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The Taylor Trail – Episode 1 – SCV Hikes

Located in Rivendell Park just west of
the old road and north of calgrove you’ll find a trail teeming with new
life spectacular views beautiful rolling hills and an interesting history let’s
go for a hike on the Taylor trail while this trail has been around for a
while it’s been recently given a new trailhead to make it more easily
accessible the trail itself is 1.7 miles long and flows right into another trail
called the Eldar loop giving three miles of open space for hikers bikers and
equestrians to enjoy, as a matter of fact Rivendell Park was formerly an
equestrian and riving Center owned by the Arnett family back in 1975 before
Santa Clarita even existed Rivendell why does that sound so
familiar fans of Lord of the Rings will instantly
recognize the elven name meaning deeply cloven Valley a location that also
appears in the trilogy so what can we find on this little slice of
middle-earth well it really depends on when you go every season yields
different types of life at the time of our hike it’s January and still winter
but here’s some of the plant life we came across purple nightshade, milk vetch, deer
weed, and sticky monkey flower you’ll notice that this flower has petals
shaped like a tube, okay but what’s with the silly name if you touch the leaves
of this plant you’ll notice a sticky resin this sticky resin helps retain
water in dry environments and if we take an even closer look down below
climbing on this plant are black bean aphids
these guys are usually found clinging on to the stems of plants sucking out the
sap and if you’re lucky you just might encounter this family of mule deer
during our hikes we came across this family on two separate occasions look at
those big ears that help it always stay alert they look a lot like mule that’s
where they get the name mule deer recently the towsley fire burned through
the area as a result the area is currently in a healing process so it’s
very important to stay on the trails while new life grows with the coming spring and the spring
rains the Taylor Trail is bound to bloom into one of Santa Clarita’s most
beautiful hiking trails thank you for joining us on the Taylor trail for SCV
hikes if you liked what you saw you can support us by liking this video sharing
it with your friends and don’t forget to comment below we’d love to hear your
hiking stories on the trail until next time get out there and Happy Trails

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