100 thoughts on “The Longest Way 1.0 – walk through China and grow a beard! – a photo every day timelapse

  1. Sup people! I see we're in for another round of YouTube Recommendations Bingo!
    Here are some of my comments to your comments:
    1. Yes, it's been 10 years.
    2. Yes, there used to be (painted) boobs at 00:50 but YouTube had me censor them.
    3. Yes, their algorithms are weird sometimes.
    4. No, the camera I used wasn't that awesome, I just took a bunch of still images and put them together.
    5. Yes, I look like Bob Ross sometimes (wish I could paint).
    6. Yes, at other times I look like Marv from Home Alone.
    7. No, I don't friggin look like that disturbed Logan Paul kid. YOU look like Alex Jones!
    8. No, I don't wanna hear about any boring Scandinavian Gamers either lol.
    9. Yes, you can see me on an airplane here and there. I had to go places to take care of some things sometimes (mostly visa issues). Then I'd go back and continue walking.
    10. Yes, I am still walking (reached Georgia last year – the country, not the state): https://thelongestway.com/
    11. Yes, you can grow a bigger beard than me.
    12. No, this isn't the best video ever – Dancing Matt's "Where the hell is Matt 2008" is. That and the sneezing panda.
    13. Yes, travelling costs money. I write books, I give presentations, and I sell merchandise.
    14. Yes, the titles of the songs I used are in the description. Much love to Bob Morane and Sanmao.
    15. Yes, you want to travel the world. And let me tell you: you will! The road is out there, waiting for you. Best of luck!
    16. Thanks for your comments.
    17. Go buy my books (out in German, Chinese, and Russian). Or a shirt. Or a mug. Or a fine art print. Anything just so I will have enough money to be able to afford a Maserati and drive everywhere like those rich people do.
    18. Or just add me on insta: christophrehage

  2. 0:50 Nani?
    Btw this guy achieved quite an achievement.
    Plus his become a different person just from that 1 year experience.

  3. Two things
    Why is this video from 2009 on my recommended in 2019
    And why does this video from 2009 has better quality that most part of the videos in 2019?

  4. There is something in this video which make me cry. I dont know what it is, but it is the same feeling when you have tears after looking at a good painting.

  5. My dad is going on a walk to Israel next year.. and from where he is at, it will take 3 years. I will miss him dearly 😭🤧

  6. Hello to everyone except the fucker at youtube hq that decided to put this on my recommendations 10 years after the video was made

  7. He does this and I'm like yeah bitches I can play around with editing software and I know a lot about philosophy, give me money. I feel weak now.

  8. I never realized before that this video uploaded in 2009.Video quality and editing quality is much great.After 10 years it gone viral!

  9. It’s a fucking green screen notice as he never touches anything or anyone in his fake ass wanna be a cool into the wild having ass oh look it’s fuck mcfucking and his weak ass beard my shit grows out in a week what your saying took that long journey go fuck yourself and stop feeling people mind with lies weirdo


  11. 2009-ok i just finished editing. Can u put it in the recommendation now?
    Yt: no
    2010-how about now?
    Yt: no
    2011-ok so its been 2 years. How about now?
    Yt: no
    2012- how about now?
    Yt: no
    2013- now?
    Yt: no
    2014- now??
    Yt: nope
    2015- how abou-
    Yt: no
    2016- now?
    Yt: no!
    2017- ok so its been 8 years. Can u just please put it now?
    Yt: nope
    2018- do i even have a chance?
    Yt: no
    2019- meh
    Yt: now.
    – srsly dood its been 10 years.yas u heard me. TEN YEARS! Ive waited for too long! U didnt even know how long it was!

  12. 2009: naw not yet
    2010: nope
    2011: not now
    2012: I dunno?
    2013: wait no
    2014: eh no not time
    2015: like no?
    2016: still no
    2017: I still know

  13. Alright time to edit eh wich camera has wich photos , where was I on that photo again was it here or there , nnnnnnnnnnoooooooo I CLICKED DELETE

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