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The Cabin Culture of RED Mountain

I think the feel of RED Resort and the
culture and the vibe that you get here is a follow through of it being a Ski
Club, and it also being a place where people ventured into the mountains
before there was a Ski Club. And the fact that these cabins are still here gives
people a feel for that history, and a warmth, and a vibe of the ski culture
that exists here today which links Rossland with RED Resort with the
history of the area. There’s about 15 of them up in the
Friends of the Rossland Range area that are being rebuilt, but there’s nine of
them within the bounds of the ski resort. But if you go to the cabins it really
takes you back to when skiing was established here in this area and how it
evolved and many of the cabins were put up in places where people didn’t ski, or
they hunted and trapped and skied in the winter. Sometimes you can find that the
owners are there and you can knock on the door and they’re very gracious and
welcoming. They will show you around the cabin and and give you the history
of the place. Yodel Inn was built in 1944 by my father and four other men and it
was the last cabin built in Squaw Basin. I’ve been coming here since I was old
enough to make it up the original trail on skins. So over 60 years myself and my
sister, and we’d come up as a family and spend holidays here. The cabin was built around 1937 mainly for skiing and ski touring. Before the chairlift and
the runs were even here. One time they were gonna burn it down. Forestry
landed out here with a helicopter and in those days you weren’t allowed to
have cabins, so they were gonna torch them all. I knew there and they were doing
this, so I stayed in the cabin and the helicopter landed out here and I told
him I wasn’t gonna leave. So the cabin was originally built by a gentleman by
the name of Tom Kalhovd back in August or September of 1938,
so the cabin is almost 80 years old now. It’s used by many people, I’ve had
people from all over the world stop by. Every time you talk to someone in one of
the cabins, you learn more and more and it sort of leads further and further.
I’ve skied here for over 25 years now and it’s that connection that we have
between RED and Rossland, that integrated feel it’s really one of a kind.

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4 thoughts on “The Cabin Culture of RED Mountain

  1. Great video, glad you’ve embraced the old culture and not tried to erase it. It would be nice to see some credits. Who did the excellent film work?

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