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The Trial (Franz Kafka) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

What’s happenin mah well read ballas? This week we gettin red tape up in that ASS with
The Trial by Franz Kafka. Banker-man Joseph K. just turned 30 and now
he chillin at the crib waitin’ fo some grub. S’all good til- KNOCK KNOCK. “Man dat BETTER be my foo-.” “Huh? Who this suit rollin up on my spot?” Apparently, this tight-ass dude representin
da law and lay it on K-baby raw: “You under arrest, son.” “WHAAA?! What I even do?” But this cat and his boy keep their mouths
shut and don’t give him no reason. So deez haters take K next door where there
be a ghetto-rigged court sesh goin down. Da top dawg inspector start runnin his mouth
bout how K is in some deep shit, but he STILL don’t say why! Da hell? K walks for now, but this mess sho’ as hell
ain’t over. Not even close. Later, word come from the law dat K gotta
bust ass to court without tellin him what time, or the room number where all this goin
down’. Afta’ sweatin his nuts off just tryna find
this place, he finally get to an attic in a hood-ass building where da judge like “Boy
you an hour and five minutes late!” Psh. So K step up and rock the mic sayin this system
is straight CROOKED, but nobody give a damn bout what he got to say. Later, K-baby on the grind when he hear somethin
funky- “Aw hell no.. people best not be gettin freaky in MY bank- Uhhh..what da hell is goin
on?”. Apparently the suits who arrested K gettin
whooped on cuz K ratted on them in court fo’ tryna’ boost his swag. K feel mad guilty, and wanna put a stop to
this mess, but da whippin man aint backin’ down fo’ nothing. Brutha gotta do what he gotta do. Then K’s uncle drop in and be all like “You
takin this case seriously boy? Yo ass is on the LINE!” So K’s uncle introduces him to a lawyer named
Huld and his BANGIN’ nurse Leni. Mmm-mmm-MMM YEAH! But Huld is completely f*ckin useless. Brutha ain’t got a clue why K got the law
up his ass and there ain’t nuthin he can do. And if dat aint cray ’nuff, the Chief Clerk
of da court was just chillin in the shadows this whole damn time just diddlin himself
o’ somethin. As time go by, K keep hittin up his lawyer,
but this shyster never do jack sh*t! Now K buggin so hard bout da case that a customer
roll up at work and be like: “Psst bruh. You should talk to my homey Titorelli. He work up at the court so he know what’s
what.” So K hit up Titorelli, who all like “Real
talk. You’re basically fucked. They ain’t never gonna call you innocent so
you might as well just bend over.” Now K thinkin’ he gotta shake his punk-ass
lawyer. So he swang over to the office where this
raggedy dude named Block be chillin. Apparently, Block was ballin’ as a businessman
back in the day, but since the law came down on his ass like they doin to K, he spent all
his cheddar on legal defense and now he all cashed out on the struggle. When K try to break it off with Huld, da lawyer
like “Not so fast, bruh. You walk away, and you ain’t gonna be nuthin
but a dog like Block.” Then the bank tell K he gotta show one of
their big dawg clients round town. Dude say he wanna peep game at the cathedral,
but when he a no show, K just check spot himself. Befo’ he but to leave, da priest holler and
tell him he work for da court too. He try to explain K’s bunk-ass sitiation with
a fable, but it don’t mean a damn thing to K. A year go by since all this craziness first
went down. On da night before K’s 31st birthday, two
suits arrive at his crib. This time, though, K ain’t trippin bout it. Matta’ fact, K take the lead and they head
to a quarry where K put his head a boulder. Then one of the suits shank him right in the
heart and TWIST. K’s last words befo’ he take that long dirt
nap: “Like a dog!” Man this trap Joey-K livin’ in sho one crooked-ass
place. Brutha ain’t got no rights, no voice, and
no options- da law got his nuts in a vice and there ain’t nuthin he can do bout it. But da scurriest thang Kafka preachin is dat
it don’t take a hardass thug puttin a glock to yo dome in order to take away yo dignity
n’ freedom. Naw blood, up in this hood homies are broken
down by a slow, orderly system dat’s designed to keep people in check even though it frontin’
like it all righteous. Like check this- Even though K never do any
time behind bars, it ain’t cuz things all good. Truth is, they don’t need to throw K in the
slammer since erry-day in this society is like livin’ in the pen anyway – “You have misunderstood
me. You are under arrest, certainly, but that
not need hinder you from going about your business. Nor will you be prevented from leading your
ordinary life.” Yuh, the man all the way up K’s ass for this
whole damn book. But just cuz they the law sho as hell don’t
mean they preachin justice. Matta fact, the “law” could be da most un-just
thang you eva’ seen- but when you got people follow it blindly, and enforce it just cuz
“it’s their job”- da fact dat it ain’t just don’t even matta’. Da law s’posed to protect yo’ rights. But up in here, it’s nuthin’ mo’ than a weapon
to keep you scurred and in yo place. “Our officials… never go hunting for crime
in the populace, but, as the Law decrees, are drawn toward the guilty and must then
send out us warders. That is the Law. How could there be a mistake in that?” It’s like K-money livin’ a totalitarian nightmare. Matta’ fact, Kafka style-game makin this whole
novel feel like a tripped out dream. Fo example, when K up in court, he try chunk
deuce outta there, but the magistrate just pop up in front of the door like he teleporting
or something. Da hell? Or when he meeting with his lawyer, da Chief
Clerk just appear in da corner of da room like he been creepin in da shadows this whole
time. What the hell is he doin over there? Thang is tho, a few years after Kafka was
runnin the lit game, this shit wasn’t a dream no mo’. It ended up coming true. This whole society sound like some kinda totalitarian
prophecy- all da fear and isolation deez whack-ass places used were hella-similar to Joseph K’s
society- straight down to the threadz the po-lice wore. And da most fucked up thing bout it ain’t
da way they can break yo bones, but da way they can break you spirit. And that’s exactly the point. Evil ain’t gotta be some moustache twirling
playa doin gangsta shit. Sometimes da gnarliest evil is a boring-ass
bureaucracy that wears yo ass down day by day with bullshit rights and corrupt systems
dat make yo life such a living hell dat you don’t even know what you fightin fo’ no mo. A society like dat can dehumanize you so much
dat you just wanna be takin out back and put down. BAM- like a dog. Yo thanks for kickin it with yo boy. Catch y’all next time. Peace!

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100 thoughts on “The Trial (Franz Kafka) – Thug Notes Summary & Analysis

  1. "Evil ain't gotta be some moustache twirling playa' doing gansta shit. Sometimes the gnarliest evil is a boring ass bureaucracy that wears your ass down, day by day, with bullshit rights and corrupt systems that makes your life such a living hell, that you don't even know what you fightin' for no more. A society like that can dehuminaze you so much that you just wanna be taken out back, and put down. Bam! Like a dog."


  2. Thanks to National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2012, this is a reality in the US. The US has become a Kafkaesque nightmare. There are no free countries. It's an illusion.

  3. This man rocks but if only he didn't curse he would make it to the summit with his analysis and summaries. Thanks anyway bro and keep up the good clean work.

  4. I miss thug notes. I wish he'd make real videos again. Wisecrack has turned this channel into trash. I mean, does he even realize there isn't even a playlist on this channel for his content?

  5. Next books: the phantom of the opera, the three musketeers, the man in the iron mask, paradise lost and finally the hunchback of Notre dame.

  6. The straightforwardness of this man's approach and analysis of literature is effective at ringing out the story's fill, leaving the important and significant events, facts, and themes bare; very useful for a ready such as me who fails to retain and realize things as such within a novel. Bravo.

  7. I like this interpretation of the novel, but it doesn't account for the fact that Joseph K. is such an ass-hat. The court is slowly destroying his life, but there were so many things K did or could have down which suggest that he continued to put himself in these situations. From an inverse perspective where one criticizes Joseph for his half-assed efforts and passive, self-important attitude, you start to think that maybe the court isn't crazy, and it's actually Joseph K. who's at fault here. Maybe he is guilty of something in the end.

  8. Read the book for yourself, it’s absolute trash. One of the most boring incoherent ass books I’ve ever read. Big ass piece of shit.

  9. I've been watching this shit for 2 days and ain't been disappointed yet!!!!! If you want to know the truth. Then you gotta hear truth. Think about what's important to you. Then think about what you've just heard. Then go forward(; …..

  10. Do “Kafka on the Shore”
    Or do a novel by Thomas Pynchon like “V.” “Gravity’s Rainbow” or “The Crying of Lot 49”.
    Or maybe a novel by Irvine Welsh.

  11. We're playing 'The Trail' in Pygmalion Theater in Vienna. If any you is around, you could come and see me playing Titorelli.

    I love Kafka! He has such a fine dark humor that brings you thruogh this twisted stories and make you think "Darn, everything is wrong!"

  12. Do yourself a favour, homeboy (or girl) – WATCH this here show. "Thug Notes" be both fun and educational! I've been watching one after the other myself 🙂 Have fun. Peace! 🙂

  13. This specific situation happened to me, except replace the secret tribunal with the Airbnb "trust and safety" team. Twice. They made false accusations about me about a supposed violation of their terms of service, which i know to be a flat out lie, but they refused to tell me or my host what violation it is, refused to honor my bookings and illegally evicted me, misrepresenting both my rights and the rights of my host and violating at least 6 different clauses of their own terms and service. Everyone, even my host just assumes i'm guilty and they won't even say WHAT i'm guilty of. No one gives a shit that they're perpetrating 2 different kinds of fraud and violating tenant law, and my host is just worried about maintaining his image in the eyes of these secret police that are only legitimized by the faith he puts in them. Now i'm out on the streets in a foreign country–like a dog–and theres nothing i can due but spend years of my life waiting to die while pushing to sue these assholes in the complicated grey area between 2 countries that don't give a shit about my rights. And i'm the one that paid for a goddamn service here!

  14. Does anyone else see that Ks issue isn’t govt, but that his trial is of a diagnosis of tuberculosis, the lawyer = the doctor, the uncle hoping to find a cure, etc. K can get no help or answers. He can’t fight the situation that has been forced upon him. I don’t think this is as much about govt oppression as it is about a personal fight for survival.

  15. Wasn't Kafka writing about México as well? The corrupt system dehumanize as well. He was a genius.

  16. Wow, this is great, I just finished this book and I wanted to throw it in the trash cause I hated it, but this was such a concise and clear explanation that now I really dig it. Great book. Great video.

  17. You know when you get taken out to the woods to be taken out by a bunch of hypocritical strangers.

    Or you go to work and everyone is yelling "stop" or "stay down" or "don't do it"

    Or when you attempt suicide 6x for society but you're still alive and people wanna deny the existence of God.

    The truth came out like you all wanted.

  18. Wow this really cleared things up. Thanks so much! You should do a video for Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pyncheon , I’m struggling with it

  19. The whole point of the book is that Joseph K. is the only one who is holding him down, the court tries to show him his crimes and help him by presenting important characters to him at various times throughout the book. But K. ignores all of their signs, instead of talking to the chief clerk of the court, he runs off with Leni, Instead of asking questions at the assembly, all he does is rant, and when he meets the information officer, he faints. The point isn’t that the beauracracy is holding him down, K. is just too blind when they try to reveal his real crimes. For example, he assults Fraulein Burstner at the end of the third chapter, and then during his assembly, he notices that the student is assaulting the washerwoman. The court literally shows him an assault, but he is too ignorant to notice what is going on.

  20. IRS screwed me so bad once, that I about wished they would just take me out. Now that I am getting old and don't have many years left anyway, my approach would be a bit different if they tried to do it again.

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