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The Most Creative Way To Raise Money For Charity?

Hi, I’m Matt, I’m Luke, I’m Ben …
… and I’m Ben too. And we’re here to tell you about an amazing
opportunity to be a part of Internet history, while supporting a great cause
at the same time. Later this year, we’re going to be
filming a whiteboard animation. It’ll be a bit like the one you’re watching,
but this one will be special. For the first time ever, this is a sketch that
you can be a part of. You see, we’re hoping to raise $20,000 for
cancer research by selling advertising space in our video before we film it. In order to make our video interesting
to watch, it needs to have a good story behind it … and that’s where our buddy Ediz comes in. Ediz battled non-hodgkins lymphoma when he was a teenager … and he came out the other side, fit and healthy. It is possible to conquer cancer, and even though he had some really scary, touch-and-go moments, his is one of those inspiring stories that gives us hope that one day we might actually find a cure for cancer. It’s an amazing, positive story, and we’re humbled that Ediz has agreed to let us tell it. This style of whiteboard animation is really
popular at the moment—we created one recently that racked up over 50,000 views on YouTube
in just 4 days! So we’re expecting this video to get a ton of traffic and be shared like
crazy on Twitter and Facebook. Not only would you be getting some good exposure, this is
the first time anything like this has been done, so it really is an opportunity to be
a part of Internet history! For just $1,000, you could have your logo
right there, in the video—and you’ll be supporting a terrific cause at the same time!
Your donation goes direcetly to the Ride To Conquer Cancer, which benefits the Peter Mac
hospital—the only public hospital in Australia solely dedicated to cancer. And if you can’t afford to buy one of those
20 sponsored spots but you like this idea, you can still help us reach our target by
making a small donation. We’ll list every donation on the credits page at the end of
the video. But there are only 20 sponsored spots available,
so go now to to secure your spot, before they’re all gone!

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20 thoughts on “The Most Creative Way To Raise Money For Charity?

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  2. I'm attempting to raise money for two charities which are The Mental Health Foundation and World Cancer Research so please go to to help raise as much money as possible.

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  8. My mum has breast cancer stage 2 and in a few weeks, me and my dad are doing a 24 hour gamathon to help raise money for cancer awareness. I want to help encourage people to fight cancer. People out there are suffering, like my mum, so fight cancer.

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