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Well, Floridians are making final preparations and evacuations as Hurricane Irma closes in on the state– Irma continues to be a deadly hurricane, a category four hurricane– –The loss of electricity, power, communications… Make all necessary preparations for Irma Irma is now the strongest hurricane to ever plow into the Leeward Islands. Vero, I’m starting to get kinda worried. This is like the fifth time I’ve tried calling you… And, the storm is getting kinda bad, and I swear to God… if you got stuck somewhere and I have to go pick you up, I’m gonna be really fucking pissed. Carrie, help me with him! What the hell? I’m just going to lay him down on the couch. What are you thinking?! Just go grab me a wet towel! *breathing* Here… put your hand here and apply some pressure to your side. It’ll stop the bleeding. Vero, a minute? Thank you Everything’s going to be fine. You’re going to be ok. Vero, now. Let me explain. What the FUCK were you thinking? Bringing someone in here during a hurricane? I was driving home from school, and I saw him on the side of the road. Okay, so why would you bring him here? Haven’t you seen him? I couldn’t just leave him there. Besides, his phone is broken. Okay, well you realize you’re putting us in danger right? God, and you couldn’t even consult me on this! My phone is dead. Okay, yeah, well he needs to leave. What is wrong with you?! Um, first of all, we have no power. We barely have enough food. He can have half of mine. That’s not the point! Okay? What if he pulls something? Who are we supposed to call? Who’s supposed to come and help us? Fine. You can tell him. Fine Fine… he can stay for now. It’s not like he can go anywhere anyway. Yes mom my phone is almost fully charged Yeah, yeah, we bought like candles and flashlights and stuff No, um, the the generator for the building only powers, like, the hallway lights and the door locks and stuff, but you know… Yeah, I know, I know, I’ll keep my phone off unless I’m like reading the news or something, okay? Yeah Love you too, mom Okay, bye Hey Jesus you scared me. Sorry, didn’t mean to. It’s fine. Listen… I was just coming by to say thank you. If you guys didn’t let me in and I was still out there, I… I don’t know, but I’m really grateful. Don’t worry about it, okay? I was thinking that I’d just like to introduce– …I don’t bite. I just wanted to introduce myself. I’m Matt. Carrie. It’s nice to meet you, Carrie. Hey I know this is an uncomfortable situation– No, it’s fine. It’s okay. I’d be uncomfortable too if there was a stranger in my apartment. But I want you to know, I promise, as soon as the storm lets up, I’ll be out of your hair. It’ll be like I was… never here. *rain and thunder* Dinner is served. Thank you. I’m actually happy for once that we have a gas stove. *Matt chuckles* So, how are you feeling, Matt? Much better. The Advil is finally kicking in. Thank you again for everything. No need to thank me. It was the right thing to do. So what do you guys do? Well, we go to FSU. Oh, yeah, I figured with all the, um… signage. Yeah, we’re kind of big on the whole “team spirit.” Of course. No, I mean, what do you guys do for majors? Actually I’m double majoring in computer science and theater I just started my first programming class this semester actually. I’m loving it. Besides that, I have so many classes. I’m taking Calc 2. I’m taking chemistry… I’m taking Spanish, because we have to learn three languages apparently, but yeah other than that I’m dealing with a lot of extracurricular activities I stage manage. I play intramural volleyball with my friends, and I just feel like computer science is a good backup Just in case the whole theater thing doesn’t work out. My dad has connections in New York And so I’m hoping that’s gonna like kick-start it and just hopefully work on from there. Sure, yeah, what about you Carrie? Like my major? Yeah. …Communications. I was Communications too! Neat. Is, uh, Dr. Deruver still teaching Intro to Comm? Yeah, I had him last semester. God, I hated him. Yeah I know, he’s worst! So Matt, what do you do? Well um I work part-time at NBC 6 And the rest of the butcher shop Trying to make some more money because I actually just got an apartment with my fiance. Oh, that’s nice. It would only be temporary. Eventually we want to move to California. She has family there. So what happened earlier? I don’t really remember you know, it’s all kind of a blur. I figured it was a hit-and-run or something, but… The last thing I do remember is veering off into the woods Then, when I came to… You know, I had that cut on my side. I was bleeding a lot, so I knew I needed help. I grabbed my bag and I grabbed my phone, but it was it was dead. I couldn’t contact anybody. So I went to the side of the road to try to flag somebody down, but when I got there the road was completely… barren. I thought that was it. With the storm coming… I thought that was the end. That sounds terrifying But then I saw a pair of headlights and Now I’m here, and the rest is history And I can’t be more grateful, really. I just hope my girlfriend is okay. You know? I thought she was your fiance. *Eerie music plays* Oh, right, yeah. I mean she is, it’s just that we just got engaged and I, you know, still make that little mistake She gets pissed all the time, you know… yeah Um, here let me get those plates for you guys Vero: Oh no, don’t even worry about that. *Matt winces with pain* Vero: I think we should just get you to go rest. Matt: No, no, it’s okay, I can help. Vero: Nope, leave them, let’s go get you to lay down. Matt: Okay. V: Let me know if you need anything else. M: Thanks. Actually, who’s in that room? V: Oh, just Alex. She left before the storm came. M: So does that mean I can have her bed? V: Unfortunately not… but if you want, you can always sleep with me. M: Uh… V: I’m sure it would be a lot more comfortable. M: No, that’s okay. Thank you though. V: Okay, goodnight! M: Goodnight. *thunder cracks* *Eerie music continues* *thunder* *light knocking* Carrie, what the fuck? I was just trying to– He needs to go, or we need to get out of here. What? I think he’s dangerous And we need to get him out of here right now Okay, slow down. What the hell are you talking about? I was on my phone, and I read this article about this car that they just found in the woods And there are two dead girls in it and no driver and They think that the girls were killed and put in there before the storm Jesus, Carrie! It was near the road that you take back from school, okay? Please, he can’t stay here. We can’t just kick him out, are you insane? Can you just stop and think about this for a second? Like, like read the article! Fine, give it to me. It’s dead. Okay… I know you’re stressed and I know you’re angry that I didn’t get your permission to bring him here But we can’t just kick him out because you’re being paranoid You heard what he said, once the storm’s over, he’s out We’re gonna be okay. *knocking* Come in Hey, you weren’t at lunch, so I thought I’d bring you something to eat Oh, um… thanks. I wouldn’t trust the turkey… the fridge has been dead for a little bit. So listen, um… I kinda want to talk to you about something else– Sorry, uh… can you leave that open? Uh… yeah… um… I don’t have a fiance… I don’t even have a girlfriend. Not anymore. Emily and I broke up two weeks ago We had been dating for a long time, and I thought… I thought maybe it was time to push things forward …bought an apartment… I got her this ring… She didn’t go for it. Yeah, apparently people get all freaked out when you try to plan out their lives for them, you know? Yesterday I was on my way over to her place. I don’t know why, I guess… I guess I couldn’t bear being alone. And then then the accident happened The rest is history. Oh my God, Matt, I am so sorry. No, no don’t be sorry. I told you that you could trust me, and… And I broke that trust. No. No, it’s okay, we’ve all been under a lot of stress lately. What do you say we start over? I’m Matt I’m Carrie Nice to meet you, Carrie. Likewise, Matt. Oh, um, if you want to talk it out with someone, I’m all ears. It’s the least I could do. No, I wouldn’t… I wouldn’t wanna put you through that. Oh, come on, I insist. Alright. Uh… do you mind? Not at all. So then Get this. Then, we’re in the middle of a shot, and I hear this dog barking in the background And I turn around, and it goes into the lake! Are you serious?! It was Amanda’s job to watch the dogs, so then… Did you make her go in?! …yeah! That’s so not cool! Oh, I know, but it was so funny, you should have been there! She was like, just like in the water like *drowning noise* *laughing* –Oof… oh man… Are you okay? Yeah, I think I need to reapply these bandages, is it alright if I use your bathroom? No. Oh, I see, this is a thing! Okay, alright, I’m just gonna use the bathroom. Yeah! Okay, sure *laughing* Oh, and try not to fall into any lakes! Yeah, I’ll try! *phone ringing distantly* *ringing persists* *unsettling music* *phone ringing gets louder* *creepy music gets more intense* *ringing stops* I always forget to put it on vibrate. Do you have an explanation for this? Not a good one, but… I gotta say spinning those yarns about Emily? Whoever the fuck. Was getting pretty tiring Get out. Okay… here’s what we’re gonna do. You’re going to go back to your room. You’re gonna get it bed. And then tomorrow on the storm is gone… I’ll be out of your hair, and you’ll forget this ever happened. I said get out! Carrie, I know a killer… and… this is not for you. So let’s do this How about you give me the knife, and we’ll forget this happened? Carrie… give me the knife. Carrie, I’m gonna give you one more chance Give me the knife. *music becomes violent* *struggling grunts* Bitch! Carrie, what the– *screams* Welcome back, Carrie. Come on in. I got to say, I’m losing my patience a little bit, but I think I’ve been doing pretty good, all things considered. New plan We’re all gonna go over there, sit down and stare at each other for the next few hours until the storm passes Then I will make my way to freedom, and if you two don’t do anything stupid You’ll be okay, too. And how am I supposed to trust you? Cause you don’t have a CHOICE, Carrie! And I swear to God, if you take one more FUCKING step out there I’m gonna slit her throat. What’s it gonna be, Carrie? *Matt yells in pain* *stabbing sound* No… no! Stop!

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  2. Great plot, fantastic actor and actresses, and overall great film. I would love to see more films like this out there, especially given the utter bore Hollywood is today. Keep up the great work

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