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The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

We are on our way to the Great Wall of
China, but instead of fighting our way through hordes of tourists we’ll put on
snake repellent and explore awe inspiring unrestored portions of the wall with our
incredible guide Peter. The Jiankou section of the wall is one of the most dangerous portions to hike, but that just made us all the more excited to be there.
The great wall is over 2,300 years old and is visited by tens of thousands of
people every day but we were completely alone on the wall for the almost 5 hours we spent hiking. *Out of breath*
Literally straight up behind me. This hike is no joke. We took a little break to fly the drone so I’m a little bit more energized. This section of the wall has completely crumbled. Here’s the route we’re supposed to go, up the side. Alright, this isn’t so bad. I don’t even know how to begin to explain how worth it this is. I have to admit when I saw the price I was a little bit worried but to have the whole wall to ourselves for hours *Claire trips* see pieces of it that are left alone just to be dealt with by time *Claire’s brain explodes* Wow. So the hike down the mountain starts at
the beginning of the Heavenly Ladder so we are going to go up the Heavenly Ladder, up the flying eagle, back across the flying eagle back down the Heavenly Ladder and
then we will go get the car. The most terrifying portion of this hike is the Heavenly Ladder which features stairs that climb at an angle of 85 degrees. Yes, you heard me right. That’s five degrees less steep than going straight up. I’m really not ready to die. What is your fear level Justin?
Justin: None Justin: Yeah I’m holding on
Claire: Stay stable. Stay stable all the time. Ok. My whole body is shaking. Holy crap. This is fine.This is fine, I’m fine. This is fine. Justin’s fine. Oh my gosh I mean REALLY?! I’m using my arms and my legs. This is a thing that’s happening. What?! We’re going down the heavenly ladder. Hug the wall, hug the wall…. It doesn’t help that the rocks are slippery. They’ve got like, moss and mildew on them. so you have to have good footing or else you’re screwed. Oh man, the bad part is over. My nose is running, I am soaked in sweat
and that was the coolest thing I think I’ve ever done in my whole life. This is the
path down the mountain right here in front of us. We’re gonna go grab the car. So this hike is gonna be about 25 minutes and then we have a two hour car ride to where we’re gonna camp. It’s super slippery. It’s all slick. So I don’t know if it’s just because I’m coming down from the adrenaline high or what but I am completely overwhelmed with how incredible this has been. I’m just so happy. This huge monumental part of history underneath my feet with no one else there just me and Justin and our guide. It doesn’t get any more special than that. It doesn’t get any cooler than that. Dang! Also check out how far in front of me they are. *laughter* They are so patient. Oh man I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy to see a car my life! It’s time for dinner and the guys are so hungry. I’m not hungry I’m just tired I wanna go to bed! Kungpao chicken and rice! Yummy! Okay so we also have eggplant with
potatoes and green peppers. Justin: Cheers
Caire: NOM! Cabbage with pork belly in it. Claire: This has the flowers in it and tomatoes and eggs?
Peter: Yes Peter: How does the soup taste like?
Claire: It tastes exactly how I thought it would. Alright, I’m gonna be a baby I’m a child who is letting Justin carry my pack for me because he abandoned his pack for tonight. I put brand-new batteries in my headlamp before coming here and they’re already empty so I don’t know how the heck that happened. I’m using a cell phone like a millennial. Alright so this hike is supposedly 15 minutes? Oh man…there’s some other tourists that are in the easy campsite to get to, so we’re hiking to the next one I’m doing something, I don’t remember what I was doing. I was dealing with my shoes or whatever, and you hear Justin go
“Hey Claire, I’m peeing off the Great Wall of China!” and I’m like “That sounds magnificent,
I need to do that” and the thing is that I don’t want to pee on the Great Wall of
China like- I don’t- like- it’s the Great Wall of China, I don’t want to urinate on it. So I’m like okay, I have to pee off of it too but as a lady, haha, the logistics are a
little bit more complicated. I have to pull down my shorts and then I have to grab on to either edge of this window it’s basically this archway I have to grab either side of the archway and lean my butt over out as far as I can into the abyss so that I can assure that all of the pee goes into the ground and not onto the Great Wall of China. I like sitting here and thinking like, I kind of wish I was filming this. I kind of wish that there
was proof that this happened and yet I’m very happy that there’s not but I really could use a shower! We’re here. We’re going to be doing four
hours of hiking today. We’ve only been walking for about two minutes and we’re soaked in sweat. I’ve gotta take off this jacket. Today we are hiking the Huanghuacheng portion of the Great Wall of China and much of the hike is completely covered in dense brush. Peter, our guide, encouraged me to keep my jacket on to protect my arms from thorns and bugs but it was way too hot and too humid to be comfortable in my rain jacket. Thankfully I didn’t get too scratched up and was actually quite comfortable. Justin: It’s beautiful!
Claire: That’s quite the caterpillar. *Justin coughing*
Claire: I know, bug in your mouth! Oh no! This portion of the wall has been restored to a much better condition than the section that we hiked yesterday so we were able to move much more quickly. I’m so glad we got to experience both portions of the wall. They were so different from one
another. A fter spending two full days on the
Great Wall of China we weren’t left with enough time to go
see the more touristy sections of the wall, but I have no regrets about that
whatsoever. Just in case you were fooled into thinking we’re at the top, nope
forget it. That’s the top. Yes! Woo! It’s downhill from here.
Easy peasy breezy. Well this is adorable. Paw prints! Alright Justin tell me about your
experience on the Great Wall Justin: It wast awesome
Claire: I can’t wait for a shower! Justin: Me too.
Claire: We have the local rainbow trout right? And then pork, right? Oh my gosh look at this food! That about wraps that up.
We are going to drive 2 hours back to Beijing. we’re very full…and then we’re going to shower because that is the most necessary thing that could possibly happen right now. We are back! We made it!

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100 thoughts on “The Great Wall of China: Hiking & Camping!

  1. This is incredible, most people that I've seen haven't even gotten anywhere close to the crumbling ruins. Yet there you are, daring what they wouldn't. Amazing 🤗

  2. This is awesome. Does anyone know how to actually book this? Going off the beaten pass on the great wall sounds like an awesome idea.

  3. The great wall was built to defend the mongolian rangers at first. It was actually built by different emperors in different places at different times in China; until 2000 years ago, Qin First Emperor united China as one united nation, the king decided to expand and connect the great wall built by other emperors which the King has conquered. Since then, the great wall became a symbol of the united nation. At 1000 years ago, the mongolian rangers were no longer a threat to china and the great wall has lost its military purpose.

  4. After building the greatest wall humanity has ever built, China proceeds to have the Qing dynasty ruled by Mongolians. Too bad Trump doesnt read.

  5. 攀爬可能是非法的……有当地许可吗
    Private climbing at these rocky parts may be illegal……wonder if y’all ever had a permit given by local gov agencies?

  6. Sincerely, I don't recommend you to climb these “wild" parts of the Great Wall, they are lack of maintanence for long time, and your visit would not only be insecure for yourselves, but also may cause extra damage to these ancient buildings. Another friendly notice, in China, any behavior of ground mapping is strictly forbidden, and your flying drone may catch some unnesessary attention from the "Authority", especially for your foreigners… So take care and have fun with your vist.

  7. Actually this pary of greatwall is not that dangerous as it looks like…many people go there in the weekend.This is west partof jiankou ,east part is also worth going.

  8. This is the so-called "wild Great Wall", which means no any maintenance since they were built 600 years ago. This is the true "Great Wall" worth your visit. Not far away from my hometown.

  9. there are some broken parts of the great wall because of age. because of this u cant pass certain parts but if u walk the whole great wall of china it equals to you walking around the whole china

  10. You guys hazard health there,don't you see bad pollution surrounding you?As deep as your breath each time,you probably got irreversible damage in your lung. Why don't you put mask on even the pure air cylinder as people hiking on Himalaya. Enjoy your adventure in my home city.

  11. Oh my god! Why did i never thought about hiking on great wall. Thats really great! Planning to do it next year when i back to China.

  12. i heard whoever visited the great wall found themselve havin a bad life later…not surprised so many people died horrible there…so hows life?

  13. It's such a shame people didn't just come back for their trash or at least pack it in their book bags before leaving the great wall. Also thanks for this wonderful video! China seems like a beautiful place to visit & hike at! ^^

  14. why you didn't go to Beijing knot?At the end where you left there was an accident over there somebody dropped down to death.But you could passed it ,keep on going forwards .You will go to Beijing Knot.Over there ,three directions Great Wall met together,so named as “Beijing Knot".Over there,if you go to right side great wall,walk down over there you can leave.Many people can not climb up from there and have to leave.Because you climbed in opposite direction,it will be more dangerous.but very exciting….Thanks your video,let me think of the Jiankou Great Wall I climbed before…And you should go to "望京楼”Great Wall…More dangerous,more exciting….There are real heaven stairs over there,super dangerous.Those metal stairs were locked on the rocks ,I was afraid to climb it,I was afraid the metal stairs were broken already….

  15. I never went to Beijing but I will go to xi'an in December, I'm so excited and I can't wait! Too bad, I have remedial class

  16. please note climbing wild wall is very dangerous as it was not maintained (last maintenance was probably 200 years ago in Tsing Dynasty)

  17. I know there are several parts of Great Wall. And each part has different names. What is the name of this part of Great Wall?

  18. You haven't chosen the tourist way to climb the Great Way. That's great because the only thing you can see is the huge amounts of people if you buy a ticket and enter through the gate with the tour guide…

  19. Be carefull Claire, do not push it on those abandoned wall stretches without some good friends around you. Been there done that.

  20. You know what, you got the peeing part right. That's what that window was originally designed for: grab the edge and relief yourself.

  21. China is a defensive country, not an aggressive country. As always be. The great wall proved it. The China threat theory should stop.

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