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The world they want to take us into And we are going into less we wake up is so fantastically different from the world We’ve known that they have a big problem with that that chasm So I’m not saying this is about the matrix possibly, but I’m not still not saying it for sure But I am saying it for sure About this stream of movies year after year after year after year That are portraying the very dystopian machine controlled society That they want to take us into Because it’s called pre-emptive programming What they’re doing is? systematically making us subconsciously consciously to more and more but subconsciously familiar with that world So that as it comes in for real it’s less of a chasm It’s less of a shock because we’re being prepared for it because it’s all a mind game. It’s all a perception game the whole thing is a perception game so What Morpheus did in the Matrix movie? Is he held up a battery and he said? Basically the machines have turned human into one of these which is an energy source I remember the the scenes in the matrix of the babies and having their their energy trawled if You look at common themes of ancient cultures And of people I’ve spoken to on the inside of the system particularly in America There is a common theme that these entities Feed of human low vibrational energy Because of a Perceptual state is a frequency If I’m in a state of depression then I mean I’m in a frequency Depression is frequency joy is frequency in our reality And if you’re going to absorb energy as a source of such energetic sustenance then that energy has to be within the frequency band you operate on I and these non-human entities that are manipulating human society by the very nature of who they are how they act I mean the human word psychopaths and psychopathic Just encapsulates them If you look at the so called hair test of psychopathic traits including no empathy, and and at the top where people have no failsafe mechanism of behavior because they have no emotional consequence because they have no empathy therefore anything goes things that we couldn’t do because Emotionally empathetically we couldn’t do it people they have no problem because they have there they are empathy deleted So they’re in a low-frequency state And therefore if they’re going to use Humans as a energetic source human emotion has to be in a low vibrational state So they’ve set up a human society to generate maximum fear low vibrational state anxiety depression Conflict and all these low vibrational emotional states Your fear of the future Regret the the past resentment all these low vibrational states And they feed off them they feed off them just like Morpheus is talking about they’ve turned humans into one of these So we are an energy source to them and the the idea is to get humans controlled by artificial intelligence So that they completely control our perceptual state is that the final plan? Yes, then they’re done if they do that right and yes because then they’ve got complete control. They will then be able through artificial intelligence to dictate the human Frequency and be able to feed off it and and Without anything like the same amount of manipulation has taken this far. See so if you have a wall Even fear of a war fear of a war anxiety a war itself. It’s an energetic explosion of low vibration Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website Learn from the best minds in the world and connect with a community of passionate people building the best versions of themselves Just click on the link below, and I’ll see you on the inside

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100 thoughts on “THE MATRIX IS REAL & THE END IS NEAR – David Icke

  1. There alot of energy vampires out there. They want to be around you because you cheer them up when there sad. But they don't realise what there doing to the other person. Power zappers I call them stay clear of them. You have alot to give in this world. Don't give it to negative energy people. They don't appreciate shit but there own well-being.

  2. We’re supposed to be SPIRITUAL beings,,how the hell can we be spiritual if we’re bloody slaves to all this technology/smartphone zombies everywhere,We’re not spiritual!Were a munch of bloody muppets!!

  3. In his book The Power of Kabbalah, the Rabbi Yehuda Berg includes a three part illustration that begins with a battery and ends with the image of an infant in a womb with positive and negative poles. By itself this seems to be an obvious allusion to the Matrix, but then on the page that follows, Berg blatantly announces that "Kabbalists understand the entire Bible is a code" which seems to hint at the true subject of Neo's hacking profession. On top of all this is the book's title "The POWER of Kabbalah". So perhaps it is not the "rabbit hole" that we should be exploring; it is the "rabbi hole".

  4. You know many low vibration people said David is mad but I kept an open enough mind to hear the truth. May we all find our truth it sets us free. Thank you for being committed and courageous to spread that truth against all odds. Never stop 🙏

  5. David has a negative perspective. It is a problem because: We create our own reality. David says "when" they get the control. Words become reality. Why do he not say "if". That opens up for more options.
    David forget the fact that the world becomes a better place by each day. Less famine, more freedom. Did David like the world better 100 years ago? There were conditions that looked like slavery in each part of the society/world. Now we have opportunities to live the life we want to live (if YOU take responsibility for YOUR life).
    If we believe in a better world and act on it, the world will get better and better. Just like it has continued the last 100 years.
    Do not fall into negativity like promoted in this video.

  6. All Humans have attached ! On our Heart side an evil ancient inter dimensional entity!! ,they prefer to live off our emotions !

  7. As far as I can see he's just taken ideas that we live in a simulation and ideas from other people possibly from philosophers about the universe and then he just making the rest up nothing to see here lmao

  8. I believe in illuminati existence af…but why illuminati leave these theorists exposing?do they know?does US make illuminati theory to distract us or symbols in clips?

  9. This man at 3.20 starts intensifying, listing, hypnotising with negativity, listing all hell. He clearly enjoys the dark side or is hijacked by it as aftertaste from him is FEAR, TERROR, DEPRESSION, NEGATIVITY, HOPLESSNESS, etc.. So he is their superagent, stupid. If he were clever, he would be maximizing linguistically words like joy, happiness, satisfaction, optimism, love to fight the enemy. He is evil or stupid or both.

  10. See CAG News Network, how they're all related, Jonathan Kleck, about us as food source, and lack of empathy in the many evil people. Interesting!

  11. A lot of Icke I think is rubbish but this I agree with but because I'm sceptical of some of it cue vitriolic comments…

  12. So people just except all this because there all scared I would say god be disappointed in he's people for not trying to fight back.. Money money that's all it is but it's your health there really after


  14. Of course that is what they are trying to do and I for one ain't going to stand for it. I am going to starve these entities then by going about smiling all day in that case and I might larf out loud dance and sing

  15. We can win! We have to. Spread love, opening our hearts❤️❤️❤️😍 don't fall for the ego-triggering things. You can create the life of your dreams, but do it from your heart-space ❤️❤️🙏😍

  16. I've been listening to David Ike for many years. I remember when people laughed at him many many years ago. I knew then that what he was saying was true.

  17. I can accept the notion that I'm demon food because I'm so depressed because it doesn't mater what I try I fail. But non empathetic—NoWay Jose. I'm the most empathetic person I know, that's why I'm always putting myself in others shoes, and why I always put others needs in front of mine, and why my life is so messed up. Half right Dave, but half right doesn't get the tamalle.

  18. AI or the metrics or robotic world and 5g are the most practical and safe way to human genocide with out usage of nukes and other destructive's very easy to trap man kind in technology and then the results they wanna get, will be very easy to get.
    And for God sake there are no extraterrestrial creatures that are controlling the world.they are just moths that are created to put the western society in an unknown lizards and bla bla bla.

  19. I get the analogy but I hope he's not speaking literally because the amount of heat that human beings produce is so negligible and physics required to tap that is an energy Source would require more energy than we reproduce, I think solar power will just be fine

  20. Yup, I know exactly what hes saying. Its much more complex i believe, is highly related to consciousness and nature energy. Educated is the cure right now, specifically on what being human is and how the mind works. it has a personality of its own.

  21. My close acquaintance believes season 19 of ghosts hunters is more legit then building 7 didn't fall from free-fall (office fires did it).

  22. David Icke is correct if your against war because you fear war than your resistance to war is absolutley useless, fear is the start of everything thats negative…. "fear attracks the fearful" i once heard. I love these London Real interviews because he lets the person he´s interviewing speak and when david Icke speaks you really should listen, he otherwise has not been around as long as he has been and all the while continues gaining momentum if what he´s saying is crap.

  23. This guy talks sense but this video I think he's talking too deep. So deep that normal people won't understand what the fuck he's talking about. I'm not saying I'm a clever person but you have to understand the concept of his videos and think deeper. Show this video to the average Joe and that person will think he's on crack. Only a small percentage of people will understand what he's on about.

  24. Our full gratitude, David, for all your invaluable inputs you kindly gave us here, and for opening our minds (my full appreciation too for this phenomenal YouTube channel that broadcasts such brilliant humans. Please keep it up 👍 )

  25. Some of these interviews sound “right”, but then I remember where the “energy” philosophy comes from, and I can’t help but notice his hands
    One thing I do agree with though is, the end is near
    Jesus Christ is coming back SOON

  26. There are no energetic vampire, there are pathetic idiotic vampires.what they are told to believe is that if they will drink human blood, they will remain young forever along with several other satanic rituals.

  27. Great Brian! your hosts are brilliant.please change the tune at the last of the video,it is irritating.

  28. So sad that many people are ignorant to this man. They have been manipulated into thinking he is mad therefor nothing he says has any value. Please keep an open mind and don’t allow others to control the truth 🙏

  29. Why do you always blame the psychopaths for their state? They were abused as kids. Blame society not just one individual

  30. Why does anyone assume low vibrational equals bad moods, sadness, etc. Low vibration don't contain much energy and would be useless to absorb. Energy is in the igher vibrations. People need to take at lease one science class before doing consipracy videos.

  31. If they've been doing this for thousands of years wouldn't they already be in the final state? I believe in some version of this based off things that happened to me but people like this really butcher it. They heard about it somewhere. They didn't go through it.

  32. The Bible talks about what you're talkin about here this little horn power that comes out of the fourth Beast we are the forest beasts to revive the Roman Empire the European powers United States Britain Australia Europe we run it all and We're Goin Down and Out of that fourth power they will break the world into 10 pieces these are the 10 mega-regions 2050 in the little horn power is Zion it'll all be based on a I control which originated in Israel and is outlawed and Israel right now it says that this little horn power Will Survive a short space Jesus will have to return because there will be hardly anyone left alive that this power nothing will be Beyond them they will be so powerful that they'll be able to control the weather and what we talked about at CERN right now is dimensional travel or travel between the 10 heavens and it will be so bad that they will have to gather the elect from the Four Winds of Heaven that spiritual and gather the people from the four corners of the earth that would be the physical because it will shake the foundations of everything that's what happens when you mess with black holes oh yes the Bible reads like a magazine for those who have eyes to see

  33. When a girl wears leggings and her ass is amazing but you have to go home and watch porn. Why would they even put that in life

  34. I don't trust this man. I don't understand, how people can relate to the bizarre information that is coming from him. There is a way of understanding spiritual world and some realities of the politics etc. while staying rational.

  35. Wrong. He didn't get it.
    Matrix doesn't need people's energy. Zion is another illusion for rebbels.
    Matrix/Zion is the machine to give an illusion of the world that is real-like.
    But still nice video.

  36. I have felt this for a few years, without no one tell me, i just became aware.. movies today give alot of hints of what coming. I like that i am not the only one taking notice. Reason the people today walk around with a chip on their shoulder and all the violence and inappropriate behavior.. etc etc. Is TV, Social media, Music (Rap music), News,Video games, and Movies.

  37. We just need to defund public education. If there are fewer engineers and scientists, it would be absurdly expensive to hire them.

  38. This man just confirms what was written in the Bible for the longest time, there is a world filled with demons, and angels among us that we can’t possibly see with our natural eyes. The demons are evil entities ruled by the one of many casted out of the heavens, Satan. He has been referred to as a dragon in some the Bible’s books. Guys all these movies get all of their ideas right out of the Bible. Why? Because the Bible is the truth and is prophesy, by the one and only creator of this world or “matrix.” The “mythical creatures,” apocalypses, the chosen one who is the hero (Jesus). Guys this is real, these entities are real, the spiritual war for souls is real. But just like every movie or book written, there is an end, the end is only true for our natural world but our souls will continue as immortals in either heaven or hell for all of eternity, choose wisely.

  39. Listen. People need to learn to communicate better. I mean here on this comment section of David's video. Take a lesson from him, he is fairly articulate. SLOW DOWN and use good English and watch your grammar. If you don't know what grammar is, look it up and learn what that is, take the time to do that. But I think the important thing is for us to all SLOW DOWN. Our thinking a million miles per hour and trying to convert that to communicating at that same speed is lunacy.

  40. The problem is they will broadcast the world we will soon live in, this silly man doesn't even know he is being used.

  41. Wow! Someone got you pouting David! I have their email address too if you want it! You have no idea how real I'm being right now, for real! Hahahaha!

  42. matrix no heaven and hell its real and we are able to do hectic universal magic by using how we think focus on diferent beliefs and feelings plus expect unbelievable things to happen but believe it 150% and it will come true i have done stuff and seen stuff that would make most people terrorfied for life

  43. I used to believe all the conspiracy nonsense until I looked at the statistics. the world is getting much better. look at Steven pinkers Ted talk. it doesn't add up to the evil conspiracy nonsense that people believe and people believe it blindly. I don't know how many conspiracies I used to believe without actually doing any individual research by myself. If I read a conspiracy I believed it without question. blindly believing every conspiracy theory is no better than blindly believing the government

  44. For we wrestle not against FLESH and BLOOD, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against SPIRITUAL wickedness in high places. Ephesians 6:12. Believe it or don’t. You don’t have to be religious to believe.

  45. I'm king of the universe earth and hell satan Kyle kalagian 2nd of the Gods pride wrath king devil king. Helmut bakaitis is God the Father Allah. Your in the matrix now and billions of u all at once r going to get nuked soon by xi Jinping Putin and trump. Ww3 has been going on for 5 years now and soon billions will be getting chewed by chewy monster beezelebub for forever…..Dantes inferno

  46. He knows exactly what he's talking about,i've seen "journalists" working for the illuminati try to ridicule him and put labels on him on tv,when they failed they were like "well time's up thanks for joining us David".

  47. Exposssure To Our Plansss Mussst Be Ssstopped, I've Asssked The Hierarchsss Ssseveral Timesss To Let Me Persssonally Lead A Team To Assssssassssssinate Thisss Expossser.

  48. Haven't we has had enough of these Evil Brittish monarchies get rid of them de- throne them take away their power and there arse lickers that protect them like scum and scummy paediphiles. All they want is havoc and power. Look what they have to my or our beautiful Pacific, and America and China in the name of greed and  power. When a Monarchies has to kill and cause havoc to gain power it tells you something is not right.  The English Royals are pure Evil.

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