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Time Lapse of Grand Canyon Rim to Rim Hike

We need to wait to find out if we are getting a permit at Cottonwood campground for the rim to rim hike. 5 more minutes to find our fortunes. Lets see if Rama can come up with some prophecy by then What do you think? Are we gonna get the permit? At cottonwood? Rama: Yes… Vinay can be late by half an hour but wouldn’t forget his sunglasses. Are we gonna get the permit? Vinay (inaudibly): definite. We didn’t get the permit. These guys are looking at the map for an outlawed action we are going to take anyways. Outlawed? What else is it if you’re gonna go there and sleep in somebody else’s campground?! Rama: shoot me. We are going to take a shuttle from here to get to North rim and hike back from there. We’re taking the shuttle and are heading to North rim. The time now is 1.30 pm and we’ll be reaching by 6pm. Stop shouting at everything! Abhi, care for some commentary? Adithya: This doesn’t feel like North Kaibab trail. We need to go and check Abhi: its really hot here πŸ˜› I mean cold here. Vinay is stuffing cotton everywhere… We’re at the trailhead We’ reached Cottonwood campground. We’re gonna take a nap and worry about other things in the morning We are headed towards Phantom Ranch that is 7 miles from here. I’m completely out of water and its not available in the campground.

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