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The Sandia Mountain P’nti Portraits 2019 (Narrated)

The Sandia Mountain P’nti: The Extraterrestrial Portrait Art of Su Walker Copyright 2019 Su Walker. My name is Su Walker. Thank you to the P’nti for their patience and love and for helping
me become a better artist and a better human being. In September 2015, I was asked by a friend if I could draw their portrait. I hadn’t drawn anyone in 40
years! It was my extraterrestrial P’nti friend Commander Tlkm who asked. This was the best I could do at the time. Since then a
few things have changed. As the P’nti worked with me day by day my skills
improved. When I started I was using black charcoal on white paper. Now almost
exclusively I work with pastel chalk on black paper. Unless noted
with an earlier year the following portraits were all done in 2019. I want
to express a very special thank you to Jason Navarre and the other volunteers
who added their colorful artistic touches to the background of some of the
original black and white portraits. Beginning in alphabetical order by crew
members name, here are the Sandia Mountain P’nti, 2019. This is Dell. He is
what they refer to as their fleet master Dell is our equivalent of a head
mechanic and manager of the hangar bay, but more than that he takes care of all of
the sentient and conscious craft that the P’nti fly. Here he’s working with one
of his examination tools on a problem. Overhead, the light you see, that’s an anti
gravity small light that he carries in his pocket. He refers to as a floater
because it stays put and floats wherever you place it in the air. This is also
Dell he is the oldest member that I know of at the Sandia Mountain information
Station, one of the few older than Tlkm. Here we have Dp (Depp). Dp works with Nhwl (nah-WAHL) and as another trainer of the
individuals who come to make house calls or visit us. When I sketched this he was
scolding or disciplining someone that hadn’t quite done something right at the
station in their studies. I dubbed this image, “Ah ah ah!” Back in 2017, one of the other first members of the crew other than Tlkm, Radar and Jrooti, we were
introduced to was Grayson. I was trying to understand from Grayson what
he looked like that was different, or what was it about him was different. This year in 2019, I redid Grayson’s
portrait. He is a visiting liaison, and he’s their cultural literature expert. He
studies and gathers some of the very very best of our literature to save. He
is also a fan of our William Shakespeare and this portrait I dubbed, “To ping or
not to ping.” Jll (Jael) was introduced to us this year as their cultural music
collector. She is a musician herself and one of the visiting liaisons. She was
trying to explain to me one day the sound created by one of their
instruments that’s harp like on P’ntl and she asked if I knew what the sound
of a water phone was like. I’d never heard one and so I brought an image of
a water phone up on the internet and she tried to explain to me
the similarities and differences between that and the instrument she was trying to
describe. This portrait is called, Lost in Water Phone Tones. I’ll show you the
instrument she was trying to describe to me in a moment. This is also Jll. When
she comes to visit or when I first hear from her oftentimes the very first thing
I hear ‘out of her mouth’ is “Oh hello.” This shell like instrument was what Jll was
trying to describe to me. On their world ocean shells can grow rather large and
this one happened to have some gill-like structures near its mouth and when they
dried they became crystalline and they plucked them with their fingers and made
it crystalline pinging kind of sound. Also the back they carved
out the extra spaces between the shells and could pluck them or work for
them with a mallet. They tuned them. In the base of the shell, you notice it’s
sitting on a table, they would fill the bottom of the shell, she said, with
water and as you play it you move this heart-shaped shell back and forth and
the water shifts and moves and changes. It sloshes and the reverberation of the
tone alters slightly. So this is Jll “Playing the Heart.” This is also Jll. This
year she wanted a more accurate more serious portrayal of what she really
looked like. When Jrooti was first introduced to us she did let me know
that she frequently is seen wearing scarves of all kinds on her head. She
prefers silk, but she’ll drape them, she’ll wrap them, she’ll tie them. She
said, “I don’t like my head cold.” So back in 2017 one of the first
portraits that I did of Jrooti was with her scarf. That same year, shortly
thereafter, she wanted to let me know that she wanted a portrayal of portrait
with this kind of a pose. I said, “Okay why is that?” She said, “Well, I find that
it’s important to let other cultures know that are new to us, that we pray.” I
said, “What do you pray for?” She said, “I pray for peace.” We redid Jrooti at the
end of 2018 and came up with this partial silhouette and dubbed it, “Are You
Brave Enough to Call Out Into the Darkness.” Earlier this year, for the first
time ever, I pinged at the mountain and happened to find Jrooti and she was very,
very sad…almost devastated! And sitting staring out at the landscape and
I said, “Jrooti, what’s wrong?” Well she’d lost someone far, far away and had not been
able to attend their memorial type of service. She had received the
information of her friends passing far too late to attend anyway but she was
sitting and thinking about someone that she’d lost. So, we call this, “Tea at O’dark
Thirty.” One of the twitter followers one day asked if they wore makeup, and she
said, “We wear face color.” I went, “Okay, there’s an interesting discussion!
Can you tell me more about…do you wear jewelry? Do you do wear makeup? What do
you do when you get all dressed up? She indicated that they DO. They wear
this type of chains and jewels decorating around the head as well as
around the neck and are very common. The small dot tattoo that you see along
beside one ear she has there? They refer to it as gdst-tp (gah-DES-tah tah-Pay). It’s very very similar to our
application of henna for mehndi tattoos on the backs of our hands and tops of
our feet for say Hindu or Indian holidays. They add this temporary
plant-based tattoo with small brushes in tiny dots oftentimes she said the
patterns were organic or natural geometry. So when she gets all dressed up,
this is what she looks like she says. So, this is Jrooti, “All Dolled Up.” Earlier this
year in 2019 I wanted to redo Judy with her scarfs on her head and so I asked her to
grab her favorite and she donned it and said, “This is my blue silk scarf.” Kama is
one of the new visiting liaisons that we were introduced to this year. One of the
few things that we know about Kama is that she has an almost perfect memory
especially for visual details. K’nandeh (kah-NAN-dah) also is new to us K’nandeh
is one of their liaisons who specifically works with the blended team
members, but more than that, she works with the teaching of the blended or
hybrid children. Kit was introduced to us as an individual who evaluates Earth
Humans for their learning in dream state and are they ready for the next type of
learning or the next phase of learning. Our friend Jason Navarre took the
original black and white of Kit napping and added this background. It is still
called, “Forever Dreaming.” Mim is there cultural art expert and
collector. She encourages contactees to draw their
visitations because she says that when you draw something, you access different
memory pathways than when you write it out in words and oftentimes will pick up
other details you didn’t know that you remembered. This is also Mim. She has a
rather typical quirky slight smile and so we just dubbed this portrait, “Mim’s
Smile.” Nhwl (nah-WALL) is a head of the training operations for the Sandia Mountain
Information Station. Tlkm, Dell, T’ni and Nhwl would be the four oldest
team members that we’ve met. Nhwl came to the Sandia Mountain Information
Station as their trainer shortly after Tlkm arrived and has
been teaching new arrivals, new staff members, how to go about their style of
visiting us Earth Humans. This is also Nhwl. Nhwl oftentimes has a rhetorical
teaching method where he poses a question often times just to hear the
depth of understanding of the response of his students. And…well, “Nhwl’s
Scrutiny” is what this one is called. He watches and watches the details very
closely. There’s not much that gets by that man. This is Orth.
He is assistant to Tht (thought) who is the chief of security for the Sandia
Mountains Information Station Orth takes the data from the liaisons
who have come to visit us and correlates all of that data in order to understand
best assignments and get things back and sorted out and information gathered
that’s necessary for their purposes. He is one of the few staff members that
we’ve come across who feels gay to us homosexual rather than heterosexual. This
is also Orth with his checklist taking information from the returning
ships that have come back to the hangar bay.
Somebody asked Orth one day what color are your eyes and so he asked me to do this just to demonstrate that they are a kind of a rich mahogany brow,n almost cherry
wood. This is Pita. After Radar, Tlkm and T’ni,
Pita was also one of the first other individuals that we were introduced to.
Pita’s specialty area is children and he’s just a lovable friendly soul. When I
did this portrait initially, he asked for me to draw him, “Peeking around.” I
said, “A tree? A corner? Or, a door? What?” He said, “Yes.” So, I put him peeking around this edge that could be interpreted as any of the above and thought I was done with
the sketch. I was walking away and about ready to leave the studio and he
contacted me again he said, “Um…Su? Could you add one more thing please?” And I turned around went back to my easel and I said, “Sure Pita, what can I do?” And he said, “Do you know what an infinity signs looks like?” and I
went, “Well yeah.” He said, “Would you put one up high with the word friendship
underneath it, please?” So, the very last thing on this portrait was the
addition of the infinity symbol and the word friendship, per Pita’s instructions. This is also Pita, just turning back and
looking with a slight grin. When I first did Radar in this portrait, he was just
beginning to learn guitar and was just enthralled with the fact that one of the
other contactees, a musician and professional guitar teacher up in the
Toronto Canada area by the name of Kevin Estrella, had volunteered to study their
four-fingered hands and figured out how to teach him guitar…because holding the
neck of the guitar and doing the fret work was a little different with four
fingers than it is with four fingers and a thumb. So Radar is their pilot, or one
of their pilots, but he’s also their Earth media specialist. Radar keeps his
finger on the pulse of what we are humans feel and think about
extraterrestrials based on the influence that our media…movies, television, radio,
podcast, etc., have on us. Radar’s real name is R’hz (ra-HAZ) and when he first
told me his name he said, “Rhymes with Oz as in, The Wizard Of.” Rader is a real cut-up
and likes to get a laugh every chance he gets.
I was framing… mat framing some of my portraits one day and he
picked up a frame and said, “I’m framed!” I said, “Totally Framed.” This is Radar, an
updated version of the first one you saw with the guitar. I said, “What do you want
me to call this one? Radar?” and he said, “No! We be jammin’ man!” This year, after
all the different fun and antics and interesting images that we did, I said
“Radar, how about if we just do a serious one? One with you…as yourself. And so this
is called “Radar as Himself.” The P’nti love to study cultural things about
anyone that that they’re trying to learn more of, and dance would be included in
cultural things. The P’nti actually loved to dance and one of the questions
that we were first asked by trainees about dance on Earth is, “Did you learn
moon walking on the moon?” This is Sarah back in 2018. Sarah has got a two-fold
position at the Sandia Mountain Information station. When she is not there she
usually is found during studies along the Pacific Ocean because honestly she’s
an aquatic expert but most recently we’ve seen her more in her role as
official first contact historian. She spent a great deal of time studying all
the various permutations, the ups and downs, ins and outs of what worked what
didn’t work of official first contacts of hundreds of worlds. And so Sarah, this
is her original in 2018, and this is Sarah in 2019. I saw a falling meteor one
day and said, “Make a wish!” and she said, “You make a wish on meteors?” I said, “We make a wish on falling stars because they’re considered
fascinating, mystical…magical.” And so the next time she saw a shooting star she
turned to the person next to her and said, “On Earth, you say make a wish!” This is Tema. Tema you notice has ear
cartilage. She is one of the blended or hybrid folks that works at the Sandia
Mountain Information Station. I have never gotten out of her what she is a blend of.
I don’t know that it’s terribly, terribly important. I know that she and another
gal by the name of Tay had gone through their training together with Dp
and Nhwl in order to become liaisons visiting us. This is Theera. Theera is a cetacean
or whale and dolphin language expert. She rotated through the Sandia Mountain
Information Station and that’s how we met her but honestly her full-time work
now is at an under ocean aquatic facility located between Australia and
New Zealand called the Tasman Sea Base. This is Theera,
it’s called, “Surfacing.” This is also Theera. It originally was in black and white and
Jason Navarre added the coloration that you see here and it’s entitled, “Swimming
the Deep.” They are very concerned about our oceans…very, very concerned about the
climate change that they see happening. Here we have Commander Tht (thought) or
Tht….I don’t know that I could say he’s Commander Tht I maybe have
misspoke there. I do know that Tht is their Chief of Security. He looks rather
stern here. He does have a softer side. Earlier in 2019 he came back to the
station with a very tiny kitten. I believe it was May of this year and I
said, “Tht, you have a kitty!” He said, “It followed me home.” It followed me back to the station he’s what he meant, and I said, “What’s its name?”
He said, “Lost.” I said, “It’s name is Lost?” He said, Well I asked him his name and he
said ‘I’m Lost’ I assumed that was his name.” Tht also is a trained energy worker
there, and you notice here that he has actual muscles. Contrary to Hollywood
opinion, yes they do form muscles, yes they can get buff, yes Tht works
out and works at a facility, a training facility inside the station that reminds
me of a ninja workout course or a ninja gym. This is Tht creating an energy
ball in his hands that he called a thought ball. One of the first portraits
I did of commander Tlkm was this one and this pose was at his request with
his eyes closed with his fingers on his forehead trying to ponder out what to do
next. As I worked trying to understand their hands, the length of
their joints in their hands, whether or not they had fingernails, what their
palms were like…all of those details I tried…or this was one of my first
attempts at getting those details correct. Tlkm came to me one day and he said, “Would
you sketch me this way? And I agreed of course. I wasn’t quite sure why except he
expressed a desire to demonstrate anatomy from the shoulders on up;
collarbones and everything else. Back in 2018 Tlkm was teaching us about
proper greeting gestures and put his hands together with his fingertips touching
over his chest, like we do when we say namaste. We were taught that that
greeting gesture was universally understood by species who had hands. Back
in 2018 Tlkm also taught us a way of saying goodbye and one of their phrases
when they part company with someone else, especially if that person is very
special to them, is to say, “I hold the light for you.” When he’s off duty Tlkm regularly goes down to our Great Barrier Reef down by Australia in order
to swim the Great Barrier Reef, but also when he gets the opportunity, he says he
speaks with the whale nations there. So this is called, “Consulting with the Whale
Nations.” Elephants are sentient according to the
P’nti and Tlkm one day asked me if I would please do a portrait of him with
just this pose. He had just come back from Africa and Thailand
both, speaking with the elephants about the climate changes that were coming, and
so this portrait is called, “Mindspeaking with the Elephants.” People asked Tlkm,
“What color are your eyes?” Well his other nickname is, “Ole Blue
Eyes.” When we were first introduced to T’ni I clearly was still practicing! (Not
having drawn faces of anybody in four decades!) And so this first portrait of
T’ni done back in 2016, I look at now and look at the eyes and I cringe!
However, we have redone her several times. In 2018, this was the first ever color
portrait I did of any of them. I wanted to understand if they were all shades of
grey skin tone, and they indicated no no no! Some of them are taupey brown, some of
them are more tan, some of them are more light gray some are darker greys and so
if there is a range. T’ni is the author of the Telepathy 101 Primer. We redid
T’ni’s image this year, and so this is T’ni in 2019. Yrt is their entomologist and honestly
is one of the regular visitors to Albuquerque native and contactee Gloria
Hawker, who has…whose journey with the P’nti and her extraterrestrial
visitation experiences were written up by Budd Hopkins, the the famous UFO
author. Yrt keeps track of the insect populations for North America. We just
met Zoot this year, he was one of Radar’s apprentices and was learning and
training under our buddy, Radar and so in order to become a visiting liaison to
spend time with some more experienced staff members. So we dubbed this one,
“Radar’s Apprentice.” Zufu used to be a North American freshwater lakes, creeks
and rivers aquatics expert in the central plains of the United States…and
saw all of the interaction the other staff members were having with the Earth
Human public, and wanted to develop his understanding and his conversation and
style and learning of slang and everything else much better, so he
transferred from the aquatics department that keeps track of our environmental
issues to the Information Station desk and began interacting with folks on
Twitter. Zufu who has shared quite a few phrases in their language and one of
them is dkyw Kwh. Dkyw (dok-yah-way) is their word for first
glimmer of morning light pre-dawn and Kwh (kee-wah-hoo) is blue water people, so it’s
another way of saying good morning everybody. Dkyw Kwh. After we did this portrait we redid it
this year in black and white, still Zufu with his coffee cup in hand, and so we
called this one, “Zufu’s Coffee Refilled.” I’ve been
experimenting with all kinds of new artistic techniques this year…overt…
subtle…and this one of the very, very faint almost nebulous starry background
turned out quite well. It was a portrayed as a face, looking down on our world ,and
we called it “Watching Over.” Radar requested this image and it’s entitled,
“So…Who Wants a Ride?” This is one of the trainees…I think he called himself a
dendrologist? It…just…yeah, I’m not sure if that’s the right pronunciation. He’s a
guy that studies the rings of trees and the age of trees and species, so this is
called, “Honoring the Trees.” The Sasquatch Nations and the P’nti are actually very
good friends culturally, and know one another and interact on a regular basis.
It is not unusual for Sasquatch researchers to come back reporting
they’ve seen UFOs or “others,” meaning folks that aren’t from Earth. But, back
when we first were introduced to Radar Radar had become friends with a young
Sasquatch male by the name of Kiye, and Kiye lives about an hour’s drive north… north of us here in the Albuquerque area
up in a dormant supervolcano known as the Valles Caldera. And, so, one day Radar
went to go visit Kiye up in the Valles and they were cutting up and I decided
it might be a good way to portray their friendship as a culture. So this is, “Radar
and Kiye in the Valles Caldera.” This portrait is called, “Be Good,” but the real
question is who’s saying it who? Their meteorologists are very very concerned about the build-up that they see of the intensity of the storms changing the face of our planet. We call this one “Colliding Supercells.” Early on, when we
were discussing visiting Earth Humans with some of the trainees, we had to
explain to them that some Earth Humans call anybody with a Zeta body type “a
grey,” and that sometimes extraterrestrials are referred to as
“little green men.” And, this trainee, looked at his skin, looked at me, held his two
hands up and said, “You mean I’m a little green guy?” The gestures that they’ve taught us as a
greeting gesture, especially if we meet one of them in a close encounter of the
fifth kind or CE-5 situation, is to put two hands together and make a bowl and
very slowly but gently extend it out toward the person that you’re speaking
with. They refer to this as “offering the bowl” and when you offer the bowl to
someone it is a non verbal gesture that means welcome, or welcome I have
something for you. You can take this same bowl formed by your hands and gesture it
toward a chair, which non-verbally means I offer you a place to sit. You can take
the same bowl of your hands and gesture it toward food or beverage…I offer you
this food or drink. So, “Offering the Bowl.” We were practicing working with eyes, eye
sockets, tear ducts, nose cartilage…which varies among them by the way some of
them have a little button nose like this, others are basically just almost flat
cartilage…flat to their nose with slits and no little button. But we dubbed this
image, “I See You.” A lot of contactees report that they see very tall
owls, or very large unusual bunnies, or something else that clearly, as you
examine the situation afterwards, is a screen memory implanted by the P’nti so
that they come across as a known animal that they feel that their visitation
subject won’t be afraid of. And, so this portrait is called, “Screen Memories? Whoo
me?” I was talking about cloaking,
invisibility, catching them in your peripheral vision, breaking through their
invisibility with an angled reflection, and Radar suggested this image of light
wrapping around them in this fashion. And we dubbed this one, “Invisible Peace.” Gloria Hawker was the one who described
to me when the P’nti came to visit her in her bedroom when she was ill one day.
And she said, “The foot of my bed the wall dissolved in a sea of sparkles and a
circle, about eight feet across, and a whole group of them walked into my
bedroom through that circle of sparkles in the wall. So here we’ve portrayed that
same concept and it’s called, “Just Visiting.” “No More Monkeys.” The young boy portrayed in this image is Mika Pearson in Dover, England. Mika and his family
have a podcast on YouTube called Fascination Street. And Radar and Pita first came to visit Mika and they had been witnessed by him dancing in his
room to the music playing as well as jumping on his bed. And so we dubbed this
image, “No More Monkeys” …as in jumping on the bed. When Elon Musk put a red Tesla vehicle
into orbit the P’nti had all kinds of fun with the what ifs of what they could
do with Starman’s red Tesla. This is one of the ideas that they had and so if the
onboard camera to Starman’s red Tesla is still operating, um…they may want to review their footage for a hitchhiker. A month ago in October the new trainees were going through
understanding holiday cultural traditions in North America and we had
to describe to them the carving of large orange gourds with sharp knives to make
faces and put a light inside as a tradition that we have…as part of what
used to be our last harvest festival, Samhain which is now Halloween, bordering
on All Saints Day. So this was the trainees first ever attempts at carving
pumpkins and is called, “Jack-o’-lanterns 101.” I asked Radar what else he did in
his off-duty hours and basically the answer I got back was if it’s unusual,
daring, fun, fast, exciting, and doesn’t cost a whole lot, and he can get Tlkm
to ok it, he’ll try it. Surfing qualified in that category and he asked me, when I
was doing this one, “Do they still say ‘Kowabunga’
among the surfers in California?” I didn’t know. I had to ask. So this is simply
called, “Kowabunga Dude!” Zoot also gets in on the act of
understanding cultural things here on our planet. They were teaching some
of the staff members the rules to basketball and about shooting hoops and
dunking baskets. And when Zoot went to try and dunk a basket, he got a little hung up. So
this is called, “Hangin Eight.” We blame Dell, their Fleet Master for acquiring the
first ever Earth unicycle at the station. He thought it would be a good way to
keep Radar and Radar’s buddies out of the hangar bay in their off-duty hours.
And so he got this for them for their amusement to ride up and down the
corridors. They found that they loved it all so much that now that there’s a
sign-up schedule for who gets to practice on the unicycle when. “The
Unicycle.” Yrt, their entomologist, did let us know that they are counting
various species in our insect population… not just butterflies, not just bees. And
they took the trainees to the cornfields of the Midwest one year in August and
did an estimate count on firefly populations. They were enthralled many of
them had never experienced an insect like fireflies before on Earth. So
this is called, “Counting Fireflies.” Like many of the cultural things on our
planet, there’s a lot of details that are important to learn and they knew that
manners, and traditions and rules and practice using utensils to properly eat
food for various cultures on this planet we’re an important thing to learn. And so
we sat them down one day and essentially said, “Here’s a fork, here’s a large spoon,
here’s a plate of pasta. We need to teach you about twirling.” And so this is
part of their twirling lessons, where they had to learn to twirl spaghetti
using the large spoon onto the fork before they put it in their mouth. This fall
PIta let us know that they tried marshmallows roasted over an open fire
for the first time ever. And he had to understand what it was meant when
somebody asked him, “Golden brown or burnt and crispy?” …meaning how do you
like your roasted marshmallows? Pita decided he was a burnt and crispy guy. “Shh! I Found Pop-tarts!” This image was originally drawn because of an incident
from a visiting liaison to one of our regular contactees in the Brisbane,
Australia area who tried to first sneak some pop-tarts out of a pantry at the
home of one of our regular contactees in that area, and then later ended up
getting his pop-tarts…but instead out of a baggie in a tree in the backyard. If
you’d like to learn more about that story visit, our other website (“presentation”) “The Sandia
Mountains P’nti and Their Worldwide CE-5 Contact 2019.” You’re looking for the
story of Wookie. July 4th this year was the American 4th of July holiday. It’s
the time of year where it’s usually quite hot and frequently a time of year
where Americans oftentimes will break down and make homemade ice cream. nd so we introduced the P’nti to the concept of homemade ice cream. They tried it. They
liked it, but decided it became very melty, very fast, and this image is called
“Share the Melty.” It wasn’t until…I think it was October…
last month…we were talking to Radar about foods on P’ntl versus foods on
Earth and similarities and differences. And he said, “We love your hole foods,” and
at the time he happened to have a cake doughnut on his finger. But he indicated
that they have food on P’ntl that have holes in them, made of grains very
similar to our doughnuts and bagels. And so they stick the food, or whatever it is,
or however many they want on their fingers, to munch on them or carry them
from place to place. “We Love Your Whole Foods.” Jrooti was
letting us know about the “holding the light for you” phrase and we Illustrated
this as a symbol of that, instead of her generating an energy or a thoughtball…
she just had a small candle in her hand, and was “A Light in the Darkness.” Speaking of foods and traditions and
sharing information, we had a real, real good discussion with the P’nti one day
about holiday traditions that they have back on P’ntl. This hat that you see is
actually a woven hat, like a basket hat, tied under the chin with a cloth strap
or something the equivalent. But they use it to dip it
into the ocean water when very, very small fish, fingerling sized fish, are
running by the millions. So you can dip your hat in and come up with an
entire basket of fish. What you don’t see in this image…that the hat actually has
a point on the top of it, so after you’ve caught all your fish in your seining hat
you take it back up to the beach and you plant the
point in the sand to let all the excess water drain out. And then you take the
fish home and either preserve them, dry them, do whatever with them, but it was
one of their traditions where on the holiday, when all the fish ran along the
beaches, they would all take their seining hats and go down together and
make it a big fun party, and go take the seining hats into the ocean, collect
their fish, plant the hats on the beach, wait until they’re all drained out, and
take those fish home to preserve for their families. “Seining Hat Day. “We Sip
the Soup, Mmm.” January every year the P’nti go into seclusion for three to
four days and they, during that time, can elect to fast, but most of them sip soup.
The soup is a symbolic food that represents the collective consciousness
for them, which often has the nickname of quote, The Soup, unquote. So, “We Sip the
Soup, Mmm.” We say thank you to the collective consciousness for everything
that it provides for us. The image before that I showed you of moon walking on the
moon…this was the original that our friend, Jason Navare, took and added the
moon background to this image when they were first learning to moonwalk. Last
December, 11 months ago around the winter solstice, there was a dance contest just
for fun as part of their enjoyment of our winter holidays. And they had been
studying various forms of dance, and Radar had been studying more than
most of them, and this is entitled, “Puttin’ on the Ritz.”
Jrooti came in second in the dance contest. She had been become enthralled
with the dances of Liza Minnelli in ‘Cabaret’ at the time. And so this is
called, “Cabaret Jrooti.” Here in Albuquerque there is a very very well-known Latin
dance studio that rivals, in their teaching of flamenco, studios…dance
studios in Spain. And so if you want to learn flamenco, you go two places on the
planet…apparently Albuquerque and Spain… and so we’ve called this one, “Learning
Flamenco.” They like our castanets. “Sharing the Sunset.” Watching sunsets and being
thankful for the day is common in many of their cultures, and they do miss home now
and again. This is “Dreaming of Home.” We had a discussion with the trainees
before it got really cold this year about snow and what you do in the snow.
And many of them had never seen snow much less seen snow on Earth, and so we
had to teach them about the various kinds of snow.
There’s packing snow. There’s skiing snow. There’s sleet and thunder snow, and
freezing drizzle, and ice storms and blizzards…and so they were learning all
of this terminology. When it was close to freezing and the snow was coming down in
very large wet heavy flakes, the P’nti went out and had a hands-on laboratory
dealing with snow. And this was one of their “First Snowball(s) Ever.” …Followed by “Snowman 101” And so now the P’nti ask us, and sometimes ask the Twitter followers, if it snows where they
are, if it was ‘snowman snow’ because they learned. We were discussing holiday
traditions with the trainees and Radar as well, and he was cutting up, and
we were talking about Kris Kringle and Santa Claus and coming down the chimney
and Rudolph and reindeer and sleighs and presents and Christmas trees and so
Radar asked me to portray this because it was part of the holiday tradition. And
it’s called, “Who me Santa?” This is Grayson dressed as
William Shakespeare, and dubbed “Grayspeare.” The trainees are frequently nervous
when they come visit us. They’re afraid about making mistakes,
they’re afraid about getting scared, they don’t know what we’re gonna do anymore
then we know what they’re gonna do sometimes, so this is the “Nervous
Trainee.” We’ve done a variety of emotional expression things because some
people assume that the P’nti had no emotions, nothing could be further from
the truth. And so we have, “Oh!” “Say What?” “Oh my!” “Too Funny, Dude!” “Gathering
Patience.” “Perturbed.” “Hilarity” “So Very Thankful” “Concerned” and “Mourning.” Yes they
do cry. We also, because Radar is their Earth
media specialist, have had a variety of discussions over the past six years
about our movies and television and things, and so we’ve joked around with
Radar about portraying him in some of these various guises. Radar is a hat
lover and has an entire collection of Earth hats and so when he donned this
fedora, he wanted to have a bullwhip from the Indiana Jones movies, because of
the fedora. We kind of nixed the bullwhip idea but we still named this
portrait “Indiana Radar.” This is “The Sage in the Swamp. You may recognize a nod to Master Yoda. “Close Encounters of the P’nti Kind” and this is a nod to “Men in
Black.” Brinkman is an inside joke. A Brinkman is somebody who’s always
pushing the edge of the envelope, always pushing the edge of the rules, always
taking things right up to the brink… that’s what a brinkman. Grayson and
our friend from Australia that had come to visit, we’re giving Radar a hard time
about his piloting skills and together they both were saying “brinkman.” So this
is “Brinkmen in Black,” and not ‘Men in Black.’ “Back to the When?” Marty McFly from ‘Back to the Future’, move over I think we found somebody else. I mentioned one of the
blendeds earlier by the name of Tay. She and Tima ago visit people. Believe it or
not they enjoy sleeping with things that are soft and cuddly in their arms as
much as many of us do. So this is Tay her teddy. Some of the blendeds end up
with more hair than others some more nose cartilage some more ear cartilage
of the blended hybrids have a whole range of different kinds of looks…some
more P’nti like or Zeta like, others much more human-like. And so this is called,
“Blended in Silhouette.” What do their little, little babies look like? They look
like our preemies, and this is called, “Preciousness.” I don’t think that this
child was more than 12 inches long when I saw it. To learn more about the P’nti,
you can go to or visit them on Twitter @Sandiawisdom or “Sandia the ET.” You can help Earth get ready for Official First
Contact. Check out our new nonprofit…it’s called The Infinite Voice Project dot org…to
learn more. A gallery of the original portraits will soon be available for
sale on We’re trying to get that going now. You’ll
find some of the favorites that you just saw in this presentation at our
RedBubble store, Sandia OFC and the sales help with our behind the scenes costs of
Official First Contact. Please wear your day with ease and tk tk, thank you. This
has been Su Worker and if you need to write me ,you can do so at
[email protected] Wear your day with ease, guys. Thanks.

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