Tiny Boost – Strictly for the Streets – Documentary

I was thinking, “What the fuck?”At first, I didn’t even clock
it was the jakes,
cos they was undercovers.I thought it was
some white men fucking…
…about to spray up the car.But I clocked…Like, rah, it’s police!Then I just thought, fuck.That’s what I said.
That was my exact reaction.
Fuck, you know them ones there?
You know cos you know, like.
Cos the burner is in the car, innit?Know what I’m saying?
I was thinking I’d just come out of jail.
And then the officer,
pussyhole officer…
He’s like to me, “You know you’re
going back to jail today?”
And I was like, “Argh!”But then at the time
I wasn’t taking it serious, innit?
Like, man’s in court,
still not taking it serious.
Like, remanded,
still don’t take it serious,
because man’s with the mandem,
you get me?
Man’s thinking, “Yeah, it’s cool.”But I’m not gonna lie
when I got in that cell…
…and they was like, “Yeah you good?
Everything calm? You OK?”
And they just shut the door,
and the door slammed,
and… locked,and I realised where I was,
and I’d been here before.
That’s when I was like, “Fuckin’ hell.”“What have I got myself back into?”That’s the feeling.First time was
probably in the studio. We was makingBoomzville.
Welcome 2 Boomzville.
Yeah, I rememberBoomzville
was like, Boomz mixtape and that, so it was… like, there’s bare people, cos it was like a various mixtape
with bare different artists. So there’s bare man in the studio
working at once. You get me? I think Boost is in there
with Young Lap and couple of the like…
young yutes and that. And then…
Young Lap was like, yeah. These men can spit still.
They’re hard, you get me? And then Boost was there and I said, “Let me hear you spit”,
you get me? Then he was like spitting
a couple of his… I think… Actually, I think
they started a song, him and Dem Lot, the PY’s. And Grind was doing the hook. And then he was just showing me his bar. “I’m the youngest in this Pecknarm squad”,
or whatever. And I was like, “What? You need
to record that!” You get me? Then they just laid it down and that,
you get me? But these times they was kids,
like 16, 15. You know them ones like spitting,
some gangster shit, you know what I mean? That’s how I think,
yeah that’s the first time I met Boost.– It weren’t like this?
– Definitely weren’t like this. You see what’s going on.It weren’t like this
when you went in.
Nah, fam. – What you saying…
– It’s just changed, cuz. This life’s mad,
I can’t explain it, cuz.Mandem done stepped up?Stepped way up. We was in them streets. Now, it’s all lit!What you saying,
Strictly for the Streets? StillStrictly for the Streets.*MUSIC*Strictly for the Streets,bruv.
Finally here, bruv. What day is it today?
August the sixth. No, fifth. It’s the fifth today.
It’s the fifth. Fucking one day after
Walk In Da Park,
ten-year anniversary, you feel me? One day, I remember exactly where I was. I was outside Felon’s house. I went to link him for something. I was listening to Big Ryde’s
on the radio. Up to now I don’t even know
what tune this is, but he was just fucking up
some beat on the radio, like, he was going hard, like… And I said, “This yute’s
too cold, man.” He’s gotta, I gotta… “You’ve got to be SN1, man.”
You get me? I rang him straight away. I said, “Yeah, man,
you got to be SN1!” Like, you know, and he said,
“Yeah, yeah, whatever, like.” You know what Boost’s like.
“Yeah, whatever. I don’t mind.” Then that was it really. These times there, it was just
some street shit. There weren’t no
proper record label ting, like, gonna sign you and it was just like,
more movements and that. You know them ones like…
You get me? Them times, we knew the business, but we didn’t know we knew
the business really, SN1-PY, you know what I mean? So, man saying, “Yeah,
you gotta be SN.” You get me? And he said,
“Yeah, I still wanna be PYG, though.” And I said, “Yeah, course you got,
like, SN1 /.” You know what I mean? And that was it,
but he was just too cold, man. I said, “This yute’s
too hard, man. Seriously.” Yeah, bruv, long time, done this all in jail,
you get what I’m saying? I’m just… here, final mix and that. It’s a long journey,
you know what I’m saying? That’s what I’m talking about,
cuz, ya feel me? Wagwan brudda.
What’s good? Let’s slide out of here. Let’s get out of here. Yeah, fam, fucking hell. What you saying, they let a G out
for the day? – Yeah, for the day, cuz.
– The day. What’s it been… it’s been, like… Bruv I ain’t seen you since ’09?
You know what I’m saying? But, bruv?
About to get this shit. Taken over, bruv, see what I’m saying? – Get it poppin’.
– Serious. You get me?
It’s a good feeling, you get me? Yo!– What you telling me my family.
– Wagwan?Tell me family.On this motorway, I’m speeding down
to the city now, blud.– What you saying, you’re out here, yeah?
– Yeah, yeah, yeah. Soon as I get down proper,
I’m gonna ring you, innit? Yo! Wagwan?– Yo, my G, what you saying?
– Yeah, I’m out here, man, I’m out here.What’s the plan?
What’s your plan?
Just to go to my peoples
them bit real quick, innit?– And then?
– And then… And then I’m gonna fly over
to the central bit. You get me?Is that where you’re gonna get the thingy?Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Oi, you gotta keep… We on camera right now.
We gotta keep it… We gotta keep it professional.– Hello?
– As-Salaamu Alaykum.
What’s good?– Where you at?
– I’m on the motorway, brudda. Huh? Come on, lively, mate.
Lively, mate. I’m out of jail, mate. Yo.– Wagwan, family.
– Wagwan, family tree. – Yo!
– Yo, my G.
Fam, everyone just sleeping and shit. This is how I know.
I’m not used to the road, ya know. Let me phone Billy. – Yo!
– Yo!
What’s good, cuz?– Wagwan?
– Yeah, deyah, fam. – We’re on the curbside, innit?
– The cars moving fast, innit? Fam, I’m sweating in the car, blud. I need some air, shit. Fucking hell.Phone me when you touch down.
I’ll be ready by then.
– Say no more, Say no more.
– All right, love.
Oi, bang the air-con on, B. I know! Bruv, what… what’s
going on today, fam? – You reckon it’s the leathers?
– Fam! – Nah, man’s just happy to be out, bruv.
– Yeah! Like… fam! – Like come on bruv man, he’s hot bruv.
– What is going on, cuz, like? This is a madness, bruv. Fam, cuz.
Man are moving mad, cuz. Flippin’ hell, bruv!
I’m sweating like mad. I see the window all steaming up. Like, shit.
You ain’t got the air-con on, fam? – No, it’s on now.
– Oh, my goodness, bruv. You man are moving mad.That same day, brudda, man was in.
This is how man’s mind set was.
Man was back in the streets
that same day, like?
Literally, like, nothing ain’t changed.Went to my yard.My hair was just jail, jail,
no trim, you get me?
Yeah, man, good, man. Good first day, you get me?
Start of the day, you get me? Beginning of the fucking end
of this shit, man. Shit, real shit.
Oh, fucking hell. But, yeah, G, we’re here. It’s been good, man, do you get me? Boost’s first day out, bruv, you get me? You gonna be long there? No, we keeping moving, big man.
Don’t worry. Yeah, let’s keep it moving, man.Shit was relentless
Stood on the curb
Pushing that dirt
I had to serve and collect
That’s how I earned my respect
For real…
My brothers bredins and that everyone
used to kind of spit MC back then,
everyone kind of used to do it.So, man got in to it like that,
Then I just remember I started MC’ing,
you them ones there,
and then I started school
other youts in the school
from different ends.
They was MC’ing as well,
Ya know what I’m saying?
You get me?
So it wasn’t really a rap ting.
Man just used to listen to rap,but more time I was really like a,
yeah, MC ting.
As a yout, you get me?Yeah, man, so man’s main influences,like that if I’m going to be honest
probably like Crazy Titch.
Even like Tinchy Stryder and that.
You get me?
Like, yeah, basically all them east
motherfuckers, man, all them east niggaz.
You get me?
Cos they kinda had it locked from early.
In my eyes anyway.Cos that’s the main thing.
I want to do with this shit. Like, I want people to really
feel my shit, like. When you put it on, it’s gonna either, like,
help you in whatever situation. You know, like, I’m not saying
I want people to get gassed before they go and do some mad shit,
but like whatever the situation may be, I want this to be
your soundtrack to it, fam.No love for the jakes
Had me locked in the cage
They gon feel my pain
Did a thousand nights
Did a thousand days…I don’t even want no intro
and no outro. On that one there,
that one there just mad.Im’a go hard or I woulda starved coz…Yo, pull it back! Nah, actually,
what you reckon just leave it, innit? Yeah, don’t even talk
no shit on that one. You not ready for this shit. What, you tryna to do that again, yeah?– Huh?
– You tryna do that again?– You wan do it again?
– It’s up to you.Like who gon put up a fight?Like I won’t pull up with pipes
Yo, pull it… oi… pull that shit back. – Ad lib that, yeah.
– Yeah, say no more… This shit is hot. Shit. A lot of stress in this shit, rude boy.Pull up with pipes
Price, I’ll bet it on…
Whoo! Whoo! Oi, buss that door. Oh, Lord. Oh, turn that shit up.
Oh, Lord. Did you hear that shit,
did you hear how that dropped? Oh, Lord. Fucking hell! They ain’t heard shit, nigga!So, yeah, man’s been spitting
from basically,
I would say, about year seven.Like school talent shows
man was involved
like the school used
to put on bare of that shit.
Yeah, man was spitting garage.There’s not really another way
to describe it, but… It’s just real shit.
You know what I’m trying to say. Like the way man says shit,
how man put it together. What I’m saying, you just know
this is coming from a real place. You know what I’m trying to say? Yeah, play the first one
before we go, innit? Huh? we got one more to bang out? We gonna do the perkys, fam?
We got time for it. – My nigga.
– We got time for that. – You got time for that, you feel me?
– Yeah, yeah.White, School night
First thing we did
Shoes right
Jess was 14
Few pipes
We don’t do fights…
Oi, go again, go again. Yo, that’s not from the top.
Oi, what, did you delete that? No way you deleted all of that? I can get it back but what you trying… Yeah, get it back.
I’m gonna stab it up, innit? – All right.
– Oh, shit. You can’t make them kinda mistakes.Nah, man. It’s just fucking…Hold on, that’s the bell.
You hear the bell.
Everyone gotta go for their food.
Anyway, fucking…
Nah, man, it was never serious man.Never, like, never serious.Like it was always… I don’t know
what it was like. I was just…
It was more like a culture thing, innit?Like you see, like,
a lot of man kick ball.
But they just kicked ball.But I just rap.
You feel what I’m saying?
Like, it’s just what it was, like.Man ain’t even rap.
Man MC’ing. You get me?
And that was just a ting, like, yeah?
Man just MC, you get me?
So, like, basically,
when man goes school now.
And starting bumping up with other niggaz
like that, that share the same.
Like, you could say love
for music as man.
And there’ll be crowds, you know?Like sometimes it was so old school niggaz
will be beatboxing and shit, like.
Beatboxing the grime instrumental.Man just spitting over it.Like all in a circle,
shit like that. You get me?
Yeah, man, man just used to like
shit like that.
The fucked up thing about it was,
I couldn’t really…
I didn’t use to write bare bars.
I think had one or two…
…two lyrics, you get me?And man would just,
repeat those every time
I got the chance, you get me?Man didn’t even start on overnights.
Man started on day releases, So, when man was coming out
from day releases, literally ten hours slots. You feel me? Like the intro, the start of the tape,
the first tune I recorded, in that process, was flippin’ done
on a town visit, your right, you get me? So, yeah, man, man had literally
six hours really and truly, cos two hours travelling,
four hours altogether. Two hours there, two hours back. You get me?
So, yeah, even that pressure. I’ll come out quickly and bang out
three tunes, you get me? In about two hours and a half.
You get what I’m trying to say? Eat, drink, everything, in the studio,
like, piss, everything. Mandem in the studio,
you know what I’m saying? Cos that how bad man want it, though. That’s drive, you feel me?
Hunger, you feel me? That’s one thing that jail gives you.
Know what I’m saying? I don’t wanna lose that shit. So, yeah, that feeling there
was pressure. Even man’s in there like looking
at train times constantly. Like, you feel me? In the studio, fam. Cos, man wanna get back on the train
and fly back. You know what I’m saying?
So, yeah. Yeah, I forgot about that pressure, still. But that pressure made this fucking tape. And that was big like,
whenWalk In Da Parkcome out. You know what I mean?
So, I was thinking, right, let me bring the whole of SN1 through, so then we done a mixtape,
another quick one. That’s why it’s called that,
like another quick one. But then Boost is in jail.
This is when he went jail before. But he had one tune on there and I don’t know where the fuck
we found this song from. It was like half a song or some shit. So, he wasn’t really getting, like…
but it was hard. Probably the fucking hardest song
on there on the whole tape, the whole SN1 tape. But obviously he wasn’t really
like getting the shine, you know what I mean, cos he was in jail. So, then he came out, so I was saying,
“Yeah, man, let’s just do a whole tape.” You know what I mean?
That was it really. Then we just cooked up who said that. But, obviously he went to jail
before we even finished it, but he still finished
all his bits, though. So, because he works fast
like me as well, so… Cooked that up quick, like two weeks
or something, you know what I mean? That was it. Mixtape on the way, this is
what we’re doing right now, ya feel me? Ya understand?
Strictly for the Streets.
For the real niggaz, ya get me?
None of that fake shit we’re not watering down nothing,
you understand what I’m saying? This is how I’m coming, you get me? Make sure I bring that real shit back,
ya get me? Let people understand life
on the roads again, ya get me? Understand it’s not no joke ting.
People making it sound funny and shit. This ain’t no funny
shit, it’s some real shit, ya get me? That is how we are going with
this one here. About to go in that booth
and fuck this up. Most of it I wrote while I was in jail. Like, you know what I’m trying to say?
That’s the maddest thing about it. So, that’s how you know
that this is as real as it’s gonna get. See what we’re dealing
withStrictly for the Streetshit, Know what I’m talking about.
Feel me? Too much Instagram, too much Snapchat. We’re taking it back
to where it started. Feel me?
Know what I’m talking about? Feel me? Look, no one else ain’t here
as well I’m, but myself, working. On a town visit.You gotta hustle on the streets
to get that right pound
And I ain’t waiting for no money
I need mine now…
One sec, bro. Yo, fam! Fam you man,
are taking the piss, blud. I’m in the booth, cuz.
Where you lot think I’ve gone, blood? These niggaz
are some dumbass niggaz, man… Fam, is that you there?
I’m right here, brudda. They might not waan be on camera, though.Couldn’t think twice,
hunger wasn’t nice
Came with a price,
streets had me blind
Niggaz fucked up my mind,
can’t get back the time
But fuck it I’ll be fine
I’ll bet my last five on it, yeah
No disrespect Mum,
I’ll be back home in my own time
I’m digging in this dirt
steady tryna find a goldmine
And these rappers think they winning
Im’a settle up that score
I might just bareback them straps
and just run up on them raw
And my hittaz in them prisons,
yeah, I got them all for sure…
That shit is mad, cuz. Run the next one.Yo! Can’t talk for no one but my niggaz,
we was in that field
Half these niggaz house, niggaz.
Feel me? Yo!
You ain’t never been outside,
you ain’t never been outside
Gang, gang, gang, gang,
gang, gang
They could never challenge usI’m a made nigga
they some made up characters
Team full of hot heads
we need anger management…
Get it back, get it back, get it back.Trap, trap, trap,
that’s how you bring that cash in
I know we call it rap,
but really it’s a gang thing
My hitta waan catch a body
with his hand ting
Trap, trap, trap,
that’s how you bring that cash in
I know we call it rap,
but really it’s a gang thing…
Like, normal, like,
everyone else, man.
You know what I’m saying?
Like, council estate, whatever.
Man’s from south London.
Obviously, Peckham Da Narm.
Whatever, you get me?
That is what people know it as, ya feel me?
Like, man’s born and raised there.
I ain’t ever lived nowhere else.
You feel me?
Like man’s been from there.
Since I come out.I don’t know nowhere else
like how I know that place.
You feel me? Normal shit, man, just…
Single mum’s, ya know what I’m saying?
Brothers and sisters and that,
you know what I’m saying?
Just on the ends, yeah,
growing up, you get me?
Um, by a time, you reach a certain age
and you step outside just to see the…
and you start learning about fucking…
the streets, like.
Well, not even just the streets
like outside world,
outside your household,
just, like, off your own back and…
Yeah, man, I just grew up around the ends
and strolling around the ends
and picking up whatever you wanna call it,
bad habits, good habits.
That lifestyle around there,
the life of living around Peckham,
Which made man, what man is today.You get me?
Man’s whole thought process.
How man act, how man talk.You know what I’m saying?
Everything, it’s just…
Like, what’s the word?
Like a representation of, that area.
You feel me?
Cos that’s all man really knew.
Ya feel what I’m saying?Going through whatever,
I’m going through around there.
That’s what basically, kind of…
got man where man is today.
In every situation, you get me?Like, me doing music,me being here (Prison), you get me?
Like, all come from Peckham.
Them times there,
man was kinda like… …doing little things, like,
what could help his career more. You know them ones there, like…
man brought him on Westwood. Blud, niggaz weren’t going
to Westwood then, blud, especially a fucking 16-year-old. Tiny Boost get in there. Come over here Tiny boost.
Come over here. Yeah, let’s go. Tiny Boost, SN1.Yo, you dun know hold tight my squadThe YG’S, ya dun know hold tight TG,
all my niggaz…
And it was kinda hard as well
cos them times… I remember he went on Westwood with us. And then a couple of days later,
the Feds kicked off his door. Like, “You know them ones?”
Cos man was mad hot then. You get me? You know, us lot.Giggs already told you
about the mac and the pump
Spray ya head back and ya back
and ya done little… better run
When I grab on the, cah
there is no apologies
When ya wrapped and ya slumped,
you know the d’s want our crime stopped… Feds were just on us, so… He’s like affiliated with us,
going on Westwood. They kicked off his door
and I remember he rang me like… Like, “Yeah, the Feds kicked off
my door and that, like… “mentioning you and… Like, “What’s happening
with this music thing? “Cos my door wasn’t coming off before.” Like, you know, them ones. I was like,
“No, man, fuck that, man, like.” These times man was thinking,
“Bruv, door’s come off, man, “Ya rolling with the fucking… “Some real nig…”
You know what I mean, like? It’s just gonna happen, blud. But, you know, now I’m older I think,
fucking hell, boy, the kid was confused, blud. He’s doing something positive,
and the Feds have kicked off his door and he’s thinking, “I might as well go,
and do some other shit, “cos your shit, your positivity… “is getting my door kicked off.”
Like, you know what I mean? Do you know what I’m saying, like? But these times there he was
on fucking Westwood, blud. There was no… niggaz was not
going on Westwood, then. That was a big fucking deal, blud, and all he got was the door kicked off
and confusion. Like, you know what I’m saying?
Like, you get me? Maybe if they never
fucking kicked off his door, he might not have ended up back in jail,
like, you know what I mean, like? But, it’s a different time. But, I just knew like the kid was good
and he should just keep moving forward and making bangers like, you know I mean?
And that was it really.Tiny Boost certified young pecky manI’ll make your brain sky
if I Pepper man
Not from Wooly road
people know I’m out to bang
Get gwap duck d’s stay out the canAnd people can’t step on my block mateYou’ll get popped
and left with a shocked face
Get left forgot suttin’ like a drop casePeople getting dropped
on my block for the block papes…
Yeah, boom, obviously man have
to put Billy on this shit because… That’s foundation. Outside the rap,
inside of rap, you get me?– Yo, my brudda.
– Wagwan. Oi, I’m with your guy now, you know.– Oh, yeah?
– Yeah, man’s… Man’s doing the ting now still
but he wants to chat to you, as well. But obviously the questions
he’s asking man, yeah. Like, I don’t know how to really answer
these questions, bro, without… You get me? Like example, example, like. He’s like, well, what fun shit
did we use to do? Like did we use to kick…
We never used to kick all that. We ain’t had that. The closest to fun we had was studio.
You get me?That’s what I tried to explain to them.Like I was trying to explain to him,
the only… …the only fun shit I got
is incriminating, like… Dumb shit!
You get what I’m…? So, I’m saying to him, I ain’t really got
no normal fun stories, innit?Yeah.Im’a pattern it still. I’m doing it now. Yeah, I’m gonna do my ting, innit? I’m gonna do my ting
with him now, innit? *MUSIC* Peckham Yellow Brick. This is where Boost done
his first PYG video. *MUSIC* Yellow Brick’s a place
that you just don’t go, innit? It’s simple as, bruv.
You come round there for no reason. You get what
I’m trying to say to you? Things gonna happen for no reason.
Back then. Not now. You get me? *MUSIC* This is where everyone
used to chill, still. From Raver, Hollow and that
to fucking, the young G’s, ya get me? Zone 2 and all of that. It’s like 15 years, this strip. Hundred percent no-go zone. No one don’t come
yellow brick like that, fam. And plus this is deep in Peckham. You get me? You’re deep in. This is where everyone used
to chill outside and get their shit. This the only man that used
to sell singles… as well. Trust me. This is frontline, my G. It ain’t really changed
a lot around here. Just the people’s changed, innit? Man used to be out every day still
with the yardies and that. Come. There used to be a fucking…
a bit called Hugo’s, as well. They closed it down, though. Every day don’t get twisted.
Not every… Every day in the summer, innit?
Man’s out here every day in the summer. Wintertime,
you know how it is, blud. Everyone’s got their spots, innit? Out here. At least 40 people. 40 deep or more. Remember, it’s kind of like
every age group, innit? And these times,
remember, at these times, me, Boost and that, we was the youngest
at them times. You get me? Remember, man’s got older brothers, everyone’s got older the cousins
and things. They’ll be out here, bare girls. Summertime. You know how it is
in summer, man. Peds. Chilling, B.
Doing what street niggaz do, bruv. You know what happens out here. The yardies post up out there,
do what they’re doing. Niggaz behind here doing
what they’re doing. Same shit. This is where…
Same thing. It’s like any other block. This is where it all started. This block, this bit,
if you weren’t no one, bruv, back in the day,
you couldn’t come here, simple. Everyone was out here, innit?
Everyone who was someone was here. So, if you wasn’t no one
you couldn’t come here. If you’re a normal guy, come on, man,
you do your thing, but any… You know what I’m trying to say? You know what I’m trying to say. Still got a bad reputation.
Things are still happening every day.And then, like they kinda…
clocked, like, rah?
Like these lil niggaz… is on shit,
like, they’re popping.
You understand what I’m trying to say?
You get me?
So, them man now have…
have basically like,
pulled us in officially,
like you lot can roll,
like, you lot is with us, as well,
know what I’m saying?
That’s basically a little…
That’s a next team.
They was like called SI. You get me?Know what I’m saying?
You feel me?
That’s like Young,
that’s like Snap Capone,
Billy da Kid like Killa Ki.All them Niggaz,
you see what I’m dealing with.
Who else was rapping then?
You get me?
Like Peckham niggaz, ya get me?
So, like just before I finish the tape,
I got signed, and then he went back to jail. So, then, when he’s in jail now, I didn’t want to say it to him then,
but I knew he was there for a reason. Do you know what I mean, like?
Do you know what I’m saying? God just put him in jail for a bit. Just cos, really,
what was gonna happen on the streets? I don’t know. He might dead
or fucking life or whatever, like. So, I just knew, yeah, this breddas
definitely in jail for a reason. But how do you tell a man that, innit? He’s in jail, IPP. It’s not even looking, like,
he’s ever coming out, and I’m saying to him, “yeah,
man, you’re there for a reason?” Like, you know what I’m saying?
Like, you wanna hear that shit? You know, no one’s…
D’you know what I mean? But I used to keep him positive,
you know what I’m saying? The next one,
this one here, fucking… My nigga, Maccaz on this one. Another time, man had to fly out
on a home leave… You get me? Man flew Brum. You get me? Early.
Know what I’m saying? Curfew and all that, 11 o’clock curfew. But yeah. Man flew out to my brudda Maccaz.
I met him in jail. You see what I’m saying? Like, a lot of this shit
is to do with prison, bruv, and the whole process, you get me? I met him, we was in, like, a lifer. A long-termer life / lifer jail.
You know what I mean? He’s just a real nigga. *MUSIC* Oi, tell them who is
on the phone, brudda. See, Snap…
I can’t, lie, that’s… Yeah, that’s one person from the ends
man would love to have on the tape or love to have a tune with right now. Especially where, man’s both
in our prime, you get me? Cos people like to put us up together. And I got to do the brudda dirty, fam.
You get me? Like it’s gotta be like a 32
or no less than 24 bar each ting. So, there’s no excuses, fam. You get me?
I’m gonna do him in still. Free Snap when he comes home.
I’ve got something for him.Yeah ya dun kno Snap Capone, Al Capone
Snap, Don Capone,
my nigga Tiny Boost
Strictly for the fucking Streets.
– Real nigga shit only, free the gang.
– Say no more, say no more. Where you at, my brudda?
Where they got you at, now?Come on, you know I’m at HMP.
Ya get me? Soon Home
Oi… yeah, tell them, but yeah.– Strictly for the fucking Streets.
– Tell them, brudda, yeah. That’s what I’m saying. Oi, yeah but… boom. *MUSIC* My nigga, you know. My nigga, trust me! Oi, what’s good though? We’re out in, Brum, Birmingham,
With the Handsworth mandem. We gotta get out of here, though.
It’s like a danger zone. This is a danger zone. They might…
they might have juice in there. And I don’t drink, either.I had to fly out to the 0121
I’m with Mac 10 but I can’t see 21
Libz in the cut, Ruger’s in ere
long story short bagga shooters in ere
This that Gangland shit niggaz rap aboutI gotta separate myself, cah
everybody rapping
Now, and you can’t confuse the fake
with the real or the real with the fake
Jake on the case
and I ain’t taking a deal…
Pull it back. Yeah, out here, you get me?
Birmingham, all that, me and, my niggaz. AR, ya know what I’m saying?
Strictly for the Streets.
– M10.
– You get me? We soon land and get busy.
Take over this shit. – My nigga Boost.
– Tell ’em what’s good, my G. Yo, my nigga. Get me? – No fake link-up, get me?
– You know what I’m saying? Real love out here with my brudda.
You get me? Man didn’t fly in man’s DMs
and all that shit. Like you little wasteman. No fan shit. – Listen, we sliding.
– Trust me, my nigga. – Yo holla me, innit?
– All right, look, in a bit. – I’ll shout you, man.
– Say no more. Back to the ends. His tings deep, blood. Like you gotta feel that shit,
you get me? Like… Even if you’re not from that or whatever, this bredda’s spitting
some real shit, man. Man said… even that the two days,
the first couple lines, never saw my 19th… all the way to… – What age did you say he was?
– Twenty-six.
Twenty… Never saw my 25th… Twenty-six, twenty-six…
Come on, bruv, man, like. Like that’s… that’s deep bruv,
you get me? I was doing hella bird. That’s… there’s nothing like that, bruv.
That’s just hard.You only got the one day left, huh?You done the one,
you just gotta do that other
It’s like they sayYou only do two days– The day you go in…
– Day you come out…
*MUSIC* Where we at right now.
Smooth Gangster. Pull up. Come, come in, come in. The real nig,
all the street niggaz. – You dun know.
– Come through, come through. Yeah, you dun know, Smooth Gangster,
pop-up shop, you get me?Strictly for the Streetscoming out soon. You get me? This is the mandem here. Niggaz come from Da Narm rising up,
ya feel me? This is what we’re doing.
Yeah, you get me? – Get the Feds, get the Feds.
– Come, man. Jakes circling the blocks. A lot of mad niggaz out here. – You get me?
– Yeah, man. It’s a good day.
Obviously my boy home soon. – You get me?
– It’s a good feeling for the mandem. You know the ones there? Yeah, man, Smooth Gangster. Like the beginning of ‘015.
But ‘015 we weren’t really selling nothing. We were just distributing it out for free.
You know get the name out there. I think it’s probably about ‘016. Man said you know what cool.
Let’s start selling it as a brand, innit? Obviously as streetwear.
But as a brand at the same time. But, yeah, man,
we just distribute on the roads. North, west, east. Obviously south. Yeah, then today we got
the pop-up shop. Obviously hard work, man.
We just kept on pushing it. Selling from cars.
Meeting people face to face. Doing website orders. Obviously, we’re still working,
don’t ever get it twisted. But, this is just the start for man. Next year, couple more
Smooth Gangster events. Apart from all that, same old, man. You got couple niggaz dead.
Couple niggaz lifed off, but… My man home soon. We bringing it back holding it down,
you get me? But the main thing is
Strictly for the Streets
coming. What? Some bad boy shit, ya get me? We’re in the streets right now
in Hackney, N1. Get me? Holding it down… Niggaz come from nuttin’.
We up to now though. – Positive shit.
– Positive, no negative. No negativity. – We don’t want that around us.
– Straight positive. Straight positive stuff, ya get me? – Show your bredrin, I don’t wanna talk.
– Come on, come on! – Show her, show her!
– I don’t wanna talk. Now you’re gonna make a scene. If you want to make a scene
we can make a scene… Shhh! Oi, brudda!
Oi, brudda, shh! Yeah, it’s kool, it’s kool. When I asked her in there,
there was no crud talk. – Coz your boys are here, you’re doing this.
– All right, all right, all right! – Alright.
– Me and you, let’s go then. – No, no, no!
– Me and you, let’s go. – No, man.
– I’m not going to do nothing. I’m not gonna do nothing.
I’m gonna chat to her. – I just wanna chat.
– Let’s go. Get this on camera,
get this on camera.Just some regular hood shit,
you know what I’m saying?
Trust me, fam.Nah, cuz, nah, that can’t be gwaning. Yeah, yeah.
No, that ain’t going on the ting. That’s going on the ting. Dun kno. Gang business.
Ya zimmi? Some Pecknarm shit. Here, at the Smooth Gangster ting.
Ya zimmi? Get your ting.
That’s what I’m saying. We’re out here, we’re active.
Block posted. – You know what I mean?
– Yeah, man. Smooth Gangster man. – Obviously, it’s family ting.
– Family ting, free jungle. Free jungle, you get me?
Brother in jail, you get me? Free him man, you get me? Listen we are making it all for him, innit?
And for us, innit? You get me? We’re out here working, bruv, trust me. The main priority’s
for him pushing it for him. Trust me, it didn’t happen
overnight, though. Hard work, hard work, been out here, bruv.
Been out here. Way, way, you get me? Say nothing. – Apart from that Smooth Gangster.
– Yeah, man. Yes, them man there. Get them man there
on the footage, though. Get them man there
on the footage, though. – Yeah, Stigs.
– Get them man there on the footage, though. – You get me?
– You get me? Wagwan. You good?
Looking hench and that? Looking hench and that?
Oi, get the shine time. Look how these niggaz done came up, B. Look how these niggaz done came up, B. Shit… what’s good. Yeah, nah, this is the first pop-up shop. This is the first one
and hopefully there’ll be… There will be more after that, innit?
But this… this is just like a little tester
to see if I can do it or not. Cos me and my partner… Obviously, I can’t forget
my other partner. Jungle’s, as well, doing 30 years,
but obviously were working on appeal, Hopefully he comes home soon. I was gonna say, he’s one of the main
brains, as well behind the brand. Anyway, yeah, so it’s me,
Jungle and Termz, man. Family, brand. You know like that. It’s not a street brand,
but it’s a family brand to us, anyway. Yeah, man. Boost, I’ve known Boost
for years, ya know. Like for years. Even before he started rapping.
I’ve known him for years. When he had plaits. Yeah, I’ve known Boost
for over ten years now. Twelve years now, literally. And how me and him met
was kinda a bit… obviously family, innit? But, yeah.
Yeah, but that’s what I’m saying. He started rapping in ’07. Yeah, that’s what I’m saying.
It’s a shame that he went jail though, man. He could have been something
big at this gangster rap ting. Obviously, part of the SN1 team.
Originally PYG. But, yeah, man. Yeah, Boost,
I’ve known him for years, man. That’s what I’m saying.
He’s my proper family. Grown up together.
When both had plaits together, so… These niggaz was like here.
These niggaz done come up, cuz. You feel me? See how these niggaz
are doing their little thing and that. Get me?
These niggaz done came up. Nigga smoking weed and shit.
All right, say no more. Oh, no! Come on go put some
money in the mandem’s pocket. Go put some money in the… go on. Have you lot got a card machine, yeah? Yeah, we got card everyting…
Come on, come on. Come on. Go and put some money in.
Ya get me? You feel me? Thank you to everyone that
came to support us. Obviously, I love you lot. Trust me. It’s been a good day, man. Next one will be bigger and better,
you feel me? Smooth Gangster to the world. It’s your boy Jimmy Conway. Shout my nigga Boost,
you know how it is, man. It’s been a long time.
Obviously, fresh home. Making the right moves, making music.
Teaming up with the guys. Trying to push the culture forwards,
you get me? He was there when this thing started,
when it was young, and no one was even getting paid
for this shit, and come back into it,
when everything’s in the fold of greatness so, man’s got to be part of greatness. We ain’t got time to be doing
anything else but being great right now, you get me? So, I’m just happy to have my nigga home. You get me?
He’s got this thing rolling and he’s got music for you now, so… It’s just greatness all around, fam.
World domination. You get me? – My guy.
– Ay, ay, ay! We in here, we in here. Boom, as for Suspect,
it’s crazy because… Suspect, me and Suspect like, like I’m saying, a lot of man I know,
like, is outside of music. Me and Suspect like grow together,
really and truly. Like when I was first…
I was on the ends, blud. Like them time there man,
used to be on… Wooly, not my ends, but… Man used to be on Wooly and that,
like, you get me? I used to roll with Suspect hard as kids,
you get me? Like Shoob days, fam. Aye, aye, aye, wheel it, wheel it! No way!I was posted on that block you niggaz
had to walk around
I had 3 for 25, I had 6 for £40And you know I let it fly
any time I brought it out…
Oi, run the next one.
Run the next one. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
– Ah, pull it, pull it. – Yeah, yeah.
– Pull it, pull it. – Wooh!
– We’re loading. How… how did you know? – How did he know?
– I already knew. – One day he was just like Tiny Boost.
– Yeah, that’s right. – It’s a wrap.
– That’s exactly right. A bunch of young niggaz in the building,
you feel me? From the bottom trap niggaz,
shooters, robbers, all of that. Suspect. OTB, Tiny Boost, SN1 Pecknarm,
Wooly Road, ya know what’s good. Stand up. Feel me?Clap niggaz, uh!First things first
I ain’t really a rap nigga
You know where I’ve been at nigga
but I’m back nigga still that nigga
I said niggaz better stick to that G code,
coz I’ll let it go on niggaz
He know and he know’s16 in the strap nigga
I’ll grab the mac make it clap quicker
Ask about the kid they know me broAin’t no mystery nuff work
I done put in on these roads
I’ll have him in the A&E
missing his cheek bones
Slide on you… homicide on you…Wheel it, wheel it, wheel it. – Wheel it, wheel it, wheel it.
– He said, wheel it, wheel it. Is this what ya doing to it. Come on, cuz. – 16 in the strap nigga.
– What? Mad. How? Ah! Boi! Oi, wheel it, wheel it, wheel it.Young niggaz from the bottom
we just want it all
And we was in that field,
it’s only right, we ball
Straight vicious,
that’s how the streets raised me
Keep 100 on them jewel’s
that’s how the streets paid me
I’ve been out here from the jumpSchool days spending crack money
on my lunch, I was hungry
Keep a whole eight in the joint,
part of my safety I’ll fill ’em all
With corn no ifs, buts or maybes…He’s got his producer, Flyo. Shit, that’s another nigga on this shit. But, yeah, you got Flyo on there. Flyo, he’s… I don’t know. He’s just got some different
kind of shit going on, bruv. He just sit down there, there and then,
made a beat, fam. And me and Sus just fucked it up. What you saying today
we did mad ting, K? Trust me. Crazy, cuz.
My nigga TB came through. You know what I’m saying? He’s almost home.
That nigga, almost home. But came through.
Done the mad ting. You already know what time it is
when I told niggaz 2018. It’s no games, you know what I’m saying? My nigga TB looks like…
looks like Boosie, got the memo. You know what I’m saying, man?
My man’s ready. Alie? And there’s more than one banger, as well.
Wasn’t even just one. He done a little suttin’ for us
and then a little suttin’ for him – He was whipping them up, bruv.
– Yeah. – Trust me.
– One of them days. – So, yeah, blud.
– Productive Sunday, put it that way. Alie, on a Sunday fam, I’m fucked.
My voice is all gone and that. We’re still grinding, B.
No days off. No days off. Know what I’m saying? Especially when it fucking
gonna end up counting like this.Tomorrow, like I’m saying, man.
Man’s sitting my parole,
and, man’s got to put my point across.Ya know what I’m saying?
To this parole board.
People that are managing me
are recommending my release.
You know what I’m saying?
I’m going for my release.
Everything’s positive.
You know what I’m saying?
I ain’t got no worries.Anyway, my faith is in Allah,
you know what I’m saying?
That’s it.
Like, I know I’m coming home.
That’s how I feel, like.
Know what I mean?
Been a long time, eight and a half years,
I’ve been waiting on this day,
and it’s finally come, you feel me?So, next time you see me,
I should be on the road.
And, I’m talking to these people.
I’m just telling them about all my plans,
like musically and things like that,
what I’m planning to do.
How I plan to take the game,
you know what I’m saying?
Who I’m gonna be associating with.
Ya get me? I’m back with the mandem.
Ya know what I’m saying?
They got a big plans for me.
Know what I mean? That’s it.
Just moving forward, man.
I don’t really stress about thingsthat I believe has been patterned for me,
know what I mean?
I’m coming back from a home leave.
I’m on the train already. But, I think, I’m gonna be like late
by about ten minutes. That OK? No, no, that’s about it.
Yeah, yeah. Alright thanks. Last one. Man been away eight years, B. I’m come out three weeks ago.
You feel me? Eight years. Just come out. In jail, sitting down, you feel me? Not doing nothing, just focusing. On… on this right here,
you know what I’m saying? So, we’re here now. Yeah, big up, Tiny Boost.
Welcome home. Big up, my nigga, Tiny Boost.Strictly for the Streets,Tiny Boost. Yeah, big up, Tiny Boost.
Welcome back home. – Welcome home, Tiny Boost.
– Strict for the Streets,
boom! Welcome home, Tiny Boost. Big up, Tiny Boost.
Yeah, welcome home, my brother. Come on,Strictly for the Streets.
Big up Tiny Boost! He’s out here now, come on. Tiny Boost, I’m happy
when he’s come out from prison. And Pecknarm, you know,
we are all alive, innit? Out here for you lot.
Come on, you should know about this. Bless, bless. March 2nd, bruv. Got my parole date
probably a month before. Bruv, I sat that parole, bruv.
Said to them my plan. I wanna do this music.
I wanna do some legit work and that. Reh, reh, reh.
Woo, woo, woo, woo. Just keeping it real.
On the… you get me? I told them everything
I had to tell them, I said, but, I told them straight,
I’m going home, man. You know what I’m trying to say?
I knew I was going home. Get me? It wasn’t real. The way you do parole,
they give you a 14-day window, to get your answer back. I got my answer back
the week later, on the Monday. That must have been the what?
The 11th. Cos I got out on the Thursday
and that was the 15th. Thursday comes, bruv,
I’m going round the jail like normal, fam. Like going to the workshop.
Greens on. If you know about… Them time I was in Ford. Not knowing this is the day
I’m getting released. So, I’m going to the fucking workshop
and the woman’s like, “Yo, you’re…” She’s like, “Come here”, like. “You know you’re supposed
to be going home today?” I’m saying, “You’re chat no way.”
She’s like, “Let me double-check.” She double-checked. She like, “Listen,
you need to go over to this office, “get signed up and get out of here.” I couldn’t believe it, fam. I’ve been waiting for this day
for like eight and a half years. You smell what I’m saying to you? It even come to me better
than I ever imagined. Like I didn’t even know I was coming out. I packed two, two bags, done my rounds
in the jail, saluted the mandem. Everyone in open jail’s
on their way out soon anyway. Done my rounds with the mandem.
Done what I had to do. I phoned Giggs. Next thing I know, I’m out of jail, bruv,
just like that. Eight and a half years, just like that. *MUSIC*
*SCREAMING* Yeah, cuz, just here, cuz.
You feel me? Ain’t even been out 48 hours, cuz.
Life’s already lit! Ya feel me? Track three is crazy, like… Had to get my…
my brudda had to get a big man on there. You get me? Early.
Had to get him in early. Obviously couldn’t do intro
or the second track. So, third place, you get me?
I put Hollow on there, you get me? Bruv, my man’s coming in the tune,
all I hear is the breathing, like… Like were in the ring… You get me? That’s all I heard.
I’m saying, “What the fuck?” This brudda’s moving like,
he is tryna fight me, fam, you get me? *MUSIC*Oi! Oi! Oi!
Bringing that dirty dirty
Let me big up my brother
in the place real quick. This is my brother Tiny Boost,
you get me? He’s been locked up
for eight and a half years. You get me? This is big for him. He ain’t never got to see
his brother perform. You get me? Look out for some shit from him soon. Dun know, my brudda. Let’s touch suttin’ for my brother
coming home. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.London!Clap man!I’m a black man!I coulda just slapped man,
but he wanted it further, oi!
Mad! Mad! Batman!Mad! Mad! Mad! Mad!Oi, wheel that.Man are just actors,
man are rehearsing
Thought man was all talking?Now man are reverting…Oi, London, make some fucking noise
for yourself. You lot have been fucking sick! What’s this?
What’s this? Giggs TV?Huh? No, it’s for Tiny Boost.– For who?
– This one, Tiny Boost.
– Tiny Boost?
– Yeah, yeah.
He said… What did he say? “You wanna die for your hood,
You’ll get burst on your block.” I said, “Low it, man.”
Come on, bro. Oi! – Just like that?
– We gone. We gone. I’m calling Shockz round now. He in America. Wagwan, blud.Wagwan, bruh.As-Salaamu Alaykum,brudda.– Wa-Alaykum As-Salaam. What’s good?
– Had to check in with you. No, but they always asking
like, “Yo, like, where’s Shockz?” I tell you this all the time.
“Where’s Shocks at?” Like, fam,
I’m trying to tell you, fam, like. We must can get
a 16 acapella one day. Or suttin’.Nah, you know what’s funny?
I read the comments on YouTube.
You know, just so you know,
no, I didn’t get deported.
No, I’m not in Africa.And, no,
I’m not born again, innit?
Nah, but fam, differently though. Man does miss it, you get me? Like… Fam, this is probably the only brudda that has had man like under
pressure, you feel me? Because you used to do that,
no pen shit, fam, you get me? That’s what you lot don’t even know. This nigga’s never wrote a rap
in his life, fam. You feel me? That shit there used to
have me tight, fam. Like see what we did?
You have to understand. You set a level forever, fam. Like people… You’re like a… man’s like a blueprint. – You feel me?
– To man’s shit.
You understand?
Like you see like… If they was to do a hall of fame
of this shit, we’ll be at the start. Then there will just be bare,
man, you get me? Like coming after, man.
Like man’s like the founders of this shit.– Yeah, I feel you.
– Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say. What’s your earliest memory of me?
You can be honest, as well.My earliest memory?
My earliest memory of you?
Yeah.– You want me to tell the truth?
– Yeah, the truth.You sure?All right, I’ll tell them the truth, innit?I mean, remember, the canteen?
You want me to continue?
Yeah, go on, continue, continue. – Tell them.
– Obviously…
Obviously, them days there……them days there,
man was somewhat a gangster,
somewhat gassed up,and the sausage roll
in the canteen was… used to bang, innit?
You get the sausage roll,
then you the man.
There was one sausage roll left,and Boost was in front of me
in the line but I never knew him,
and I guess he was trying
to get in with the real G,
you know what I’m saying?
So, he offered me the sausage roll, innit?
He was like you can have it.I took that joint.
I never even said thank you.
You get me?That’s the realest story, you know? You see, that’s… you get me?
I knew what was going on. You know when you know
who’s cool and that? I said, bruv, you gotta play… It’s chess not checkers out here, boy.
You feel me? You gotta fuck
with the real niggaz in school or you’re gonna end up
in trouble, fam. Oh, shit. Oi, remember when
we was crip-walking and shit?Nah, I don’t know
what you talking about, homie.
Say no more. He don’t waan
go that far back. You see it?I don’t know what this dude
is talking about, bruh.
All right, cool.
Say no more, say no more. Oi, but, listen, my brudda, that’s the legendary Shockz
right there, you get me? You’re a living legend right now,
you get me? To these streets, fam. So, man had to make sure you bless up
the ting for them, you get me? But I’m gonna keep it moving, my G.All right,
but, yeah, man, shout out.
Boost, innit? He’s about to take over
the world, innit?
As for me, I’m done.Say no more, my brother, man.
It’s always love, fam. Roll safe out there.All right, keep… Hit me up.
I’m out here.
You know, you know. All right.Salaam.All right. Wa-Alaykum As-Salaam.My nigga. Yeah, boy, that shit real, fam. He was there from the jump but.
You know, it’s all down to me. That’s why I talk about the pressure, fam. It’s all… everyone leaves the job to me.
You get me? But, yeah, that is my nigga, bro.
I love Donny, still. But yeah, back to work now. My outro, that’s cold-blooded, because it’s just like some shit,
that’s what I call it that, because it’s just, like, coming
from the heart really, as greazy as it sounds and that, like. It’s just coming from the heart,
like real shit. You get me? Shit that means shit to man,
you get me? So, I always told myself
when I make a tape, fam, that… I will make the intro and the outro,
open and close the ting. So I feel like, yeah, this is a good
way to close it, you get me? Just touch on some real shit
that means shit to man. You get me? Know what I mean? But, yeah, it’s kind of emotional for man,
you get me? Oi, run that! Breezy produced this, as well.
The outro *MUSIC*At the end, you get me?
Just shout out the whole of Pecknarm.
Shout out SN1.Shout out…You get me?
Who else you gotta shout out?
Just shout out the streets,
east side, north side,
north west, west side,
southside, you get me?
All of that. You feel me?Free Jungle, free Brants, free TN,
free Mystic, free Nutnut, free Lucky.
Who else?
Who else am I thinking about?
I think that’s all the dargs dem.RIP, Termz Taz,
Sykes, you feel me?
Bilal, fucking… Robo.Fucking, shit.Yeah, and that’s it.Yeah, that’s it.

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