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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (fragment)

Without suspecting our main character would soon meet one of the few immortal beings in the universe. Infinitely bored of his immortality, this being was put his remarkable goal: to insult the universe. to insult everyone in it. Individually, personally, one by one, and this in alphabetical order. Lyuben Dilov? Yes. Lyuben Lyubenov Dilov son? Yes, it’s me. Lyuben Dilov son, you’re a complete jerk! You’re an absolute ass! You are convincing yourselves, my dear, that the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” have to be the book to the Bulgarians of the 21st century. You just saw an immortal being, prototype of the Eternal Bulgarian. Unlike the Eternal Jew, the Eternal Bulgarian finds the meaning of his eternal existence in the permanent commensurability with life, the universe and everything. And from this commensurability comes the eternal lesson, that life, the universe and everything are among jerks, suckers and rednecks, unlike the Eternal Bulgarian who is wonderful in every eternal aspect.

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