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Talk of the Town w/ Juliana Lievano

Talk of the Town Indian Trail is a local
community show that seeks to find common ground among our neighbors, so that we
may know and support each other in the coming years. Welcome to Talk of the Town.
Hi, this is Tanya Carlson, I’m here with Juliana Lievano here in Indian Trail. She
lives and works here, and I’m so thankful to you today for sharing your time and
helping us get to know each other here in Indian Trail. So here we go Juliana, I
have a few questions for you so that your neighbors can get to know you.
Where were you born and where did you grow up? So, I was born in Bogota Colombia.
I came here to the United States when I was 16 years old, and after I graduated
from high school there, when I came here I went to high school. I went
to South Mecklenburg where I finish again, I graduated from high school. You had to graduate twice, yep and you had to graduate in a second language, yes in a
year and a half, yes. Oh my goodness was that hard? It was hard a little bit but
I made it. Yeah I bet and the second language did you study English in Bogota? We had some English classes, but it was I was really good at writing, uh-huh what got me a little bit harder was like speaking. Right, but you could put it on paper. I still have some accent, a little bit, but that’s okay, that’s
where you’re from right, and we’re so happy you are here. So how did you find
your way to Indian Trail and how long have you lived here? Oh wow so when I came here I went to live in Pineville, and then I lived there for two years, then I moved to Indian Trail 12 years ago. We moved because of the schools my brother was in middle school and after I graduated, we have decided that this place this County was really good for schools and we bought our first house and we’ve been leaving here since then.
Well 12 years, you’ve seen a lot of growth over here, was Wal Mart here
at that time? No, nothing was here nothing, it
was only the McDonald’s on 74, right or maybe wasn’t even McDonald’s, maybe just the gas station, Wow but everything else was just left, well
we can just say you brought it with you how about that. You came and they followed, that’s amazing. yeah. So what was your favorite place to go in this area? Wow I have so many, but I’m a vegan or pescatarian, and it’s really hard to find
places that provide like vegan plates, but I absolutely love Cinnaholic,
oh they are vegan, really, yes, I didn’t know that. I really like Frutta Bowls. I know well they’re right next to each other over in Sun Valley aren’t they. They
just opened a new vegan place, mexican It’s called Lady Go Go, behind the QT on
74, yeah it’s really good. You tried that too, Well then, there’s plenty of places to eat for vegan people, right? Yes, okay. So one more question,
What’s your favorite color? Yellow. Ah, I’m wearing it right now. Very good, very cool, I love bright colors, right they make me happy, the sun
yellow, that’s wonderful, wonderful. Ok so here’s a big one, it’s kind of deeper, so
hopefully you’ll be able to answer me. So, what is your biggest fear? My biggest
fear is losing my family, losing my children I would say, that would be my biggest
fear. Yes I know, I think we all have that that’s amazing. I have a friend who’s
gone through something like that recently and you know you just can’t
imagine it, it’s hard, it’s really hard. I’m glad I have my faith to hold on to,
with that, but awesome. Ok, well Guess what? I have something for you. I had 2 questions that I reached out to your family for, so they could give you
some answers that maybe you haven’t heard lately, you know
sometimes we forget to tell those people that we are closest to. So my first
question to your husband was: What is Giuliana’s greatest trait? Because I
recently heard a quote by Neal Maxwell that said that our traits stay with us
even after we’re gone, stay with the people around us, even after we’re gone.
So, I thought well I wonder what her greatest trait is? You know what he
said for number one, which is just kind of funny, kind of put it on the side but
cuz he, nobody can think of one thing for anything that I have, so it’s
okay but he said you were talkative, is that true? Yes I talk a lot yeah,
everybody you ask, yeah I just, I just love meeting people. I love talking to
people. I’m not shy at all, so I just like talking, yep. That’s one he said no, but the real one is, is that you’re very honest. So that’s really wonderful, that will carry on through your
kids and everything else. I just wanted you to know that’s how he feels about it.
My second question to him was one thing that most people would not know about
Julianna? So now you already know that she
graduated high school twice, which is quite amazing, but the other one nobody I
don’t think, well maybe some people would know but I did not know, that you
actually have a desire to be a professional dancer? I love to dance but I wish I was able to dance like professional, like you were trained. Yes, I love dancing, but I just I just watch. I can watch a full day of videos of people
just dancing like pop dancing, I don’t know, like I just love it. Yeah, do you
watch Dancing with the Stars? I do, I do but there there’s some dance, like I’m not really into ballroom dancing right. I’m more into like pop, or things like
that. You call it hip hop, or maybe like modern Latin dancing, pop, like I don’t know.
Like a mix of those so, Ok Latin dancing to – I could see that – to some degree. Well you never know, it’s never too late.
It takes some lessons but, I know the professional dancers you know just how
it it really makes your body like very nice, and it would be good wouldn’t it, good muscles and everything. Ok so Giuliana is the owner of Alpha-Lit Charlotte, and here
are some samples of how she can brighten any event. Would you like to tell us a thing or two about your services? Yeah sure, so Alpha-Lit Charlotte just
opened recently just this past September, and I was really excited
because I come from a like entrapreneur family, and a very artistic family, yes. So
this gave me the opportunity to show people a little bit of my background in
graphic design, because that’s what I went to school for. I work about 12 years
in the graphic design fields with great companies here in the Charlotte area, so I
was really happy to open this business and being able to light up so many
events here in the community, um hum in the Charlotte area. So if somebody would just call you and have an event like a baby shower, or um what have you done lately or recent? Yes, so we can pretty much do any type of event. Lately I’ve been working with a lot of
nonprofit organizations, a lot of big companies, but we’ve done weddings we’ve done baby showers, a lot of things for example this past month, which was Breast
Cancer Awareness Month. We did some volunteer opportunities for them. Yeah so it’s just pretty much whatever you want to spell, and show people
because it’s just – it’s just a great It’s a great addition, it just sort of makes a
focal point, and now you know with pictures and videos and all that in our lives, it just kind of – it’s kind of unique and you have the Charlotte area, so you’re
exclusive to this area. There won’t be anyone else with with the same thing,
right? Exactly yeah, that’s really neat. We cover the Charlotte area and surrounding areas, oh yeah so you can go anywhere, they just call you up and say
here’s my event – here’s my date – here’s the letters I want – you give them a quote.
You show up and deliver them, and set them up. Yes we deliver them, we set
them up, we pick them up, so you don’t have to worry about anything else. Just
clear the space right, just clear the space for it, cuz the letters are quite
big, they’re really bright and amazing! Well I hope you do really well this year,
you know businesses are tough the first year, so you just have to get your name
out there and just kind of really serve, serve, serve your community and I mean so exciting I hope to see lots of your letters out about in our town. Let’s get
to know each other, let’s support each other, let’s inspire each other to let
our light shine. If you’re interested in being featured in our upcoming episodes,
like my Facebook page so that you will get the updates. I want you to know that
you are part of my neighborhood. This is Tanya Carlson with Carlson & Company
Real Estate, and this is the day!

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