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welcome back to the second video of a
two-part series in partnership with the Hawaii Tourism United States exploring
the Hawaiian Islands in this adventure video I travel from Maui to explore the
secluded island of lanai finally I hop on over to the iconic urban island of
Oahu you last saw Elena and I strolling through the pineapple fields of Maui
we’ve already begun fighting it’s it’s day number for the trip welcome back
what is day number five it’s halfway done and we are actually in lanai we
left mastered a and we jumped on the ferry across the harbor very very
convenient at just about a thirty minute ferry ride from Maui to Lanaya lanai is
a serene secluded island right off the coast of Maui the back side of the
island has this lush hidden rainforest in the clouds while on the opposite side
lies the quaint town of Lanai City with just about a population of 3,000 people
I actually picked up another vehicle which were now in memory of the yellow
Volkswagen Beetle we have a beautiful sensual yellow Jeep and I took him out
on a ride visit him or her it’s a she I took her out I’m thinking like sandy I
like sandy I can I can do sandy but I took sandy I yesterday to the
backcountry of lanai the best way to see this island of Lanai
is by jeep there’s miles and miles of off-road trails up the mountain into the
rain forest but now that takes us to today and today we’re just exploring the
island of Lanai I’m going to just go around and see what you up to
let’s do it no we’re not just exploring the island of Lanai were going horseback
riding look at this cowboy hat is on ready to go this ranch is managed by the
Four Seasons but you don’t have to be staying at the Four Seasons to come
right here and I like this cuz it’s a bit more rugged you know we actually
have terrain here like we’re going up a pretty big hill right now heading to the
top of this Ridge and when you get there you’ll see what we can see normally on a
clear day you can see Maui across there but we are in the clouds it actually
looks pretty sweet lanai is cool because you know you can have clouds like this
one minute and then BAM sunshine the moon we are about to give you a tour of
downtown Lanai City with all 3,000 people who live here you have a market
you have a community center little cafe five six five a clothing shop very very
quaint peaceful charming town this is Dole Park just comes with girls doing
cartwheels Annette I give that nine out of ten think those
big trees were planted almost 200 years ago
they’re called Cooke trees and they were planted because they capture the water
and help fuel the aquifer because that is the only source of natural water on
the island how about that knowledge and the last but not least you have the poke
a with the sweet onion sesame the poke a market in lanai is world-renowned but
like most of the shops in lanai make sure you have cash because it is a
cash-only business scrumptious delicious fresh call fish it’s so simple yet so
tasty honestly one of the highlights of lanai was this poke game art if you are
in lanai you have to stop by this place on this little plane right here a Wahoo is the most populated of the
Hawaiian Islands full of vibrant energizing life we touched down in that
iconic city of Honolulu and drove to our hotel at Waikiki and there Elena and I
parted ways she had to go back to Vancouver to move into her new apartment
milena if you’re watching this we had a killer trip a really good second date
just messin but it was a good time and thank you for coming to Hawaii with me you have to keep really quiet because
there are Raptors out here and then there was one indeed I’m stranded in the
middle of the jungle in a Wahoo how do you feel I feel like Chris Pratt Chris
Pratt if you’re watching this man I feel like you in Jurassic world running
through these jungles looking out for Raptors and whatnot I’m at Kualoa ranch
in a Wahoo almost on the northern shore of oahu and I am on the spine of one of
the mountains that makes up the Kualoa ranch of Bali the landscape here you have these jagged
mountains that rip up from the ocean where I’m at has been the setting of so
many Hollywood blockbuster films Jurassic Park Kong 50 first dates wallet
that’s not 50 first dates that’s kind of like a romantic comedy so to scratch
that they actually still have the helicopter from Kong Skull Island left
in the jungle mosey on in here it’s incredible how many movies were actually
made here the park itself is like another planet it could be thousands of
years ago in time and one of the most breathtaking views I’ve ever seen is the
valley right back there in between those two jagged mountains getting a little
tour of the ranch and I’m on an ATV with my friend Doug I about here I’ve got my
filming gear my machete and I’m good out here in this jungle let’s get back to
the rest of the team it’s about 6:20 in the morning rising
bright and early per usual you know me I’m a morning guy I’m still buzzing from
yesterday at Kualoa ranch that was I mean you saw it you saw this drone shots
Kualoa ranch is justit’s heaven but I was thinking and it’s been nine days and
I hate to say it it’s actually really sad to say I haven’t been surfing once
since I’ve been in Hawaii and I know this video has been kind of a mash up of
all the days I feel like it flows better that way with that said today we’re
going surfing and now I’m at Makaha Beach and I’m meeting up with a local
instagramers IKEA Lana you’re in my home haha and we’re gonna go stand up
paddling the Instagrammer I met up with her name
is ha and I was invited to her dashboard cam going on but I was invited to her
family’s ranch and they’re going to teach me how to make a traditional
Hawaiian delicacy and I’m heading there now and this is what I love about
traveling is like you meet people and then the day kind of turns into
something and you don’t know what it’s gonna turn into we just kind of go with
it you just go with the flow haha family has a piece of land
tucked up in the hills on the northwest coast of Oahu that has been in the
family for over a century I was fortunate enough to watch her family
pound poi which comes from the taro root the tradition of pounding poi rooms
deeply in Hawaiian roots so the taro is pounded down on the wooden board with a
boy pounding stone it’s mixed with water until it’s a very very fine paste and it
is delicious all right here we go first time it’s so good what would you eat
this with it’s stepping back in time and it’s such a contrast from Honolulu so if
you do like the city life in the nightlife you can go to Honolulu if
you’re like me and you like to get out there and really really experience the
culture of a place you can just drive up the coast and you are you’re back in
time the family that I’m with right now they are the nicest people I’ve come
across in Hawaii that’s father and I finally made my way up to the
North Shore called a nice little sunset time to get some breakfast and then the
Hawaiian trip is almost about over but I need to find some acai I haven’t had a
sigh used since I’ve been here I know I said acai but huge change of plans I
have a very special treat coming up a good friend of mine is actually a
celebrity chef you may have heard of her Lee Anne Wong chef Lee Anne is one of
the most accomplished chefs in the world I don’t need to really introduce her any
further I’m getting some breakfast at the Coco head cafe and I’m pretty sure
I’m gonna have a three or four course breakfast meal so here we go started out
with the corn flake crunch french toast I’m welding three breakfasts i sat down
with chef Lee Anne and talked about her story and the reasons why she moved from
New York to Hawaii to start a breakfast-only joint and I had way way
too much delicious food if you are ever in Honolulu you have to go to the Koko
Head Cafe tell them Eric sent you you will have the best breakfast I’m gonna
say you’re gonna have the best breakfast of your life there so that was breakfast
lunch and potentially dinner probably I can eat again so I get back to New York
because that was so much food but so good I haven’t had a good hearty meal
like that in a long long time sad to say I gotta head back to the hotel pack my
things and head back to New York the flight home I just kept thinking how
truly magical Hawaii is and this trip to Hawaii was just the beginning I’m going
back I arrived back in New York City just in time to attend a Hawaii United
States tourism meets New York get-together and so I feel like this is
the perfect look into a Hawaii trip if you like the Hawaii videos give this a
thumbs up to let me know if you’re new to the channel subscribe and stay tuned
for the next travel adventure I’ll be in New York City for a few weeks you know
moving getting a new apartment all that stuff I will see you in the next travel
video so until then as always remember to smile more worry less and live your

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100 thoughts on “THE ULTIMATE HAWAII TRAVEL VLOG in 4k

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