The legend of the Roan Mountain Ghost Choir

if the mountain music or the ghost choir
was heard the wind was blowing very hard people have reported great
fear I just love this mountain it’s actually a part of my soul run mountain to me has an incredibly
spiritual place when you’re on top of the road your
cares just left my name is Jennifer power and I’ve lived in Rome Mountain
for 38 years the state park is all down at this
elevation the top of the road is all national forest service and run Mountain
State Park my primary job responsibilities were to do programs
over the years that I’ve worked here I had the opportunity to talk to a lot of
people whose parents grandparents worked in the Cloudland hotel in the late 1800s
which was a time with reports of the mountain music and the ghost choir we
talked about it was huge and everyone is dressed up so fancy to be on the map beautiful so right here where we’re
standing we’re in the Appalachian Trail uh-huh behind me is North Carolina and
in front of us is Tennessee during the Cloudland Hotel days general Wilder who
built the Cloudland hotel most likely was getting more and more reports of
people getting trapped out in storms hearing the strange and eerie sounds I
found lots of references to strong wind when I was doing research on Roman
so when the hotel was up on this hill people said that they could hear that
ghost choir some people felt that that mountain music that strange eerie sound
that we whip around the mountains or fairies other people thought that the
mountain music came from the spirits of Cherokee and Catawba Indians who many
many years ago fought on top of the room so other people felt that what they were
hearing was the mountain actually talking to them some people took them as
very evil messages and they felt like the devil himself had come up from the
depths below to find them other people felt the music was not evil
at all the ghost choir the mountain music they felt it was the sounds of
angels that the rhone was so blessed so in an effort to determine what might be
affecting guests at the Crown Inn Hotel I do not know if general Wilder
requested that scientists Henri Colton from Knoxville come to the hotel to find
out but he was there mr. Colton had come to do some investigations of a sort to
figure out what this was so were they on the balconies or Howard Howard it was
never really explained they could have been walking they could have been
standing on the porch I think they were just more out and that was going to hurt
his business because people are getting scared and ultimately mr. Colten determined
that the sounds were being made by friction and electricity generated by
friction usually at the narrow is ridges now we don’t know that that’s the answer
but that was the scientific approach to finding out why so many people were
frightened when they were out during these serious storms and now if we get
to hear the ghost choir that’s gonna really be a plus I know the folks have
lived here then you know we’re very very isolated
I can imagine that sometimes fear could be a big part of a person’s life

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