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Things To Know Before You Go To Bryce Canyon National Park

Hey you guys! Join me on my journey through Bryce Canyon National Park The beauty of coming to Bryce Canyon on the off season is you just pull right on up to the top Right to the entrance no lines no waiting Hey, how you doing today, I got a national parks pass I Love it How much does that saving me today Love it saving $30 Um yeah, I definitely need a map Yes, ma’am you have a wonderful day As you heard we saved 30 dollars by buying the national parks Pass What’s nice about national parks pass is that you can go to any of the national parks national forests Anywhere in the United States for an entire year for 80 bucks Just this trip would have been 30 alone a couple weeks ago. I was over at the Grand Canyon that saved me another 30 I’ve almost paid for my pass in just two parks And I am made to be free {music} Guys I want you to see we’re putting ice cleats on the reason being is we need to make sure that we have enough safe Way to get down This horse trail that we’re technically not supposed to be on but It’s not it’s winter, but we haven’t got the snow that you normally get So we don’t have a lot of patchy spots, but we do have Enough to make us fall down, so it’s a good idea to put these on This thing is so beautiful You don’t want to stop walking. I’m dreading The walk back this whole thing has been completely downhill With ice snow mud It’s all of it everything But I can’t stop walking because of the beauty it’s ABsolutely amazing The only way to see a national park We are literally have Bryce Canyon to ourselves. We’re on some horse trail Technically we’re not even supposed to be on it, but since it’s offseason. We figure. It’s perfectly safe We haven’t seen another person on this trail and we’ve been on it for over an hour and a half It gives you a totally new perspective of seeing our great national parks When you have it all to yourself unlike Disneyland when it’s in the summertime There’s millions of people from all over the world you can’t enjoy the nature to yourself This is the way to do it come in the offseason. Yeah, it’s cold Yeah, there might be ice might be mud, but you’re out here. Enjoying the elements Trekking uphill now. It’s a heck of a climb. But the beauty again. It’s absolutely amazing so Just check this out guys Every turn is just magnificent Absolutely magnificent Tell us a Little bit about hoodoos i’ve always been fascinated with them Yeah So it’s all limestone at each layer with little layers of sandstone and mudstone in between so those are weaker layers So that’s why you see when you look over down at the Hoodoo. Why there’s a layer that looks like? Yeah, yeah, so that’s where that’s been eroded away, so this is the clairon formation that we’re looking at so this limestone was formed in Lake Clairon about sixty to forty million years ago, and so that Lake was at sea level and It was a shallow lake. It was about 15 feet deep which is like crazy shallow for a lake So it was just during that time. It was really susceptible to different climate change so you get different Environments, which you can see in the rock layers, so there’s two members of the clairon formation There’s the pink member which was formed at a time when the lake was really iron rich, so that’s why it’s that pink color It’s that iron oxidizing in the rock so you can think of a rusty nail. We have our our white layer Which is a time when there was no iron in that lake and then on the top you can of our hoodoos? You can see there’s like these beige-y color rock and that’s a special type of limestone called dolostone So dolostone is different because it has magnesium in it instead of calcium and magnesium Makes it more resistant to erosion So it’s a stronger rock and we call those our hoodoo helmets Yeah, so During our monsoon season in August in September we just get huge torrential downpour of rain you Probably can’t even hike out here when it starts raining. Yeah, it’s just too dangerous Yeah, I imagine to have like lots of slides as well right yeah. Oh, yeah, so it’s it’s always changing I mean, this is still pretty brittle right yeah, I mean it’s almost like a sand right. It’s not yeah. It’s oh yeah It’s very very loose very yeah our maintenance crews Stay busy. Yeah, they stay busy. I’m sure yeah, but yeah, they say when it pours get indoors a Safety tip from our Ranger here Ranger Emily when it pours get indoors Tomorrow is next day planning you know i don’t plan that far in advance oh my god We gotta find a place to stay then oh We did I thought we’re gonna go check it out Well if we’re gonna save money We’re gonna go check out some cheap hotels Yeah, that’s what I was gonna look at which ones we were gonna check out. Okay. Go ahead Yeah, I’m on it okay and Give it a look at so we can go back to the Bryce Canyon Resort remember that we said looks Yeah, that looks decent from the outside How much was out of it there’s Ruby’s Inn but that’s for $30 more total tonight. yeah i’m not paying that Um There’s Bryce Canyon pines All I care about is it being clean. I’m not about the fancy I want to be able to do trips all the time okay So let’s go ask him if we can see a room, then that’s us do it. That’s what I’m saying We just go over there. Yeah, like we did last night. I mean that guy let us look at the room Hey, you know yeah, I think he took a little bit offense to it, but you know Once but he took some coaxing or like some Right well the thing is is keep in mind is it’s a $39 including tax room at night. You know I want to know that it’s clean exactly you know I mean absolutely I don’t care that it’s an old motel all I care about is. It’s clean I Want to show you what you get in offseason At Bryce Canyon if you go a little out of the way To Panguitch it’s a little town inside Utah just about 17 miles outside the park it’s an older motel, but have your Check this out It’s a modern looking older building with lots of little character nice. Cushy bed You can’t beat it look at the shower. I mean they’ve done a really good job for an odor hole older hotel I Quite think it’s quite amazing for the money. You know I am sure that I Will definitely put their website on The link below so guys I’m here at penguin. It’s a little tiny town Outside of Bryce Canyon National Park, it’s got lots of character to it it’s obviously the offseason so almost everything’s closed, but the cool thing is you can get a hotel really inexpensive here and Do this journey relatively cheap you can fly into Salt Lake City rent a car I rented a car for $71 for four days. I don’t need it for the four days, but at least I have it you can also fly into Las Vegas and you can always get trips to Vegas really cheap and take full advantage of the close parks that are near Vegas whether at Zion National Park or Bryce Canyon National Park, so Don’t forget to get out there and enjoy life Travel more and start living This is why you always get a rental car. You never use your own vehicle i got a rental car for $71 for four days i got it off priceline Obviously you want to do this incognito mode because if you start researching early It will start raising your prices Yeah, we got to do it, it’s it’s about a mud bog, but this is really a mud bog Nissan Yeah this might not be a good idea well hell with it. That’s why we got a rental car We’re not gonna dig it out But we’re gonna we’re gonna mud bog through this Bring me back to my roots when I was a kid during my Volkswagen bug Down the dirt roads on the way to school every morning But this is what makes it a real adventure mud bogging in a Nissan Versa That keeps locking me in here hey, you know we got to show you let’s see what the outside The little mud bogging Nissan Versa as you can tell It’s slick as snot But it’s doing good our little Enterprise rental car is done good some of this mud off the windshield yeah because with the sun reflecting on it Okay, we’re gonna walk through this real quick and hope we make it Yeah, it’s gonna make it. Oh my god. Yeah, this is mud-bogging Versa All right, so we’re going to give everybody a pro tip when coming to the Bryce Canyon the one thing I would suggest is stopping in the small town outside of Bryce Canyon called Panguitch it’s a little bitty small town But they have a grocery store there the prices are pretty close to normal if you wait until you get to the Bryce Canyon City The grocery store, that’s inside Ruby’s Inn is Outrageous, I mean I was looking at a thing if Crystal Light was like seven dollars, so You obviously want to try to save as much money as possible You know get to a grocery store before You come to this town Of Canyon City because once you get out here. You’re in a desolate wasteland. There’s nothing here it That’s it It’s just a tourist place. That’s it at that point hey guys, I wanted to thank you for coming along on my journey With me to Bryce Canyon if you enjoyed this video. Please give it a thumbs up also subscribe to my channel help me build my brand and I will Be taking you around to other parts around the country in the world Hopefully in the future. Thank you, and I really appreciate you watching. Thank you so much

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6 thoughts on “Things To Know Before You Go To Bryce Canyon National Park

  1. Have yet to make my way to bryce canyon. My wifes sister just went this summer and she raved about it and now I know why seeing some of your footage. I will use yours tips for sure.

  2. I need help I'm planning a trip to either Bryce or grand staircase Escalante.
    I don't know whether begin I don't know if my current vehicle which is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2015 I don't know where to begin but I do on a rooftop tent that's all I know please help me

  3. Make sure to specify that you want to see the hotel room you're receiving. We ran into a hotel that showed one room and it was nice and clean and we got a nasty dirty room. They had one to show people that was nice and redone. Not every hotel does this but some do.

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