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Thanks Obama — Hawaii VLOG #9 [4K]

not cool bro come on I want to apply boogie boards beach chairs swimming trunks and now we’re adding this to the equation too fast the lakes in Lebanon to Kamehameha Highway and AJ 83 toward North Shore and keep high captain [Music] hyena there’s a fan who wants to beat you see it started turning now we’re in Chinatown to have some breakfast but first we need to pay for parking what does it mean [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] now we’re gonna have some breakfast are you excited for breakfast good choice so we didn’t weigh nearly as long as I said what did you order pancakes what kind of pancakes milk and cereal pancakes interesting you’re right here but we’re talking through the camera I know it’s weird right we became vloggers for sure yeah we don’t even talk to each other we talk to each other through vlog this can only go well we all know what happens when he leaves the camera with me that’s true you know you have to be careful what you comment at the comment section pillow owl 0:07 said I work at drone services Hawaii would be thrilled if you stopped by we have your videos on loop in our store every day really let’s see shall we wonder where you guys are I’m here I’m here where are you guys I’m here Saturday closed Sunday closed Monday through Friday 8:00 to 4:00 p.m. I think I should fly my drone in front of this thank you so much for your comment may we’ll see you during the weekdays there’s something this is super Hawaiian not many people know this I’m gonna take you somewhere very Hawaiian okay do you trust me of course I trust you I think that is enough believe you but I just it’s the historic best part and you like it what did you say what did you say did you say because I think you need the best buy best place on the island yeah this is very local all the pickles you see get it goes on the Hawaiian sure we’re going to hold all over because of this way thanks Obama [Music] these surfboards have been bad living punished they’re chained bull shaved ice I didn’t stop talking couple of minutes ago ever since that she hasn’t said a word let me try again how are you doing hello you know why vacation not responding I can’t fly my drum but I can do this that was a good flight see the wind did nothing to my job okay the wind has to stop the wind this is enough it has okay maybe not has to stop but let’s say 10 miles an hour here’s my awkward how I ten miles an hour wind I fly you blow I fly you’ll owe everybody ways so if we’re not there start for the wind surfers out there I’m out there everybody’s out there the the sand isn’t smacking anyone haha alright shake the sand alright deal deal thank you today has been great it’s good it was good I didn’t well I got to fly ahead please yeah well it’s my job to go for it and you tell just from that oh why you don’t want to fly right now you don’t want to fight well others I bet Chinatown was fantastic 10th house cool it was a lot of fun like the market it was smaller the night smaller than I thought what was really nice and the food was real nice food is very good that was really interesting yeah and oh no Lulu as usual it’s good it’s good it was good I got my Hawaiian shaved guy yeah yeah so we’re slowly coming to the end of blogging she’s really sad I never knew I was gonna learn so much about vlogging I didn’t know how deep blogging can go is connection wise it’s it’s a brand new world and this is why I picked this comment for tonight it is from a TW digital when I watch these guys I feel like I’m vacationing with my best friend so awesome and I think this is this is perfect this is so thank you so much it really means a lot so what are we having having tonight we have something special we flew here by way of Hawaiian Airlines and with their meal they gave us a cookie and I noticed what company made the cookie because iphonedo made a comment about it so I made note of it and we saw I think we actually saw him a couple times while we’ve been visiting and it’s the Honolulu Cookie Company we are not sponsored by Honolulu Cookie Company our channel is not sponsored by anything but if anybody wants to but if you only open Honolulu company yeah I could eat these nurse to my life so they’re really delicious so we went in and we’ve got this package where you can like pick the different varieties you want dark chocolate this is chocolate on chocolate doctor my favorite this is Kona which is like coffee whether we call her dark chocolate is my favorite and I got one that I didn’t even taste oh they have tasters there which was really fun but I didn’t find a taster for this one I must have missed if it’s lilikoi Cheers well thank you very much for watching this vlog and I hope you enjoyed it please please it where you go I’m super calm hit that subscribe button on the screen join the world on the nose and I totally see the next time take really good care of yourselves and horseshow color or couch I call that smell

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100 thoughts on “Thanks Obama — Hawaii VLOG #9 [4K]

  1. Omg! I made the pillow! Hahaha made my day, keep enjoying your vacay guys lets hope the winds settle down for more flying!

  2. Ive been watching these videos in anticipation of receiving my mavic pro that i ordered from the DJI website on the 12th! This is killing me.

  3. Can't wait to see the full video. I've typically done vacation recap type videos (only a few on my current channel). I planned to do the same on a cruise to Mexico / Grand Cayman next week, but watching these I'm very tempted to go daily…. The Mavic and G7X II are coming either way. Keep it up!

  4. Your videos are giving me the insiration to do more of them on my Tech channel. I plan to incorp tech stuff within my vlogs. Also makes me want to get a Mavic to go with my P4 Pro and go on Holiday. Keep up your amazing work.

  5. While you were in Hawaii, did you run across any rules forbidding you to fly your drone in any certain areas? I'm finding that more and more rules pop up to prevent the use of drones. I don't own one yet. More into the research of which drove is best and where restricted places are. I really like the Mavic Pro and in watching you fly yours, it seems to do a very professional job. My thanks to you both for bringing us along on your trip. We really enjoyed watching you two having fun. I'll keep looking for more videos from you. God bless!

  6. Was this also shot with the Sony FDR X3000 ? if so, what color profile did you use or did you do grading in post? Thanks

  7. Vlogs are getting better and better 😉 I can tell you both having a blast 🙂
    Drone Flight idea, who thinks of something like that ? 😉 All the small things 😉

  8. Tell us a little more about you guys! Where and how did you meet? 🙂 how long have you been together? You both make a beautiful couple, it's so fun to watch you 🙂

  9. Why was the burger zombie? Why hasnt anyone told Aynine that she should eat yellow snow? So many questions! Btw, why dont you get a little wind kite and fly that? Then the wind has lost because you are still flying and it gives up.

  10. Not a huge fan of vlogs, but I have watched every one of yours. I think you've got something here. Folks won't let you stop, so give 'em more. You two are like peanut butter and jelly…wait for it…you go together perfectly.

  11. It has been raining in California a lot lately and so I can't fly my Mavic either so I feel your pain. I really want to fly my drone and I can't wait to see your next Mavic footage. I'm enjoying your vacation. Thanks

  12. Abi araba senin mi? Benzinli sanırsam, çok yakar o ama ya. Fiyatı ne? Tüp taktırdın mı? Motorun özellikleri nedir? Bence sen Fiat Doblo'ya geç hem az yakıyor hem de geniş.

  13. Only three days left FeelsBadMan. When you get back Cal , can you continue vlogging? At least some days. Because your and AyNine's vlog are great and feels super good. Andd hot chocolate. Kappa

  14. I stayed in that Holiday Inn Beachcomber hotel across from the Apple Store the last time I was in Hawaii. There's so much to do in that part of Waikiki. Keep up the great videos and reviews!

  15. Headed to Maui for like the 15th time in March. Love it over there, thou the locals don't luv us mainlanders. However, they like our $$$. 😉 Peace, and WD!

  16. You picked a bad time to visit. It's been crazy windy lately. Check out Side Street Inn Cafe if you haven't already. I just bought the Mavic Pro which is my first drone. You should give me a quick lesson and I buy you guys dinner at Side Street Inn, I'm off work tomorrow, lol

  17. It's so much fun watching your vlogs. My wife and I hadn't thought there is a couple out there which is as nuts as we are 🙂 It's also very cool to watch "the other side" on AyNines channel. And of course we are a bit envious of you being in Hawaii, especially with the cold weather at the moment here in germany. At the best buy scene my wife said "Hmm, I have the feeling I know this, being on holiday and buying techstuff here and there…". Ah and one question: Do you think you'll go to NAB? Have fun and because it sounds german that way: Horst chocolate!

  18. Awesome vlog guys! You make me crack up every video, love your sense of humor. I originally started watching your channel for Mavic information before deciding to purchase one and I've watched every video since! I even checked out some older videos and reviews of products I had no prior interest in just for the entertainment value! Keep up the great work and enjoy the rest of your vacation! Hoşça kalin!

  19. You and #AyNine are made for each other! Seriously! Thanks for visiting and showing the beauty of our island that many of us locals, like myself who don't get around the island much, take for granted.

  20. you two are an inspiration, I love getting home from a long days work just to see what you got up to for the day. keep it up

  21. Ha ha ha … Get well soon! … ha ha ha.

    Your disease is contagious. How is it called? 🙂 Strong Hawaiian Craziness?

  22. Beni her videoda eğlendirmeyi başarıyorsun, karında senin kadar eğlenceli videolar çekiyor (teşekkürler iphonedo)

  23. this guy is a turkish guy, meaning that once he was able to eat many kinds of desserts like real deal stuff but now look at him he has to content himself with cookies. such a pitty. someone send this guy some baklava asap. lol

  24. REALLY enjoying these vlogs, I hope you continue them when you get home!

    I found your channel via your Philips Hue review a month or so ago and have been watching ever since.

  25. Looks like some attachment to your iPhone that is shooting your video's. What are you using as a device to shoot these, in 4K? Also, what do you use to edit your video's?

  26. T_T

    omg. I'm so sorry you missed us. I posted our times after you responded that you'll see us soon. But I guess you didn't catch that part. I should have said it from the beginning. My apologies.

    We are open Monday-Saturday from 9AM-6PM. Check PM.

  27. you guys are awesome! there is something very special,natural and unique about your videos. thanks for that and greetings from austria

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