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The adidas Ultra Boost 19 is coming! How does it look?

Welcome! Rezet Store has been invited to Paris by adidas They have given us a pair of Ultra Boost for running a 10K race in the streets of Paris Additionally, Adidas has their “Secret Room” here in Paris where they have all the Ultra Boost models which haven’t released yet I’m really looking forward to showing it to you As you can hear, the music has already started We’ve heard there’s talks. There is a Secret Room with all the releases we have not seen In addition, they have taken the new Ultra Boost ’19 and separated it completely so that you can see what it’s made of Let’s take a look! We are here in Adidas “Secret Room” where we’re not allowed to show you anything It’s about 6-7 releases and the first one is this! It releases sometime in January and it’s their latest model called Ultra Boost ’19 We are looking forward to getting it at Rezet Store Here we go. We are down in the hotel yard where we will meet with all the runners that adidas has invited to Paris We have to run 10K, but we don’t know the route so we are excited about where we’re going Adidas has taken care of everything and we have got everything from shoes, tights, to running-jerseys Never go down equipment! We are looking forward to getting started! We have reached halfway on the run and Paris is amazing! We run in the 4.0 Ultra Boost and it is very comfortable but we are looking forward to the new Ultra Boost ’19 so we can take it for a test let’s end the run! We’ve finally finished running It was the longest trip! They took us all the way to Louvre They took us to the Eiffel Tower and all the way back again, but it has been a fantastic experience. Thanks to adidas we really appreciate the Ultra Boost silhouette!

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7 thoughts on “The adidas Ultra Boost 19 is coming! How does it look?

  1. Giv os lidt info!
    Er 2019 udgaven også den såkaldte UB 5.0, eller skal vi forvente at se en 5.0 udgave, som ligger tættere på forgængerne?

  2. Det her er content for en kanal med 200k+ subs, det betyder dog ikke at i skal sætte kvaliteten ned, var bliv ved med det gode content, syg video

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