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Three million pensioners could face council tax hikes under Labour, Tories warn – News 247

 But Labour insiders distanced themselves from the plan, insisting the measure will not be included in the party’s general election manifesto due to be published by Jeremy Corbyn tomorrow  The row erupted when the Tories seized a Labour policy paper, Land For The Many, published earlier this year that recommended a local “progressive property tax” targeted at homeowners to replace council tax It suggested that the new tax should be designed to discourage people living from alone in large homes The document said: “Rather than discouraging this inefficiency, our council tax system actually offers discounts for second homes and for single people occupying large homes, encouraging the over consumption of housing ” Tory analysis showed that pensioners, including many widows and widowers, would be disproportionately affected by ending council levy discounts for single people because they were more likely to be living alone  Communities Secretary Robert Jenrick said: “Under Jeremy Corbyn, local residents face a barrage of new taxes on their homes and gardens  “Up to three million pensioners face losing up to £700 a year just because they live alone   Trending  “This is an unfair tax on widows and widowers, who deserve dignity and security in retirement  “Both Labour and Liberal Democrats want to tax pensioners out of their family home, despite the fact that the elderly have worked and paid their taxes over their lives   “Labour’s extreme economic policies would a disaster for local taxpayers, and everyone would pay the price in higher taxes, fewer jobs and less money for public services  “Conservatives are opposing these tax hike plans, and we will protect the long-standing council tax discounts to which local residents are entitled ” The Tory analysis calculated that a single person in an average house could pay £332 more a year if council tax was replaced by a new system without discounts for single people  Under the present system, council taxpayers are entitled to a 25 per cent discount on their annual bills if they live alone  Using the electoral roll and demographic data, Tory researchers found 2.8million pensioners were currently living alone in England  The figure was equivalent to 13 percent of all English homes, with coastal areas including North Norfolk, Scarborough, Chichester, Arun and Eastbourne showing the highest concentrations of pensioners living alone  Tory researchers also calculated that a new local tax based on 0.7 percent of property values could lead to an average £707 increase in annual bills for single households  A Labour spokeswoman declined to discuss the Tory allegations last night. But a party insider insisted the Land For The Many document was the work of a discussion group that had not been adopted as official party policy and was not being included in the general election manifesto  The insider also pointed out that while the document was critical of the effects of council house discounts it did not put forward specific proposals for scrapping the relief  

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1 thought on “Three million pensioners could face council tax hikes under Labour, Tories warn – News 247

  1. Labours pension tax will cost savers up to 11.000 of the pension… you would have to work an extra 44 months … he want too save peoples jobs yeah rite..but in the mean time make you poorer… god help us if by some miracle he wins election🤨

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