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The Hobbit – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

What’s good playas? This week we chiefin some of dat Middle Earth scroll with The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. Down in the hood of Bag End lives a
hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins. Now hobbits be little shorties that don’t like to do nothin but keep it chill and get they grub on. One day, some nappy wizard name of Gandalf
drops in at his crib rollin 13 dwarves deep. Gandalf and the head dwarf, Thorin, ask if
Bilbo wanna go on an adventure. Turns out some punk ass dragon
named Smaug dun boosted all dem dwarves’ bling and be shackin on their turf
over at the Lonely Mountain. So they bout to go lay a whoop on that dragon,
know what I mean? But Bilbo don’t wanna do sh*t except stay home, smoke some trees, and take it easy. So Gandalf and his boys
have ta get that fool’s ass in gear. Now after scrappin with some weak-ass
trolls and chillin with some pointy- eared playas, Bilbo and his peeps roll up to the Misty Mountains, where some Goblins start beefin with his boys, making everyone scatter across the mountain. Lost in the tunnels, Bilbo finds a
phat ring just chillin on the ground. Then he peeps some chanky scrub named Gollum creepin on his sh*t. After serving this fool up, Bilbo uses the ring’s invisibility power to escape the tunnels and meet back up with his crew. Seeing how Bilbo be struttin like a boss,
them dwarves be giving him mad respect. Then all dem playas arrive at the
Lonley Mountain where Smaug be chillin with his stash. Bilbo puts on the ring, sneaks into the dragon’s lair,
and boosts some of his ice. When Smaug realize that somebody
be gankin his swag, he goes hyphy in this bitch and starts tearing up the nearby towns where he gets his sh*t wrecked by some playa named Bard. Now that Smaug be dead, them humans say “Yo. Since the dragon jacked up our crib,
we want some o dat cheddar.” But Thorin be all like “Naw blood. I ain’t givin y’all sh*t.” So them homies bout to war with the
dwarves when Gandalf drops in and says “Break yoself fool! Wargs and goblins
bout to brawl up in here!” So all them playas -men, elves, and dwarves- strap up and wreck them haters. But in the end, Thorin gets shanked. On his death bed, Thorin goes out like a G and admits to Bilbo that he been actin a fool. Then Bilbo takes only the cash he
can carry, and finds his way home back to Bag End. There and Back Again, ya heard? At the beginning of this book,
Bilbo be actin like a little ol bitch cuz he ain’t got the balls to get off his hairy ass and get his adventure on. I’m just sayin. But as things start gettin real, Bilbo ups
his game and starts keepin it gangsta. Like when he saves the dwarves from them crusty-ass spiders, he not only clockin some mad courage, but he straight up sacrificing
himself to draw them spiders away from his boys. So by the end, shorty don’t WANNA
be a thug, he straight-up IS one. Look, if you wanna get this sh*t all the way turnt up, you best recognize the importance of “Dragon Sickness.” A term Tolkien using to describe
Smaug’s obsession with dat phat cash. When Bilbo and his posse
roll up to the Lonely Mountain, they find that the all dat once green land
is now all busted up. But it ain’t all about the physical aspect, my man. Nah, this here detail serves as a metaphor for the destructive nature of greed, homeboy. In fact, all dem homies get
a little taste of dragon sickness. For example, Thorin be sippin too much of that haterade when dem elves ask him
for some cash to rebuild their crib. So when big daddy dwarf gets merced in the end, he ain’t got nobody to blame but himself. If you think this idea of greed and self-destruction
only apply to the dragon and Thorin, you just ain’t doin it big, son. When dem trolls get their asses turned to stone, it ain’t because Gandalf whooping them. Nah, blood. It’s the trolls’ tendency to fight amongst themselves that allows Gandalf to bust em up. So on the real, them trolls are undone by they own evil. And if you wanna keep it triple OG up in here, you best peep the thematic connections between this book and “The Ring Cycle” by my man Richard Wagner. Consider these two quotes, son. At the end of The Hobbit, that fool
Thorin finally realizes that stackin phat cash means you droppin other values
like courage and wisdom. Yet, in Das Rheingold, my boy Richie Dub sayin that you can only make bank if you drop dem values first. It’s like they preachin the same cold truth,
cept backwards. Naw mean? Hey thanks for tunin in, blood.
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100 thoughts on “The Hobbit – Thug Notes Summary and Analysis

  1. God this dialogue makes me cringe. It sounds it was written by white boys 15 minutes before they went to the one black guy in their graphic design course.

  2. +rai ZOR Why am I not surprised of your playlists – bully who deletes his posts and blocks people AFTER you insulted them first. Yeah, watching Thug notes. Oh you dont need any notes, you wrote the book on being a thug, bully, and a coward.

  3. THX! I actually needed this for my book report at school. You said all of that in 4 min and it has been days and I didn't finish the book. Thanks a lot! Love ur way of telling summaries! SUBSCRIBED

  4. This video was really great. I was researching about The Hobbit last year, mainly because of my Masters thesis, and I found out some really interesting things related to this Bildingsroman genre…
    Really nice!

  5. The all around awesomeness of these Thug Notes is undeniable. Sparky Sweets, you bring swagger to reading and I'm sure that there are tons of people immersing themselves in reading who might never have felt inspired to. I'd be really interested to hear how you spun some philosophy books as well. Ever dive into philosophy? Maybe Sartre or Camus would be a good entry point. Love to see how you respond to Sartre's Nausea.

  6. You didn't mention the Arkenstone. Let me add it in the way you would say it:

    The Arkenstone is tha crownin' jewel that represents the top G of them Dwarves in the Lonely Mountain, and it originally was being toted 'round by Thorin's grand daddy Thror, the OG King under the Mountain. Since Smaug came up and jacked the Dwarves' crib, the Arkenstone was lost, and Thorin's been obsessing about it ever since. So much so that when Bilbo finds it and gives it to the elves as a bargaining piece, Thorin starts rockin' his Jaime Lannister shoes and legit tries to THROW Bilbo's ass off a tower.

  7. Oh man, this is so great! Could you do the His Dark Materials Series? Or maybe just one of the books in the series

  8. I like how he organizes his points essay style, but in hood speak. Like, he says "if you really wanna (something hood and humorous)…" to replace a more traditional academic transitional phrase.

  9. Humans: Yo! Since that dragon jacked up our crib, we want some of that cheddar!

    Thorin: Nah blood, I ain't givin' y'all shit!

  10. Man, hobbits got it good. Oh wait. I am a hobbit. Hairy, kinda short, big feet, shaggy hair, fat, and love to grub. Hell yeah.

  11. This is the real s**t! So Tolkien was dissin' Wagner and put the message upside up and feet back on ground. Amazing! You're amazing!

  12. Thug notes is so creative. English teachers could learn a thing or two from this man. A true genius on how to deliver good literature that today’s youth might not appreciate in a clear and enjoyable fashion. It really breathes new life into old classics. Keep at it thug notes.

  13. This is the only video on youtube that I've seen where the likes are in the 5 digits and the dislikes in the 3 digits
    Mad respect for Sparky

  14. Bilbo stopped at the troll cave on the way back and loaded up. There was still enough there for Frodo and Company to load up years later. Makes you wonder why they had to go to the Mountain?

  15. This channel is a AAA example of why I'm in love with the English language. It's all in the delivery.

  16. Movie woukd have been better without all those new characters, alter storylines, the Elf/dwarf ship and making it into three films.

  17. Is there an ENGLISH version available of this monologue? I pity the fool who thinks he understands any of this whatever-it-is. Forsooth.

  18. A lot of people miss that a lot of The Hobbit was lifted practically entire from Beowulf. Of course, Tolkien was a professor of Anglo Saxon/Ancient English at a time when nobody was reading that stuff that didn't have to, so when he recycled it into The Hobbit everybody ate it up. Nowadays of course we have DVDs.

  19. You know, there's an incredibly small detail here that most won't notice.

    It's the colors of the dwarves' bears and hoods. You put them in correctly.

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