told her I was a better hiker than her too,
and woo. You know sometimes you gotta stay in your
lane. Let’s do this. Y’all already not a good pace. She started jogging up that trail, so fast. I’m like Niki, hold on baby steps now. Let’s get in the woods, before we just take
off. I didn’t think it was gonna be like that. I just thought like yo, it’s just gonna be
like. A trail that’s going up through the mountain. So I was like ok, it can’t be that bad. Little did I know that I was wrong. Ohhh my god. Ohhhh my legss, my legs are shaking. Ohh I can, I can barely go. Oh my god, I’m going to start crying. On my momma. You got steps here, then you got a flat trail
and then you got go from little rock to little rock to big rock to medium size rock and then you gotta
climb up on this thing. It’s just like ok, it’s a full body workout. Is anyone afraid of heights, actually?? I can see out my peripherals, like just the
sights. I just don’t do water and I saw it over here. If I roll off the cliff, this way. I’m gonna hit the ground, dead. If I roll off the cliff that way, I’m in the
water. I can’t swim, dead. Then when I looked, like between my legs. I could see the land and the water, and that
was when I was like. How you feeling? Who me? Man I went hiking and made it to the top. I ain’t worried about y’all. Y’all kiss my ass. How bout that? Can’t believe that y’all left me. Those are really true friends, to the very
end. You on your own. Oh I looked down again. Oh I’m gonna throw up. I love nature, rocks and ants. Like so that’s where my hiking trip ended. Was at that tree, when I knew at that moment
in time. That me and nature were one. Where is he? Hanging on to the tree. Still? Yeah. You ever look at rocks up close? Yeah man I’m like an Archeologist. People were coming down, people was like. Did your friend, ever let go of that tree? Hahhah. It’s like I always say man, It’s a first and
last time for everything. You don’t have to worry about me that again.

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100 thoughts on “Today I learned how to Hike. | Jimmy tries ep 3: How to Hike.

  1. Lol nice Jimmy’s my favourite player, I’m from Vancouver and he mentioned my favorite cryptic Sasquatch πŸ˜‚ I love it

  2. Oof… Nice loss to golden stateπŸ˜‚. Makes you think about missing your free throwsπŸ‘€

  3. Nice video, Jimmy! And great job against GSW last night, it was a close game- possibly the closest I’ve ever seen. #Sixers

  4. This the jimmy that went to the timberwolves just to disrespect the whole organization and smash Kat’s girl. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. Used to hate you bro idk why just stupid sports shit but I'm reallly messing with you now. Love the content. Just reminds you never judge someone on social media. Keep going bro.

  6. Lol I used to do the grouse grind when I lived in Vancouver! Great view, all the best for the rest of the seaz jimmy!

  7. Good stuff man !!! Your funny bro !!! Love what your doin with this watched the first watched the rest …couldnt stop at one .. keep the vids coming

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  9. Very surprised to see Your film. Good job! Who knows, may be You will create something excellent which will be even more interesting then Kobe did.
    As salam ualeikum, Jimmy, from faraway Kazakhstan.

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  11. I’m so glad you made a YouTube lmao one of the funniest dudes that a lot of people might not realize yet

  12. I'm a great hiker because "I look the best" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ There you go, instead of mamba mentality you brought "girls in LA wearing full makeup to a hike mentality". Very enjoyable. The fact that you thought you were going to the best with all that excessive stuff to carry is why you're a true competitor. I salute you!

  13. Jimmy you should get the MEC member card cuz I see you spent 5k on hiking stuff, you might wanna save a couple bucks next time you go

  14. "I love nature, rocks and ants." LOL, I love when people just talk and not think but just speak from the heart. You can tell he do that and is comfortable with himself on multiple cylinders.

  15. Dem gears 😍😍😍😍
    You just did what i always wanted to do go inside and get whatever the hell you want 🀣🀣

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  18. πŸ˜‚ i hike all three peaks of the chief in my runners and jimmy deadass bought 30000$ worth of stuff from MEC for 3/4 peak of the chief im dead πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  19. Wow, this is a really entertaining side of you. You should go see Banff or Lake Louise in Alberta, Canada. Views are breathtaking!

  20. See the thing is jimmy was preparing like they were going camping or something, it’s a hike my guy you’re suppose to pack as light as you can lol

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