Taking The Kids On Their First Mountain Hike |

(upbeat music) – Good morning, Clan.
Welcome to the vlog. It’s Thursday, December 28th. We’re counting down the
day to the end of 2017. 2018 is right around the corner. I have no idea what
we’re doing for New Year’s yet. I kinda wanna have people here. They got plenty of room for
sleepovers so everybody over here so everybody stay the
night like we do in the past. But I also kinda wanna
go out and do something. I don’t know, we’ll see.
More on that later. But, at the moment,
we, I, look at this. What is this?
I’m wearing activewear. What is this?
I don’t do this. I’m not wearing a geeky t-shirt. We’re gonna go hiking, guys. We’re gonna go to Piestewa Peak
in Phoenix and we’re gonna hike. It’s one of the
most difficult trails, rated one of the most difficult
trails in Phoenix along with Camelback Mountain and Tom Thumb
Trail I think is the other one. Those are like the three
most difficult rated ones. Tiffany had the idea to go
for a hike which I’m all about. I’ve been actually wanting
to go for a hike and do some IRL streams on Twitch. More on that later. But right now,
we’re all dressed. We’re ready to go. The kids are all
in their activewear. You know, everyday
attire for Bryce and Tiffany. She just got back from the gym. She went to the
gym guys, showered, got dressed again and now
we’re gonna go for a hike. Which means she’s
gonna take two showers today. So yeah, we’re
gonna go for a hike. We’re gonna vlog
it with you guys, hang out with you guys. We’ll talk a little bit about
Twitch and IRL streaming and get our sweat on. Alright guys,
we’re here Piestewa Peak, formerly known as Squaw Peak. We’re at the bottom,
here at the trailhead, gettin’ ready to go up. There’s actually
quite a few trails here. I wasn’t aware of that. There’s like a lot.
So we might be back. You guys excited?
– [Bryce and Sierra] Yep. – [Clintus] They
are genuinely excited. – [Bryce] It’s like right there.
– [Clintus] I know. – [Bryce] This
one is over there, that’d be good. – [Clintus] It’s December 28th
and it’s like 70, 72 degrees already.
Let’s do this. Little Arizona history here. Like I said this used
to be called Squaw Peak. The name was
changed to Piestewa Peak in honor of the first known Native American who
was killed in battle, in military battle. She was in the Army
and after her death, they changed the name
to kind of memorialize her. Very cool. Tiffany packed us a
backpack of water and snacks. And Sierra was gonna wear
it ’cause it’s her backpack. She’s like, “I’ll wear it,” and
then I realized how heavy it was and I was like, “I’m not
gonna make you carry it.” – [Bryce] It’ll get
lighter as we go along. – Yeah, it’ll get lighter
as we start drinking. We’re about a half mile up now. Well, not a half mile up but
we’ve walked a half a mile. You can start to see the valley. Downtown Phoenix,
Central Phoenix. The smog. (chuckles) The valley, and the peak. As I said earlier,
very difficult. Pretty much been climbing
the entire time, huh dude? – [Bryce] Yeah. The sign
said extremely difficult. – [Clintus] Extremely difficult
’cause it’s pretty much steps the entire time.
We’re just like going up. – [Bryce] It is
extremely difficult. – [Clintus] Heart rate’s at 170. – [Bryce] Mine’s at like–
– [Clintus] 500. (laughs) – [Bryce] Probably. – [Clintus] That’s
what you said. I’m like, “Yeah,
you’re heart would explode.” Alright, we’re a
mile into the trail. I think it’s two and
a half miles total to all the way to the top. The views are getting
awesome the higher we go. That’d be awesome if there was
a water slide on the backside. Once you just get to
the top, you slide down. – Yeah, and it’s
water so it feels good. – [Clintus] So it feels good. Water feels good guys,
you heard it here first. Breaking news from Bryce. Water feels good
when you’re hot. That’s why we swim in Arizona. We live in the
water in the summertime. Alright, I think this is
the steepest part right here. It’s like a literal staircase. – [Bryce] It’s like steep
staircase ’cause of these steps. Oh my gosh. My legs hurt. – [Clintus] Yeah, bud,
this is a workout for sure. – [Tiffany] Climb up.
– [Sierra] I didn’t mean to. – We made it. At the top. It said it was
two and a half, oh, it’s two and a
half miles there and back. Is that how it is? Two and a half
mile there and back. ‘Cause it’s 1.4.
– [Tiffany] Yeah. – Oh. I thought it was
two and a half up. RIP. But here it is, this is the top. Just a bunch of rocks. But, look at the view. Little smoggy, it’s little
smoggy, picked a bad day. But you can see
Downtown and the valley. Literally surrounded
by mountains. Down there, some cool trails. That’s probably
mountain bike trails. Wish I could take
my dirt bike on ’em. So what’d you guys
think of that, huh? That pretty cool?
– Fun. – I’ve done it before.
Been a while but– – Now we have to go
all the way back down. – [Clintus] That’s nothing
though. That’s easy. Yeah. Was the last
time we were here? – 2012.
– [Clintus] 2012, yeah. – Five years ago.
– [Clintus] Five years ago. Is that the last
time we hiked? (laughs) I think that was the last time.
– This big of a mountain, yes. – [Clintus] Yeah. – Bryce just recently hiked. He was on his school trip. – [Clintus] Yeah.
We’ve done trails. We’ve done trail hiking. Like we did Sedona,
we did Payson, Flagstaff. Alright, on the way back down. Should be a little bit faster. As long as nobody falls. Then it’ll be a lot faster
’cause we’ll be rolling down. Perfect shirt for ya. – Huffing and puffing on
the way up and (sniffles) sniffling on the way down. – [Clintus] Made
it to the bottom. This is it. The wash is the beginning. Alright, wrapped up with the
hike and before we got too far, I was like, “You know what
sounds really good right now? “A smoothie.” Or some juice so we’re
gonna grab some smoothies. We did a quick Google search
we found Tropical Smoothie Cafe right around the corner. Mah, mah, Mom’s tired. – So we ended up getting three
smoothies and one wrap so we all got a little snack,
something in our belly and then share the smoothies. Bryce is afraid to
go to sleep out here. Where’s he at? I can’t see, there he is. – Hi ’cause I don’t
want her to drink all of it. – He’s afraid I’m gonna
drink the rest of his smoothie. But he’s really tired. Someone did not get
enough sleep last night and then you just worked out. – No, I went to bed
at 1:30 in the morning and I woke up at like 8. So that’s only
seven hours of sleep. – [Clintus] Only seven,
oh my gosh! – [Bryce] Yeah, like some people
only get like an hour of sleep. Like two hours. – [Tiffany] How’s your smoothie? – Amazing and green. Alright, you guys,
we’re back home, we’re showered, we’re all clean
and fresh and Tiffany’s pooped. (chuckles) She went to the gym,
did a hard workout class, came home all sweaty,
hot and sweaty. She took a shower, she changed,
went back out there and we hiked it up and yeah. You’re saying your knees? – Yeah, it reminded me of the
feeling of coming home after running our half marathons
that we did like crazy. – Yeah. – Just that feeling of
like complete exhaustion. – Yeah.
– And just like body aching. But I did it to
myself so no complaining. – Yeah, no, the hiking was cool. Both kids, both, both of them
came home and they’re like, “That was cool. That was fun. “We like that.
We want to do that again.” I was like,
“Awesome, glad to hear that.” So glad our kids
enjoy physical activities, outdoor activities,
that sort of thing. You know halfway
through it Bryce was like, “Wow, this is really hard.
This is a workout.” I said, “Yep. That’s exercise, “that’s how
exercise works. Right?” It’s fun but it’s tiring.
It’s physical labor. So since the kids have
another week off of school, we’re talking about maybe next
week after New Year’s going to Camelback Mountain
and doing that. As far as my connection’s
concerned it seemed like I had decent connection
most of the trail. Again, it’s different when
I’m doing a speed test versus actually trying
to stream on Twitch. The trail wasn’t too bad. I think I could hold my gimbal. I just got to take it slow. It’d take me
longer to go up that. – [Tiffany] Yes. – ‘Cause I wouldn’t
be able to walk and talk. – [Tiffany] Yeah,
it’d be difficult. – It’d be difficult. Maybe I wouldn’t
go up the mountain, maybe I’d go around.
I don’t know. But I definitely want to try
and attempt to do some IRL live streams while
I’m doing my hikes. Maybe the mountains
wouldn’t be a good idea, maybe some trails. Like the White Tanks,
which is where we live near, they have trails and
there is a hill to climb but it’s not very steep. So that might be the
first one that I go to. I don’t know, we’ll see.
More on that later. Bryce is upstairs getting into some video games
with his friends. Sierra is editing her
video that goes up today, goes up today.
She’s doing that right now. And after that her and Tiffany
are gonna watch Pitch Perfect 2. – [Tiffany] Mhmmm. – Pitch Perfect 2
’cause they’re gonna go see Pitch Perfect 3 next week. Well guys, just wrapped
up an awesome steam. Did Destiny for like four hours and then did some
Fortnite for about two. Man, I still
couldn’t get my solo win. I got a third place,
a fourth place, a sixth place, a tenth place. I just (sighs). That last game, too,
that last game I got sniped. I had loot, I was kitted, man. I had gold sniper,
gold ‘splodes, a purple assault rifle,
gold SCAR, and a purple shooty.
I was ready to rock and roll. I had three med kits,
I was ready to rock and roll. He starts throwing ‘splodes, so
I turn around and start running, he snipes me. Oh, dude. So pissed about that. But I got up from
my desk, got done, walked downstairs and
my left foot is killing me. Like I’m limping. I can barely go down the stairs. On the hike today,
I kinda rolled it and it didn’t hurt my ankle. Like my ankle’s fine. It’s the top of my foot. Like, the tendon
that kinda wraps around the top of your foot. Let me show you. Right here, like oh
my gosh, it’s killing me. Is it purple? Right there, man. Oh, (groans), gee, man. So I’m like legit limping now. Like it hurts like crazy. I’m like oh my God,
like I need to go lay down. It’s like when people say like put your foot up
or elevate something. Like elevate your
arm when you’re hurt. I was fine when we got home. I was fine when I went upstairs
like I actually ran up the stairs like I was
duh-duh-duh-duh I’m good, I’m fine. But as I was streaming, I told
the kids and I was even telling the stream, “Man, my
foot’s starting to hurt. “Like this is weird.” And, now, like holy crap. But anyways, thank you
guys so much for watching. I really do appreciate each and
every day that you guys give us here on YouTube.
It really does mean a lot to me. I’m glad you guys
liked the Christmas video. The Christmas video
vlog is doing awesome. It’s one of the best videos
we’ve done in a long, long time. So thank you guys. If you’re new to
the channel, welcome. We upload vlogs
every single day. I’ve been posting them about
noon Mountain Standard Time, which is 11 A.M.
Pacific Standard Time. We post daily vlogs. It’s my daily life. We don’t do challenges, we
don’t do crazy clickbait stuff. It’s just our daily life, man. Whatever we do today
goes up in a video tomorrow. And that’s what we do. So, thanks for watching this
and I will see you guys tomorrow when we take my Mom and
the kids to go see Star Wars. Oh, vlog on. (upbeat music)

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