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Tips for Hiking with Baby : How to Choose a Baby Carrier for Hiking

Hi I’m Liz Hood on behalf of Expert Village
and I’m going to be talking about taking a baby out on a hike I wanted to go over different
carriers that you can use this for instance, is a baby Brion it’s very virtual and that
you can have him facing you with this flop up to kind of keep his head stable or as you
can see have him front facing with the flap folded down so that he can kind of look around
a lot more. And as more entertained so that he can see more than just this area, there
are also backpack carriers those are best for very very long hikes like all day long
hikes. Cause this actually after about an hour or 2 really starts to hurt your back
it doesn’t matter what kind of carrier you have, it’s just going having him in the front
here is just going to hurt your back like after a while. But ya there’s many different
kinds many different brands and try some out and see which one is the best for you.

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