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“The journey IS the destination.” | REI Nature’s Colin Ep. 06

– It’s our nation’s birthday! Doesn’t get more suburban than this. How ya feelin’? – I don’t know what to tell you. I’m pulling a wagon. I’ve got an American flag neckerchief on. – Right, we’re gonna go to
a little barbecue situation. Colin’s gonna eat a burger
with a bunch of cheese on it and drink three pops. – This is my neighbor Beadie. – Shouldn’t you be training
somewhere right now? – See that’s the thing is, we’ve kinda run out of steam as far as training goes. And we had a child, so it’s now hard. – Yeah. – If you were giving any advice, Beadie’s a pastor, so any pastorly advice. – Deep, spiritual meaning of life. I’d just say hydrate. – (laughs) Hydrate?
– That’s my spiritual advice – Thou sayeth the lord. – Yep, his first miracle, water to wine. – I’ve been gettin’ the wine part right. – [Both] Heyoooo! (laughing) (upbeat country music) (baby laughing) – Hi! (child laughing) (bell ringing) (upbeat country music) – ♪ It’s Nature’s Colin, hey! ♪ (chiming music) – Gonna feel a lot like, when it compresses, like
in your blood pressure, and then it’s just gonna go up and down with the pressure. It’s gonna constrict, and then release so its forcing blood out. – Okay.
– And then let it back in. It’s gonna break up
crystallization and any knots, it’s gonna get your legs to feel a little bit better, and then we’re gonna do the whole body right after. All right?
– You’re my new best friend. – Hey, you have no idea. Wait till you’re done, wait till you’re done. – Okay. Woke up today feeling like, man, body’s just worn down, my brain is worn down. This is gonna be a part
of my hike routine. Less working out, more, like, hug balloons. I don’t even care if it
does anything long term cause’ right now in the short term…. – All right, you ready for this? – Yes, sir. (calm relaxing music) – So you’re gonna be in here, nitrogen gas is gonna surround your body, it’s a dry uncomfortable cold, it’s not a wet painful cold. So it’s different then what we feel here a lot of times where it hurts, this is just uncomfortable, maybe some pins and needles on that. So what it’s gonna do, it’s gonna spike your nervous system, speed up your metabolism, and then oxygenate or thicken your blood. And then it’s gonna force that blood through your body as fast as it can. All right, you ready, any questions? – No, I’m ready to do this. – Okay. (sharp exhale) All right, hop on in. – Whoa. (door slamming) – There we go. – All right. – So at any point, if it’s too much, you just tell me and we can pause it. – This is so cold. (sharply exhales) (rapid breathing) – (mumbles) crooked. – Was that three minutes? – Yep, you did it.
Aww man. – Wasn’t bad at all, was it. – Not at all. Yeah, I do feel, like, a little bounce. – Yeah?
Yeah. – Yeah, the lactic acid
in your legs should be gone now,
– Yeah! And you should have a burst of energy. (laughing) I actually feel great! I went in skeptical. I have come out a full convert. This is absolutely one of the coolest, invigorating things I’ve done in a very long time. I feel rejuvenated,
feel ready to work out, feel ready to hike. Let’s start a band! Let’s open up a fireworks stand! It was amazing. It was amazing. I might even clean my car I feel so good. But, hmm, maybe not. It’s good stuff. (upbeat music) Getting ready to go hike these stairs. The last time I did this, someone surgically removed my calves, and replaced them with
thawed out chicken cutlets, that don’t work as muscles. They said to minimize the calf pain, get your full foot on the stairs. There’s still two and a half inches sticking off the back. And back down. Dustin’s always been in significantly better shape than me. (muffled speaking) I get
into this experience, just blow him outta the water! But this is kinda my own sick infatuation to be better than him. (muffled speaking) (upbeat music) (smacking) Nine! Last one! Legs are definitely feeling it today. Lungs are feeling it. (exhales sharply) (hand smacking)
10 up, 10 down! We’re doin’ it! Evidence. (exhales sharply) – [Mom] We could put this in the category of urban hike. – Yeah. People take this corner like they’re in the Indy 500. Like, kinda…. – [Mom] This is how you know you’re officially a parent. – I’m so Dad right now. – [Mom] Because when you’re like– – I’m like, “Hey, lets maybe not cut it so close there, huh, Bub?” – [Mom] Yeah, you like worry about the speed of other cars. – “Well just hold on there, Pal.” Back on track after havin’ a few days of kinda dark night of the soul moments. Didn’t eat too good. Didn’t work out too good. All this to say spirits are high. What Dawn doesn’t know, is I’m already planning the next climb. – Oh, brother. – I’m goin’ to the Himalayas. – No. – In August. – No. – Of this year. – No, no. Cool, that’s awesome. – You’re awesome. Think I’ve been casting somewhat of a downer light on things at times. When I tell people what I’m doing, they’re like “Wait a
minute, REI’s helping you, like, train and get ready to do a climb that most people dream about doing?” It makes me feel like a bit of a poser. Which is kinda familiar territory for me. D Money! – [Man] How ya doin’? – Goin’ to work out. – [Man] Oh you are? – Yeah. – Oh, I have a really
good suggestion for you. – Oh yeah? – There’s this staircase
that everybody’s on. – Oh they go like work out there. – All the time, I’ve
been on it many times. – Yeah – And it’s like 150 steps. (whistles) It’s a great place to go. – All right!
That’s where I would go. – Everybody’s so supportive. It’s so funny, I have like the biggest support group between just all these lovely neighbors that I have. My wife, who’s incredible. My son, who is just so
excited about everything. So that’s what I’m saying, I need to flip the script on this like, ugh, woe is me, I must work out. No man, you get to work out. You get to go outside
and see these things. So, it’s certainly a physical exercise, but it’s certainly a mental health exercise as well. (rapid breathing) (sharply exhaling) One week. – One week out? (hands clap) How you feelin’? – I’m good. – Yeah?
Yeah. – So, I just wanted to do just a quick little touch base on how things are going, and then what we’re gonna do, is we’re gonna go through one of the workouts that we did. Check and see how you’re feeling, where you’re at. – Yeah, I just wanna now take the next step to be like, okay, Mount St. Helens, done. (hands clapping)
What’s next? Or to even just keep working out. – I would like working out to always bet this like, joyful, magical, playful thing. And it should be adding to your life, but it’s not always gonna be the easiest first choice. So how do I make it work, in a way that’s gonna be actually workable for my life now. In six weeks, you’ve gone
from not working out, or working out kind of inconsistently, to really consistently working out, and bringing your kid into it, hiking, getting outside. That’s huge. – Thanks. – That’ huge. – Yeah. – Well, here’s what I’d like to do. A workout. – Let’s do it! (rock music) – Nice! (hands clapping)
Dude, you are ready. This is night and day. From when I met you six weeks ago, (hands clapping)
to right now. Seriously. How do you feel? – Tired.
Yeah? I know rest is a challenge with baby, so as much as possible, get as much sleep as possible. – I’ll tell my wife, “Hey, babe. I just gotta be rested.” – Yeah, definitely don’t tell her that. – GBR. – Show up as much–
“Babe, GBR. Gotta be rested. – Don’t, I did not say that. – Babe, GBR. – I did not say that. – GBR. – I think all things considered, man, you have been killing it. – I appreciate that. – Yeah. – I figured, why not do this at the hardest point of my life. – You know, throw a baby
in it, summit a mountain. But honestly, if you can do this, you can do anything. (relaxed upbeat music)

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