6 thoughts on “Tech lobby group proposes new framework for privacy regulations

  1. Be careful this isnt just a way for them to secure their monopoly over data by making it impossible for little guys to keep up with regulations they propose…

  2. TRUsT? That doesn’t “mean” anything. Anything can be designed to create back doors that does not record transactions with a persons identity. This is a mistake. I don’t NEED to trust Facebook and I won’t ever use the account for any general sign in or any alternate purpose

  3. Big bad tech are the last people I want to see self regulate. They've blown that privilege IMO due to their blatant misuse of users data.

  4. The Democrat controlled "drive-by," media is responsible for the division in our country but they have underestimated the intelligence of the American people. "If you have ever thought about voting Democrat," Remember these truths…… Democrats have tried to bankrupt the country by various means, increasing spending, running up debt, devaluing the currency, weakening the financial system, ruining trade, imposing devastating regulations, butchering the middle class, increasing poverty, and driving productivity offshore. Democrats have compromised our national security, aided our enemies, alienated our friends, decimated our military, and allowed various attacks on our sovereignty via illegal immigration and accommodation of terrorists. Democrats are 180 degrees out of phase with the Founders, hostile to the Constitution and our republican form of government. Democrats have committed multiple crimes, deceived the people, promoted lawlessness, and cynically aggravated racial tensions primarily for political gain. Democrats have endorsed and promoted a radical environmentalism that is not so much concerned with the environment as it is focused on centralizing power to the destruction of economic freedom and prosperity. Democrats have demoralized the country, embracing the sin of abortion on demand, defending the selling of fetuses and baby body parts, promoting taxpayer financing of abortion against the will of the people, and promoting all forms of sexual deviancy. Democrats have put our children and grandchildren at serious risk of debt slavery and tremendous suffering in years to come. Why on earth would any rational person listen to them, take them seriously, or worse, support their anti-American agenda, one shown thoroughly destructive, not only to our country, but to the entire world?

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