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Tips for wearing Capture on your backpack – Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design

you in this video we’re going to show you a couple of ways to most effectively use capture in the backpack strap application one of the trickiest things about a backpack installation can be installing it on really thick straps like this here Gregory although it does have a unit that you pull off and you can put it there it’s really nice to have it on the thick strap for maximum stability so to do that make sure you unscrew your screws as much as they could possibly be unscrewed then take your plate swing it behind and swivel it over the front plate towards the back plate you’re really going to have to use some force here and clamping this down to get it to fit underneath that however even with some of the thickest straps it should work if you encounter one that’s just too thick try separating the plates completely and clamping them down together you won’t need to tighten too much with this thick of a strap but get a little more just so you can guarantee that it’s not going to move should be on there make sure your backpack itself is very tight obviously the stability of your substrate will always make the biggest difference now you’ve got your camera or you’ve got your capture in place and you should already have your connection plate onto the body of your camera and when you slide it in it should be real rigid now for hiking and normal applications this is just fine if you want to be breaking out into any kind of a run or if you want to be doing any sort of skiing take the chest strap of your backpack loosen it up a bit and wrap it around the barrel of your lens when you do this there are two points of connection now on your camera and you should be able to do pretty much any physical activity yet have your camera completely stable and now it’s just two steps away from being in your hands

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8 thoughts on “Tips for wearing Capture on your backpack – Capture Camera Clip by Peak Design

  1. I was walking though a forest in Kings canyon National park last week. I was, about 2-3 miles from roads end, about 35 miles in to the park by car.  A couple walked by and the guy  had his camera on his backpack. I knew I had to have one. So I asked him about it and he raved about it. Turned out he lived in Colorado right near Peak Design and had dropped in to their office to say he liked the product.   I just ordered mine from This is what I've been looking for.

  2. What about on really thin straps like the sea to summit Ultra-Sil Day Pack?, that is basically just nylon straps?

  3. I never thought about using the sternum strap to tighten it down. That has potential. I'm going to have to try that.

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