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The Wind (Hikes around Graz, Austria)

first winter – this year yesterday we had snow and today we are the first one in this store to go up it’s a visible where to go but last time we had to follow some white animals it’s also – so it’s rather cold I already feel my feet cold but this is a this is a short tour so it’s gonna be ok as always with this cold is also not really good for the batteries it’s running out of juice so so fast okay I have some spare ones the batteries are batteries they don’t like cold in winter it’s always funny to have water because either you can prepare some warm water and you have to drink warm water in the beginning of the tour and if you have the right temperature it won’t get frozen oh yeah or just you take tea hot tea as a metal headset so the hot tea can save the day now we are starting the elevation and path is not so clear where to go even though we’ve been here million times now we gonna turn we already miss the way but that was the purpose of the day this guy has too many keys I’m lost the others can use they both hands but my one is occupied by the camera but three contact points should be should be enough because I’m doing the footage sometimes I have to take a different route than the others and of course it’s not that not that easy but now we got the fresh powder with the wind nice but God quite nice that does today we are back in the forest no wind anymore it’s much nicer we are about to reach our car that was a nice tour for sure even though that was a bit windy we can see there the save disco goes and we can hear the bird you

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