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Take a (Yoga) Hike

[upbeat music] – What Yoga Hike is is
just like it sounds. I mean, we hike and
we do a little yoga. [music] The trails are so nice. We do the 2.8 mile
Onion Creek trail. I love how the trails
are carved out. They’re easy to follow. Any age level can hike. [music] So we do a little warmup
to get started, have people get fully present,
focus on why they’re here, what they want to do
while they’re here, do some warmup to get them
ready to go on a hike. [music] ♪ ♪ Come on in, find a place
where you’re comfortable finding your feet. Sometimes we’ll stop at a cool
place and add some kind of asana that has some meaning for
the area that we’re in. [music] We stop at the old oak tree
and do a tree pose there. [upbeat music] ♪ [slower music] [birds chirping and footsteps] For me, my practice goes a
little bit deeper because I’m actually in the elements
instead of elements that have been manufactured
to make a studio. So the air is cleaner
and the wood is natural and the sunlight feels
really good. So what’s cool is we can just
go on a hike in nature and have people experience
nature or the universe or God or whatever at whatever level
they’re ready to experience that for themselves. [music] And then we’ll do a final
practice which is anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes by
Onion Creek in the picnic area. I want people to feel more
connected to nature, not to feel as they’re something
separate from nature. They are nature:
they’re an animal. We just got more sophisticated
things and so doing a hike and doing a little bit of yoga
seems to narrow that gap. And as we become more aware of
that we treat each other better, we treat nature better. [music] And all of this is in
preparation for meditation. [music] End it with meditation and
then diving at the upper falls. I think it’s an awesome way
to start a Saturday morning. We’re in and out. We’ve done a lot of exercise,
we’ve done some yoga, and we’re out by noon. You can go spend the rest of
the time with your family and do all kinds of stuff. You know I get all heavy about
all of the esoteric things that can happen,
but it’s just a fun way to spend the morning. [music] ♪

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