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>>ROBIN: This thrill
this desire to go outside it was really because my parents
used to bring me out camping as a kid. We went
everywhere. We did most of of eastern Canada. My parents brought me out in
this little camper trailer. I just remembered it today.
It was an incredible experience to be able to, as a child, just
travel through eastern Canada and visit all these great
communities and I think that that’s what lead me
into doing more and keep doing that. And I’ve
always wanted to visit all of Canada before I would ever,
you know cross an ocean or visit another country.
That was really important to me. Five years ago I moved
to Vancouver and it’s been such a great experience here
and I don’t think I will ever leave. I used to do solo hikes
and solo camping. I took photos along the
way and I posted them on social media platforms. That’s when I met Ben,
Shane and Nathaniel. And now we have a collective
together working for companies that have an environmental
stewardship program or some kind of green initiative.
And without social media I don’t think we would have ever met.>>NATHANIEL: You can throw out
a message on your Instagram and the next thing you know you’re
meeting with people you’re hiking with people and you’re
kind of like actually having a real social interaction which,
I think, is probably the most beautiful and special part
of communities like that.>>ROBIN: When I was traveling
through Jasper I saw this vintage Airstream trailer
and I knew right away that this would become our mobile studio
something that we could carry around with us as we traveled
around the country telling and sharing these
meaningful stories. Took the shell off of it and we
had to redo the frame. We installed solar panel
2000 watt inverter. We no longer have to go back to
the studio every day to edit our photos or process the film,
it’s just all done here and that’s what’s been really
great with this build.>>BEN: You can shoot out
in the field for days at a time now. Whereas before
you know that would mean hauling a bunch of gear or just having
to be very conservative with what you shot.>>NATHANIAL: On long
expeditions trying to charge our batteries or import footage we
no longer have to worry about the gear side of things and we
can focus more on creating and getting our work done.
It’s cool to see technology kind of advance along
with that from solar chargers to external batteries and some
of the other things that technology can provide
are going to enhance your experience but also going
to keep you a lot more safe.>>ROBIN: Social media has been
a really good medium for us to communicate our ideas
in our stories It’s also proved to be a very
effective way to inspire people to get outside and to see what’s
in their own backyard and really rediscover Canada.>>NATHANIEL: But I think we’re
seeing that in like huge numbers right now. In a lot of ways
it can be scary because of the impact you can have
on these places or in the greater scope of things.
We’re not losing anything by sharing these spaces
with other people. And I think it’s going to do
really good things for all of these conservation
initiatives that people are becoming really
impassioned about. If we can’t allow other people
to experience them, then how can we ask them to get on board.
So I think technology is maybe in some ways
ironically bringing about a lot of change that way. Thats exciting to me.>>ROBIN: It’s been such a great
experience to be able to share these beautiful locations
that we find and invite other people to discover their own.
Everything changes so quickly and I can’t wait to see
what the future has in store for us.

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