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The Omni Montelucia Resort – A Spanish treasure in Paradise Valley, Arizona

Hi I’m Mike of Mike’s Road Trip and on
this episode I explore Phoenix and Scottsdale while staying right in
between the two cities in the stunning enclave of Paradise Valley at the Montelucia an Omni resort providing breathtaking views of the iconic
Camelback Mountain, so come along with me, let me show you around… The Omni Montelucia is modeled after an
idyllic village in the hills of Spain. For centuries Spanish explorers venture
to the Southwest in search of treasure, upon finding such riches, fortune seekers
left behind clues and markers to confuse others, and, to remind themselves where
they had hidden their treasure. Today, a new kind of explorer comes to the
southwest, searching not for material riches, but for a place to create lasting
memories. When travelers arrive at the Montelucia they soon discover a
majestic setting with unparalleled mountain views.
The proverbial “X” was used to mark the spot where treasure lies, that X still exists today and is an
iconic landmark in a Phoenix Scottsdale area it’s known as Camelback Mountain. On the northern side of this uniquely shaped Mountain is the treasure of the Omni Montelucia, a resort that transports its guests to a romantic and relaxing
village in Spain. “The architecture is so cool here and this well” This is one of 200 artifacts
here at the resort. While the sixteenth-century doors behind
me are just another example of the Spanish influences here at the Montelucia resort. And, there is certainly no shortage of
things to do with the resort. During my stay I would often just grab something
quick to eat for breakfast or lunch at Crave Cafe. One day I picked up a
bike at the front desk and took a stroll through the expansive property. Along the way I tried my hand at some bocce ball, however I think my technique may need
some work. There is also a fantastic workout facility and I found the Hoya
Spa a wonderful opportunity to get in some much-needed R&R. Of course hanging out by one of the
three pools was also pretty relaxing. On a cool afternoon like it is
today there’s a number of little alcoves like this one to kind of warm up by the
fire. You’ll also find some nearby activities worth exploring. For those
interested in hiking Camelback Mountain is an exhilarating experience and the
resort even provides this hiking guide. The summit hike is not for the faint of
heart as the vertical ascent is pretty
dramatic, but that 360 degree views sure make the effort. Just up the
street from the Omni Montelucia is Cattle Track Studios which lets visitors
get up close to artists working on their craft. Also evident within Prado, the
resort’s primary restaurant decorated in richly colored earth tones from supple
leather to old-world hardwood furniture. The menu at Prado is uncomplicated yet
prepared with an air of sophistication. The food is clean healthful allowing the
natural flavors of the food to shine through. Well that’s it for my time here in Spain, I mean
in Paradise Valley at the Montelucia Omni Resort.Until next time, we’ll see on
the road…

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4 thoughts on “The Omni Montelucia Resort – A Spanish treasure in Paradise Valley, Arizona

  1. Another fantastic video Mike. This Montelucia looks amazing! Have been wanting to visit the Phoenix / Scottsdale area. Cheers!

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