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The Try Guys Raise Robot Babies • Motherhood: Part 3

(electronic baby cries) – Throw me the diaper! (electronic baby cries) – If this is anything like Tamagotchis, I had like three, and
they died within a day. – Robo-babies. – It’s not even a cyborg. There’s no human to love. – Eugene and I are both very competitive, so that means our baby
is going to be the best. – I can’t take care of myself. – As long as I don’t have to make an emotional commitment to anything, I should be good. (electronic rock music) – So today we got robot babies. – We’re having a baby. This is exactly how I
pictured it would happen. (electronic baby cries) – It’s basically a robot baby. It’s used in schools. It’s used in health classes
to teach baby curriculum. – You have to change its
diapers, you have to feed it, you have to burp it, you have to rock it. – You have to change its diaper? – How do you change a robot’s diaper? – So, this is like birth right now. – This is birth. (singing wordlessly) – He’s Asian! – Baby, get out! It’s not alive, yet, right? I’m allowed to mishandle it? – Sploosh! – Now my turn! – Oh, definitely an Asian baby. – Who does he look more like? – Haven’t you always, I thought every white person
wants an Asian baby, right? – He has blue eyes. He gets those from me. – He’s also tiny, sorta like you. – Yeah. – Look how much hair he has! Just like his father. – I can hear something rocking in it. – That’s probably its censor
of “I’m being abused!” – We have to name the baby. – Yeah. – I think it’s important for a name to have something of significance. – I’m thinking Maurice. – [Ned] JJ.
– [Eugene] JJ. – [Ned] JJ. JJ Fang.
– [Eugene] JJ Fang. – Maurice Kornsberger. – Maurice Kornsberger. – [Eugene] You are so badass!
– [Ned] That’s a dope name! (chanting from “Circle of Life”) – I would be scared of this
baby if I was another baby. – Let’s bring our baby to life. (humming) – In three, two– – Does it move? Doesn’t seem like it’s–
(electronic chiming) – Oh, it’s the–
(electronic baby coo) Yes? (electronic baby coo) – Hi, Maurice! Welcome! – [Eugene] Hi, JJ!
– [Ned] Hi, JJ! (electronic baby cooing) – What do you want? What does he want? – How do you know? They just cry and you have to guess.
– [Eugene] Get the bottle Ned! – [Zach] Do I just, do I just– (electronic baby cries) Hey, buddy. (louder electronic baby cries) – [Ned] No no no no no no!
– [Eugene] It’s all right. – Do I just stab it at its face? – Just hold it to him. (electronic sucking) – How do I know when
I’ve fed him too much? – He’ll (beep)-ing let you know. (happy electronic baby cooing)
– I’m done! – Oh, what an adorable squeal! – Do we have to burp him? – Is that what we’re doing? How do we know he needs to burp right now? He’s just going, “Uhh.” – This seems excessive. You’re burping him for a long time. – You burp babies for a long time. – Let me try. Let me try. – I swear to God I’m
gonna be better at this. (electronic baby burp) – [Ned] Aww, he burped.
– [Eugene] Aww, he burped. – It sounded kind of like a fart, but… Diaper change! – That felt like a poopy! (electronic baby crying)
– I know, I know! – Come on! (electronic baby crying) – (beep)-ing put the diaper on him, Zach! – No, he doesn’t want it. – I’m sorry, I was laughing at his penis. – Don’t laugh at his penis. – His penis is hilarious. How can you not laugh at it? Stop crying, please! (silence) That was it. He just… That was it? – Is he dead? Did you kill it? – He’s not dead, right? – Wait, we didn’t… (electronic chiming)
(relieved sighing) Oh, thank—
(electronic baby coo) – [Zach] Oh, he’s happy!
– [Keith] “I’m happy!” (rejoiced yelling) – So, tonight we’re gonna
take our babies home. – It’s gonna record our results. – At the end of the night, the baby’s going to generate a report. – And we’re gonna stay up all night trying to take care of the babies. – Well, you know, we’re gonna try and get a good night’s sleep. – I don’t think that’s gonna happen. – I, just this moment, had a realization of how hellish the next
24 hours are gonna be. (dramatic crescendo) – What happened last night… (loud electronic baby crying) (intermingled talking and yelling) – I guess we should
start at the beginning. – Start at the beginning. – We left the office very
excited, full of energy. I thought, “Keith and
I having a sleepover? “That’s gonna be a fun time.” – He’s a cutie pie. You’re gonna realize he’s cute
and we’re in charge of him. – Ned’s wife came for a visit
at the beginning of the night. – That was so nice to
have some family help. Once we had the baby down
to sleep, it was delightful! – The thing is is that
you just kinda realize that it’s all worth it. – [Ned] We did some work.
– [Eugene] We did some work. – We’re raising this baby both religions. – We listened to classical music. (classical music)
♫ Because you are JJ Fang, – ♫ Better than Keith
– [Ned] ♫ Better than Keith – [Eugene] ♫and Zach’s baby!♫
– [Ned] ♫and Zach’s baby!♫ – I didn’t have a bar mitzvah, but I do want Maurice to have one. – We drank a nice Riesling. – But you can’t do anything to his dick. – What are you talking about? – And it was really pleasant. – I already checked on that. He’s not circumcised yet. – Of course not. So, we get set to go to sleep. – Maybe you strip Maurice, and then I’ll dress him back up again. – Our baby’s adorable. – Dude, our baby looks amazing! – We put our baby in the separate room so it had its own nursery. – [Keith] We figured
out how to make a bed. – We’d snuggled him up in his blanket. – [Keith] We say, “Goodnight.” – [Zach] Goodnight, Keith. [Keith] Goodnight, Zach’s phone. – Goodnight, Zach. – Goodnight, Keith. – I think he might be
good the whole night. – [Keith] You’re crazy. (dramatic crescendo) (soft, creepy music) – So (beep)-ing 1:30 in the morning– – No, two. – Was it two? (electronic baby crying)
(dramatic classical music) – He activated, and he just flipped. (electronic baby crying)
(dramatic classical music) – [Keith] I changed its diaper, nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
– [Zach] Burp it. Nothing. – [Keith] Bottle? Nothing!
– [Zach] Nothing! – Sometimes, I was
like, “What do you want? “What do you want? “I don’t know what he needs!” – Baby screaming, scream, scream! – It’s gonna give us a bad score. It’s gonna tell us we’re terrible parents. – By the third time, it was more of a, Can you do it? – It’s just a demon and it’s
just banshee-screaming at us. Did one of us do coke
during our pregnancy? – I’d have to say the baby
was the source of the stress, but the source of my anger was Ned. Look, if this was a crib, you can’t sleep in the crib.
– [Ned] If this was a crib, you can’t sleep in the baby. Don’t even worry about it, bro. – It’s a nightmare. – Can I just hold my child? – And we’re just up
forever, it seems like, with this baby. We just can’t go back to bed. – By the time the sun came out, we were just over it. (dramatic classical music ends) – [Keith] I’ve gotta take a shower, so Zach is gonna watch the baby. That’s what babies are sometimes. I think how awful this thing
was was incredibly accurate. – You really have to have teamwork and patience with each other. – [Zach] I feel like it brought us closer. – It was less stressful with him than, I can imagine, without him. – It’s a lot of work. (vocal drum roll) – [Voiceover] 79% (impressed mumbling)
– [Keith] What is that, a C? A C!
– [Zach] A C+! That’s pretty good! – I’m unsatisfied with that, to be honest. No mishandles? We didn’t
(beep) up its neck? I was sure I (beep)-ed
up its neck, I was sure. – What did we get? – [Voiceover] You got a 75. (loud yelling) – [Ned] That is ridiculous! – [Zach] You just dropped your baby! – [Ned] He’s a robot! He’s not real! – Dude, we did it! We’re great parents! – [Keith] We’re great parents!
– [Zach] We’re great parents! (yelling gleefully) – [Zach] You know what? All this now, I don’t
even care how tired I am. I’m so elated that we did a great job. – This is from the two guys who just said they hated their baby five seconds ago. – Yes, I did hate it five seconds ago. Now that I’m a winner, I’m thrilled. – Seeing your baby
laugh for the first time would be just, it would make everything that you did, all of the late nights, just so worth it.

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100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Raise Robot Babies • Motherhood: Part 3

  1. I’m pretty sure their babies were the same I had for my health class. But we had it for a whole weekend, by ourselves, and I had some big test the Monday I came back. It still amazes me that I got a good grade on it. Props to all the parents out there.

  2. I did this like 5 years ago and I literally was done with everything. My sisters hated it they had the bedroom right next to me and they heard everything

  3. I did this in middle school for 4 days. I got a 94%, the one mishandle was when my mom tried to handle it while I was in the shower.

    That experience is what made me decide that I hated children and didn't want to have my own.

  4. Watching this video now is so much funnier
    Ned actually having a baby now
    Eugene likes kids and watches baby Wes

  5. When Ned said "what happened last night" while eating that donut he looked just like Jensen Ackles in Supernatural

  6. I took care of one for an entire weekend and it was eye opening. I just wanted to sleep, but no, she had to be fed twenty times, and each time for twenty minutes

  7. I had this same brand of robo baby from my health class (idk if there are multiple or not) and I’m getting so much PTSD watching this and hearing the sounds 😂😂😂

  8. Seriously when Ned threw down the baby the mishandling should've been a lot higher than the number one am I right?

  9. I had of thos for three days. I cried out of fruatration it cried every 5 seconds and i suffocated it. Its name was heathon.

  10. My cousin has to do this for infant/child development. He had the EXACT type of doll and it woke me up at 1 am and I couldn’t do anything because I didn’t have the sensor and I had to intensely shake him. I have a panic attack because it started screeching.

  11. I had a robot baby once in, I think, high school? It was silent the entire week… I just scheduled everything… feed at these times, change diaper at these times, etc… after about 3 days with it not making a single noise, I took it to my teacher and asked as other kids in the class were dealing with the same things you guys did with your babies. I asked her, "is mine even turned on? Is it broken? It hasn't made a single noise the entire time." My teacher looked it over, and said, everything was working perfectly and apparently I was just doing that good of a job that the baby didn't have to need anything. O___o

  12. eugene looks like he checks off this entire checklist:

    – gay
    – rich
    – asian
    – plays golf
    – has style
    – is in summer
    – sucks at golf
    – makes bad jokes
    – will never adopt

  13. Video: shows a video of the they guys having a panic stack cause of a baby

    Future Ned: Ned has to do this for more than 365 days now

  14. Do it with Ryan and Shane!! (unsolved) they're complete opposits, it would be great to see how they would deal with this (demon) baby

  15. ik how it feels 😂 I took the baby home for 24 hours and mine cried 49 times and this was on a school day. I ended up with a 98 percent though due to a glitch in its program, otherwise I would have gotten a 100 percent

  16. One time we had to rock a baby in year 7; preparing for “parenthood”
    Needless to say I was an idiot, threw it up then somebody PUSHED ME, as he went and said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING!”
    I didn’t catch the baby and it broke


  17. Baby : drinks from bottle
    Me : *puts blanket to support bottle cause I'm tired of holding it *
    Baby : REEEE YOU HOLD IT!!!!!

  18. I used to think that the ones they used in school would report to the teacher in a deep voice, like it would say, "5 drops, 30 feedings, 20 diaper changes,," etc in a really funny deep voice.

  19. Just in case you don't know, the Try Guys left buzzfeed awhile ago and have their own channel. You should go subscribe because they deserve more subscribers

  20. I have a problem. So, whenever I get like a furby ( as an example) I would emotionally attached to it EVEN IF I HATED IT and then I physically could not get rid of it ( reminder, this is the person who cried when I had to get rid of my mattress

  21. when i did this I had it on the middle setting for 4 days, it was super fun although i had to change its diaper in a best buy so it wouldnt scream anymore, also i was like 15- 16 and i got alotta weird looks XD

  22. I have the same baby, but we take them home for 2 days and ours have clickers that take in our marks. Ours doesn’t have the temp though

  23. I did the realcare baby this year for highschool. It was activated for 64 hours and my final score was a 94%
    One mishandle and 2 missed cares. Everything else perfect
    This video honestly made me feel so skillful. I thought I did eh but this makes me feel like I did amazing

  24. It’s sad how I had to do this in Middle school, but I only had to do it for 24 hours and I WANTED TO THROW THE BABY AFTER THAT NIGHT( plus u have to swipe in every time u do something 😑)

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