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Tips for Snorkeling Two Step on the Big Island of Hawaii

Testing … Start! Hi everyone, my name is Ernest and I’ve
created this video to help anyone planning a trip to the Big Island of Hawaii, and, specifically,
anyone who’s planning to snorkel on the Big Island. If you’ve already done some research into
snorkeling spots on the Big Island, you’ve almost certainly read about a location called
Two Step, which is also referred to by a few other names, including Honaunau Bay, City
of Refuge and Pae’a. If your reading has led you to consider visiting
Two Step, I can tell you that you should stop considering it and just go. Before showing you our footage, just a few
quick bits of context. The surf was really high during the entire week
of our most recent trip to the Big Island, and you’ll see that in the video—particularly
at the start, where we had to swim through a fairly strong current to get further out
into the Bay. It’s worth noting, though, that one of the
things that makes Two Step such a great spot for snorkeling is that the layout of the Bay
naturally protects it from the worst of the surf, which is important not only because
it keeps you from getting knocked around on the surface, but also because it means less
sand gets kicked up into the water, preserving visibility. We went snorkeling at a spot closer to our
hotel on this same day, and that spot’s usually excellent, but we had to come right back in because the
visibility in the water was so poor. Second, the footage is pretty much in the
order in which we shot it. We stuck to the left side of the Bay because
it’s more protected from the surf, and we essentially did a counter-clockwise loop. The whole experience was amazing, but then,
as we were heading back in and only about 20 yards from shore, my wife spotted a beautiful
old green sea turtle out of the corner of her eye and we ended up having the most remarkable
interaction. We’d seen sea turtles on previous swims,
but never like this—it was really a magical experience. But enough of me telling you about it, let
me show you… [MUSIC] Okay, so hopefully you’ll now understand why I think you should put Two Step at the top of your list of snorkeling spots on the Big Island. And this footage was shot on a day when conditions
were far from ideal. If the water was calmer, we would have explored
the right side of the Bay—by which I mean, the right side when you’re looking out at
the water from the beach—which gets much deeper and is a popular hang out for large
pods of Spinner Dolphins. [MUSIC] Two Step is dead simple to get to by car. If you get lucky, you can park on the road
for free or in the lot for the Pu’uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park, which is right next door to Two Step. Parking there costs just $5, and you get the
added bonus of access to the Historical Park, which is really beautiful and informative. We parked at the Historical Park, snorkeled
at Two Step for about an hour-and-a-half, then took a walking tour of the Park, which
made for a really terrific afternoon. Whether you park on the street or at
the Historical Park, access to the water is just a few minutes walk away. I hope this video was useful for you. If so, please give it a thumbs up, share it
with anyone else you think might like it, and subscribe to this channel. I’ll be posting more videos in the coming
weeks with reviews of some of the gear I used on this trip, like the terrific full-face
“Easy Breathe” mask you saw my wife using in our underwater footage, along with my prescription
SeaVision mask, and also this amazing, fully submersible waterproof bag from a company called Watershed. We used it to hold our phones, sandals and all our other necessities while snorkeling, so that we wouldn’t have to leave anything out on
the beach while we were in the water. So, look out for those videos, and thanks
for watching!

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  1. Super awesome sea turtle its so beautiful and so calm it makes me want to quit my job and go live where those much tranquility.

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