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Texas hiker, 38, got lost in the Arkansas wilderness for six days

Texas hiker, 38, got lost in the Arkansas wilderness for six days A hiker who became stranded in rural Arkansas for six days said his fight for survival was made tougher by inch long ants with pincers as large as their heads. Josh McClatchy, 38, became disorientated while hiking through the Caney Creek Wilderness region, near Mena, Arkansas, and accidentally strayed off the beaten trail. While searching for water, food and cellphone signal were his immediate priorities, McClatchy quickly realised that ants were much more than an annoying pest. Scroll down for video  When it comes to the wildlife, I learned very quickly that the ants were my nemesis, McClatchy told s Good Morning America in an interview on Friday.  Ants that were an inch long, the stinger as large as the head.  He texted his mother June 1 to say he needed help, but due to poor service he couldnt get through to her. He was reported missing by his mother the same day.  When youre in the mountains and everyone is yelling, everything echoes so you cant tell where the original sound is coming from, McClatchy said.  I immediately got swarmed by ants, so I dropped everything and got out of there, he said. When I say I got out of there, I was around the general area, just trying to avoid the ants. Thankfully I was in long sleeves, McClatchy added. That first night I learned to tuck everything in, so I had my wool socks and had my pants tucked in to my wool socks. I had long sleeves, I tucked everything in. It could have been much worse. McClatchy said he stuck to following streams so he knew he would have a good source of water and because of his careful precautions was lucky to escape relatively unharmed.  Despite suffering a cut on his forehead requiring stitches and some mild dehydration but was finally able to find help and was pictured smiling and talking to emergency responders in the ambulance.   The grateful hiker described his rescuers as heroes and thanked the hospital staff for being absolutely amazing.  McClatchy, who has bipolar disorder, was without his medication for almost a week. Im in one of the best spots mentally that Ive been in for a long time, he said. I have an incredible support team around me and Im fortunate because not everyone has that, he said. My outlook is so different now, Im so grateful. EXCLUSIVE: Mariah Carey had affair with her backup dancer who called her pussycat, sending him… CHRISTOPHER STEVENS on the grim past of Jo Brand, the comic whod rather be a national disgrace than… Father, 27, took fatal overdose after cruel Facebook posts tipped him over the edge say family as… EXCLUSIVE We call them the feral Farahs: Olympic hero Sir Mo and his family dubbed neighbours… Goodbye to Amazing Grace! Oldest person in Britain Grace Jones who attributed her long life to… Female police officer, 38, is sacked for gross misconduct for trying to date suicidal teenager, 19,… EXCLUSIVE: Meet the baby daddy of pregnant Elin Nordegren! Former Miami Dolphins star Jordan… Tory Muslim group chief compares Boris Johnson to HITLER and vows to quit party if insufficiently… British pensioners will run out of money more than 10 YEARS before they die, senior economists… Mother who protected her boyfriend after he murdered her three year old son by hitting him so hard… Could YOU be crowned brainbox king or queen? Pit your intelligence against all the family as… Hundreds of homes are still at risk with more than 60 flood alerts across the country but at least… Ex Labour and Change UK MP Chuka Umunna joins Lib Dems six years after saying you cant trust a… Dramatic moment police rescue kidnapped baby after ramming car off the road following 70mph chase as… Give me 15 minutes with him: Mosque hero slams the accused Christchurch shooter for SMILING in… Stop calling me Jeremy C asterisk asterisk asterisk ! Jeremy Hunt tells presenters to grow up after series of on air…

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