37 thoughts on “The Most POWERFUL Prayer to RAISE Human Consciousness! Awakening | Enlightenment | Oneness

  1. Beautiful prayer! So spiritually deep! I love this one Jessica!

  2. This is the most powerful & high vibrational video I have ever seen from this channel Thank you for sharing this positive message keep up the great work

  3. Because I said this with passion and dedication, I had to speed up, to not lose the page!!! Will do it again. I'm not capable of being monotone about things, if I believe in them. Hope everyone has a good and meaningful day.

  4. This is Satanism!! If it's not of the God of all living things, it's is of Satan!! I've been researching this, all this stuff is to get everyone to be low level Witches, America was founded on witchcraft.😈

  5. The best way is to be first of all be conscious for every moment for every incident surrounding us as we will become conscious we will be e fore from Mini E problems many negative thoughts

  6. Amen!!! To imagine figures of light making the dark conscious is to create that which we desire using the power of God which is Love and the power of Creation which is imagination.

  7. Hey Dr. Connor, I'm still working through your catalogue and absorbing some wonderful information, Prioritizing what feels like me and what feels like it would be a chore. This lesson though, along with last weeks, "compress time" lesson, are two MASTERPIECES of philosophical wisdom! Thank you kindly for imparting such knowledge.

  8. Love the channel, but the frequent mixing of Universe vs. "God" is confusing and misleading. I'd leave religious connotations out of it.

  9. I needed to know a very important thing. Can we manifest multiple dreams together? Like by visualising different things in different times? I saw in a meditation video’s description that we have to keep our focus only on one thing for minimum 30days otherwise multiple things can confuse subconscious and we’ll end up manifesting nothing. Is that true?

  10. You don't seem to tackle on the praise. "The messenger of God" why?… I felt it is important but yet you don't give much attention to it..

  11. I say my rosary and listen to this almost daily and I declare everytime I listen to it I get more info thank you and have a blessed New Year

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