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Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift Ink Technique!

hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
I’m pretty excited about this card I’m going to share today I’m using this
Mondo Sakura set from the Essentials by Ellen collection it’s a beautiful bouquet of
flowers and I’m going to be using the alcohol lift ink which is a new product
to me. now I saw Laura Bassen using this and I will link her video below and mine
was already on the way so I couldn’t wait to give it a try so I’m working on
some specialty paper this is Yupo paper and I have added some blending ink and
I’ve added one of those foam square things to my blending tool but I didn’t
add enough ink I don’t think anyway so what I did was squirt some ink directly
onto the Yupo paper and I’m using a couple of different colors here I’ve got
the Flamingo and the Valencia so a bright sort of pink color and really bright
orange color and I want to put down a lot of color because I think that’s what
I’m going to need to do because this alcohol lift ink does exactly that it
lifts the alcohol ink off the cardstock or the specialty paper so I figured to
make it really vibrant I’m gonna need it I had a lots of ink
well what I did and what I probably shouldn’t have done was coming with the
green here because I didn’t want the ‘circle’ look that you kind of get with
the alcohol inks when you’re adding it so I added some blending solution and I
thought I’d come in with the blending tool again with the foam square foam
it’s not foam it’s a felt square on the bottom of it and blend it all out so
this is this is an example of what not to do the great thing about Yupo
paper is it’s very forgiving I could have come in and because I did give up
on this piece paper for this particular technique
ultimately but what I like is you can actually use some blending solution and
actually remove the ink off the cardstock off the specialty paper and
pretty much start again so then you don’t actually waste it but what I did
instead here was come in with the like I would normally do with the alcohol inks
on my Yupo paper I just create my bright sort of splotchy looking
background and I really love the way that this looks and I love the colors in
there I thought I would give it a try I didn’t have very high expectations but I
did get the Mondo Sakura stamp out and stamp it directly onto this panel
the reason I didn’t think I was going to work very well was because some of those
areas of ink are very thick and I was right it just got lost in there but it
actually did work better than I thought it would but it was just such if I had a
had a more solid stamp I might have been able to get away with it or a continuous
pattern even like something that just kept repeating so anyway I left that one
for now and started again this time I’m
approaching it very differently I’m adding a lot of blending solution to the
Yupo paper and a lot of ink I’m using the same two colors but I don’t come in with
the green this time I decided to leave that I’ve just got the Valencia and the
Flamingo but this time I came in with the white because I thought I’d try and
make it like an ombre and this seemed to work pretty well actually and if I did
it again I’d probably try and make it a bit more ombre and I’m wondering if I
had have left it at this point what the ink lifting would have looked like but I
decided to go all out and add lots of color because I figured I want this to
be really try and get this image because it’s a
fairly fine detailed image I want to look pretty bold so I’m using my
blending tool again and I’m leaving it I’m not going to keep playing with this
and I’m just gonna let it sit and put it aside to dry
now I didn’t waste the other panel and I’d like you to go to my blog and check
it out I actually made a similar but different card using the same products
and I in the end I think it turned out better than this one even though this is
the one I was doing the technique for this was a lot of fun but I like the
look of the other but it’s quite busy for me and the colors are amazing
obviously you saw the panel you want to see that made into a card I’ll put the
link below alright so I’ve got the image in my Misti still and I’ve added the
alcohol lift ink to the image you can use it on red rubber or clear stamps and
I will let you know that I did clean my stamp after using the ink I’m not sure
if it would damage it but I know that stamps don’t really like the alcohol
inks so I figured I might as well err on the side of caution and because of here’s my
Misti I was able to do this a couple of times because because it’s the first
time I’ve ever use this ink I’m just going for it! it says that you can wipe
it away you need to do it immediately and this is to use a soft cloth and I
just use the paper towel initially because that’s what Laura had used and
that seemed to work but it wasn’t I don’t know I was figuring maybe this
isn’t soft enough so then I got my dirty old rag out, as I do, and tried that so I
think I did this a total of three times and the more of the alcohol lift ink
that I used the lighter it got it didn’t go it went quite white in some areas but
like I said I had added a lot of color to this card stock
specialty paper I should call it and I did get myself some of the really
heavyweight yupo although I only used the lighter weight here this is the Tim
Holtz Yupo paper how gorgeous is this Mondo Sakura okay so now I’ve just sort
of set that aside for a minute and I did cut that down to fit on my card from but
I decided to grab a sentiment here this is also from Ellen Hutson and this one’s
called block words and I’m using the negative space, why not, I wanted
something bold for the design and I just adhered that to some fun foam so that it
can pop up I also added some fun foam and some scor tape to the Yupo panel and
because it was the thinner yupo panel paper okay I did add a piece of
cardstock behind it to give it a bit more support to when I’ve adhered my fun
foam and in letters I do like to take or words or dies or anything I like to take
the pieces out before I disconnect it because I just find it’s more forgiving
I have less problems with it falling apart if because I don’t leave it long
enough to completely dry I also took a sentiment this is out of the
coordinating dies for the mondo sakura there’s two word one is ‘wonderful’ and
‘beautiful’ and they’re both in this beautiful font so I’ve added some matte
medium to that and I’m gonna add I’ve added some matte medium to the back of
my popped up sentiment and then all that’s left to do is add some licorice
sprinkles and I add a few over the flower centers and that’s my finished
card for today I hope you’ve had as much fun as me and I’m hoping that next time
I might get it together a little bit easier we’ll see anyway there is heaps more
photos and the full list of supplies at my blog thanks so much for joining me if
you like this video please like it and if you haven’t already I’d love it if
you subscribe to my till next time happy papercrafting bye

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33 thoughts on “Tim Holtz Alcohol Lift Ink Technique!

  1. I just ordered some alcohol lift ink. I canโ€™t wait to play with it. Your card is gorgeous..
    Did you use a special cleaner on your stamp after using the ink?
    Thanks for sharing…

  2. i've put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and have used that to move the inks. great card, my lifting wasn;t as dramatic, I think because my ink layer wasn't bold enough, not sure ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Your 1st attempt is exactly what happens to me, I just cant seem to get the knack of how to get it right. Like the finished card too.

  4. This is really lovely…. and for the first time ever, I think I have all the ingredients already! Woohoo!!! Actually cancel that. I don't have the blending solution… but I do have Isopropyl Alcohol solution, so with any luck that will work. I'm going to try it in some other colours and again with some different stamps too. You are a great inspiration as always Therese. Thank you.

  5. I am sorry to say but I really love ๐Ÿ˜ to see others majestic mistakes. It makes me feel human. Thank you.

  6. Perfect flower for this technique and I love your color palette, Therese I like to use Isopropyl alcohol (0.9%) instead of blending solution sometimes ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

  7. Beautiful! I find it hard to NOT fiddle with the inks on my Yupo paper so it's good to know I am not the only one!

  8. Both cards came out absolutely beautiful. I think you should have filmed how you โ€œsavedโ€ the other card as well. Itโ€™s always nice to see and hear your thought process when having to change things up at the last minute. TFS

  9. Love the card and I adore your frank and honest style.
    Some of my most loved finished cards are so like a Phoenix , they've risen from the ashes.

  10. Goodday Therese! This looks like so much fun and yet, I haven't given it a go yet, even though I have all the supplies ready to go. Your card turned out beautiful and I always love your color palettes. I'm heading over to your blog to check out the first panel you created. Always fun watching you create Therese and you ALWAYS put a big smile on my face! TFS

  11. Therese, it is stunning!ย  I've not used those alcohol inks as much as I'd like โ€ฆ come over, let's play!ย  xx

  12. Love both cards! The one on your blog from the first try turned out amazingly awesome! I adore the vibrancy of it. Fab video, thank you! xxx

  13. Gorgeous Therese! Tangerine and lime are my favourite colours and they blend together perfectly. I actually liked โ€˜Take 1โ€™ the most. Wish you had completed it. The finished result of โ€˜Take 2โ€™ looks really special though ๐Ÿ˜Š

  14. what did you use to clean the alcohol ink off your stamp?? I have tried the alcohol lift ink just once and was not able to get the ink off the stamp, think I totally ruined my stamp and it was a very expensive stamp. thanks for sharing your card. (new sub here.)

  15. Lovely simple card. I was hoping you were going to transfer the image you took off the Yupo paper to card stock for a second card, using the alcohol ink as a colour pallet.

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